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Location : Rural Hubs, Main Markets of Kerala.
World Famous For : Metalware, Ivory and Horn Carvings, Woodwork
Antique Items : Mundus, Antique Jar
Other Charms : Jewellery Boxes, Spices

The Colorful Aura of Kerala Unique In Its Own Way

Kerala Crafts
Wood crafts at Padmanabhapuram palace - Kerala

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Famous Arts and Crafts : Groovy Threads, Chinese Ceramics, Brass-Inlay Caskets, Urulis, Teapots, Tin Candle Stands, Bells and Lamps, Keralite Jewellery.
Famous Handicrafts : Traditional Mundus, Antique Jar, Oil Lamps, Jewellery Boxes.
Items as Mementos and Gifts : Bells and Lamps, Jewellery Boxes, Spices.
Traditional Handicrafts Hubs : Kairali Handicrafts, Thiruvananthapuram – Straw Bags, Mats.
Mattancherry and Jew Street, Kochi – Antique Items, Spices, Coffee, Bric-a-Brac.
Must Experience : Spinning Yarns, making Halwa and Crafting Urus in Kozhikode.
Where To Shop : East Fort Compound, Thiruvananthapuram – Mundus, Gold Jewellery, Brass Lamps.
Mattancherry and Jew Street, Kochi – Antique Items, Spices, Coffee, Bric-a-Brac.
Spice Market at Court Road, Kozhikode – Spices.
Shristhi Welfare Centre, Munnar – Strawberry, Spices.

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Famed as God's own country and selected by National Geographic as one of the ten "must see destinations of the world", Kerala, is a state which has contributed open-handedly to man's imagination, when it comes to beauty in terms of its arts and crafts. The sprawling greenery, the shimmering backwaters, the mouth-watering cuisine and the Dravidian culture - all have intrigued people worldwide for ages and hauled his imagination to a high. Diverse interests in art forms and distinct tastes in selection of living has added several peerless features to the cultural domain of Kerala, unique to this southern state of India. Love for elephants and devotion for poetry abound here. The vigour of the grand boat races, the joy of gluey festivals such as Onam, the gorgeous appreciation as in Thrissurpuram.... Kerala continues to enchant its every guest by its redifining beauty for centuries. Take up tours of Kerala to see the famous handicrafts of Kerala.

Where The Fingers Create Magic - Handicrafts Items in Kerala

Kerala is widely referred to as the 'land of coconuts' and is known for its articulate craftsmanship, which is an intimate part of her tradition. Visit the part of India, where every identity is a placard of delicate artistry, where every corner speaks of the dexterous fingers that play with the abstract keys of art, producing patterns, designs and structures, that are unique in themselves. Coem to see the famous arts and crafts items in Kerala. Natural sustainable materials, herbal dyes and an exquisite naivety add an ultimate touch of pure beauty to the masterpieces. Marquetry in wood, ivory and buffalo horn carvings, Bamboo Reed Weaving, Palmyra Leaf Weaving, Kora Grass Mat Making, Rattan or Cane work, Embroidery and Lace Making, Lapidary work, Granite carving, Coconut shell carving, Lacquer work, Cotton map making are some of the specialities of Kerala that enchants its every visitor, whether national or international.

Sojourn To Timberland To Explore The Wood Artistry

One of the most popular handicraft item in Kerala is wood. The deep, dense forests of the Nilgiris and Western Ghats equip the local craftsmen with enough wood to put their imagination into works of demand. Wood crafting is one of the ancient arts of Kerala and is well endorsed by the temples and churches of the State which portray ethereal wood carvings. Tourists can look for simplest of Malayali handicrafts such as pillow covers, mats, cushions, vanity bags, purses, hats etc., made of screwpine. One can also pick up fancy articles like bamboo-reed mats, baskets and splendid mats made from Kora grass, by visiting interiors of Kerala. The coconut shell too, is used to produce articles of utility and beauty as lamp shades, flower vases and ashtrays, that find a ready market in India and abroad. One can even travel to Talangara village near Kasaragod, to visit the famous textile cap making industry. The beautiful cotton caps manufactured here find a ready market in the African and Gulf countries.

Kerala Crafts
Nettipattam - glittering ornament used in Kerala Festivals

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A Melody of Metal Craft

Over the pages of history, metal crafts of Kerala have made its own place among other traditional arts. The native craftsmen have made the most skillful use of the raw materials without overlooking the demands of the aesthetics and thus made their rich contribution to the life of the community and abroad. Bell-metal casting, a favourite among the folks, is an old time industrial art which has evolved gradually into an epitome of perfection. You can buy some of those magnificent artistic lamps - Greek lamp (Changalavatta), the Archana lamp, the Arati Dipa - as memories, for decorating your home. While praising the varied works of art, one can't just forget about Aranmula metal mirrorwork. Said to be a product developed because of an accident in metal casting, this beautiful work of art is made of an alloy of copper and tin and resembles the glass mirror in every point of utility. Visit Trivandrum to collect a few specimens of the 'Koftagari' work such as figures of deities, landscapes, floral designs and handsome articles. take up sultural tours of Kerala to enjoy the most popular arts of Kerala.

Paintings On The Canvas of Nature

The art and crafts of Kerala has been highlighted due to the paintings, that are quite evident from the grand display of fascinating murals in temples, palaces and churches. The murals of 'Tirunandikkara' (now in Kanyakumari district) and 'Tiruvanchikulam' are considered as the earliest specimens of Kerala painting. Visit the Padmanabhapuram Palace, 54 kms from Thiruvananthapuram, and you will be mesmerised to see the topmost floor (Upparika malika) embellished with more than forty murals depicting such themes as 'Anantasayanan', 'Lakshminarayana', Lord Krishna with Gopis, Nataraja as Dakshinamurthi etc. The churches of Kerala also contain paintings which depict characters and scenes from the Christian mythology. If on a holiday tour to Kerala, don't forget to visit the Kanjur church, whose outer walls present a huge mural, portraying the vivid scene of a battle fought between the armies of Tipu Sultan on the one side and those of the English East India Company, aided by the bare - footed Indian militia, on the other.

Where You Touch The Feet And They Touch Your Heart

The colourful southern state of India, Kerala, is known in every inch of space and time of history, because of its unique culture and traditional styles, which makes it extrinsic from the rest of the country, but still embraces its charm in the best possible way. It is this magical land where the people sing hymes to thank the sun, even before the dawn wakes up to feel His presence. It is here that, children rejoice every festival with new clothes and the whole ambiance careens to the rhythm of merriment. Kerala, has no doubt shielded its traditional heritage with great adeptness, and now, when the whole world has stepped into the 21st century, it still has enough to bow both the mind and heart of the traveller, to its feet.

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Top 5 Reasons to See Kerala Arts & Crafts

Kerala arts

Mirrorwork of India
Welcome to Kerala and enjoy the true essence of this coconut country, which reflects the culture and tradition of India, invariably in a nutshell. Admire the beauty of this convivial state, which gallops towards the 21st century, fuelled by its age-old traditions through it arts and crafts.

Paradise For Art Lovers
Kerala displays a grand collection of items of famous handicraft items, suiting every budget and interest. Come over to this green paradise and shop India in various forms of wood, ivory and buffalo horn carvings, bamboo reed weaving, Palmyra leaf weaving, Kora grass mat making, rattan or cane work and coconut shell carvings.

The Metal Mania
Plan a holiday trip to Kerala and pick up some beautiful specimens of metal artistry, such as the Aranmula metal mirrorwork, Greek lamps and articles of Koftagari' work such as figures of deities and landscapes with superb floral designs, the beautiful arts and crafts item of Kerala.

A Green Canvas With Handsome Play of Colours
Chuck one of your vacation days into the arms of Kerala art and discover life in the colourful murals that embellish the walls of the magnificent palaces of this banana state. No doubt, you will be mesmerised to see such magical play of colours, which - believe it or not - you have never seen before.

Feel The True Indian Tradition
Pay a visit to the enticing state of Kerala and know the Indian culture from a closer distance. Far from books and nice quotes, Kerala displays a impeccable blend of traditional Dravidian culture and modern values, which originally comes from inside.

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