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Kerala Shopping Delight

Location : Kerala
Where To Go : Trivandrum, Kuttanad, Kottayam, Alappuzha
What To Shop : Ivory and coconut shell craft, Aranmula mirrors, Chinese ceremics
Other Charms of Shopping : Embroidered mats, Munnar tea, Wayanad coffee, Spices

Shopping - Take Kerala Home

Antique Shop in Fort Cochin Kerala
Antique Shop in Fort Cochin - Kerala

Important Shopping Items : Groovy Threads, Chinese Ceramics and Antiques, Pattu Pai (silky grass mats and soft mats), Brass Inlay Caskets, Urulis, teapots, Tin Candlestands, Ceramic Figures.
Popular Souvenirs : Model Boats like Teak Uru, Snakeboats made of Rosewood or Sandalwood, Houseboat made of screwpine.
Other Important Items : Bells and Lamps, Keralite Jewellery, Traditional Mundus, Masala and Chai.
Don't Miss : Watch the making of antiques Items and the sculpting of Idols with the Potter's Wheel.
Inside Tip : Interact with the artisans to learn more about the native craft of Kerala.
Where to Shop : Kochi's New Street, Shoppers at Jew Street, Government Handicraft Emporia.

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One cannot think of coming to this 'Coconut State' and return home empty-handed. There are things more than mere bananas to fill your bag, that you will simply go bananas while choosing your likes from such wide array of displays; from antiques to Munnar tea, from Wayanad coffee to patta kodas and much more. In the medieval times and much before, traders from all around the world, spun fabulous wealth from spices, ivory and gold on the shores of Kerala, but now one can shop the best without the regular bedlams of market places. The best part is that you can shop at your own pace, bestowing plenty of time for second opinions, rethinkings and double takes. All that Kerala offers to her guests, will not only fill your heart but also your sweet home with delightful memoirs. While narrating the Kerala experience to eager ears back home, this are of great help. But then, there is nothing like experiencing it for oneself!

Buy Thou Hands That Created Magic

Believe it or not, but one can take back more than just good memories from Kerala, for - with a rich heritage of arts and crafts - this green sliver of coastal land offers several interesting momentos at a wide range of prices. Kerala specialises in bell metal, wood, cane, ivory and coconut shell craft. Visit M.G. Road in Trivandrum, located between East Fort and Palayam, to get some fine examples of Malayali art. Kathakali models in wood, painted in vibrant colours of the art form, embellish many a showcase, the world over. One can visit Kochi's famed Jew street where one can look for handsome Chinese ceremics and other antiques of Malayalam history. Yet another prize catch is the fabulous metal mirrors of Aranmula, the making of which is an age-old secret, still closely preserves in the hearts of the skilled craftsmen. If you are only looking for souvenirs, visit Kairali or other government emporia, where you can shop the culture of Kerala at an economical (but non-bargainable) price.

If you just got off your backwater cruise, you are probably still basking in the hue of golden coir, sisal, jute and cane. So visit the markets of Kuttanad and Alappuzha - before your zeal goes down - and pick up wall mats (dhurris), carpets, bags and funiture made with natural fibres, set off with just a tint of impeccable colour. Remember to check for neatly finished edges while buying and make sure there are no mildew spots on pieces that may have been stored through the monsoons.

Varkala Market Kerala
Varkala Market - Kerala

Get An Indian Touch

Don't forget to visit the spice market, an indespensible part of the Kerala experience. For a fast glance of the past, walk through the godown packed with fragrant turmeric, twists of dried ginger, pepper in squat sacks and yellow-orange balls of whole arecanut. Avoid buying the same from street vendors, who sell a few grams of everything in cellophane pouchesthat have been kept in the sun for months. Tourists can drive to Idukki district, particularly Munnar, to get the true flavour of Indian tea and in Wayanad district, particularly Kalpetta, famous for its coffee culture. One can also look for the same in shops run by Tea Board or Coffee Board, generally present in all major tourist destinations of Kerala.

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Visit The Best To Buy The Best

One of your major reasons to spend your holidays in Kerala can be the shopping spree. Pay a visit to all the major destinations of this Land of Spices and you can't control your hand for buying.

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Top 5 Highlights of Shopping In Kerala

Shopping in Kerala

Here, Where You Can Buy Everything
Come to Kerala and you will bewildered to see a variety of items to shop for. Pick up anything from bell metal, wood, cane, ivory and coconut shell craft to wall mats (dhurris), carpets, bags and funiture made with natural fibres.

Charm of Local Markets
Visit the small stalls dolled up with fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken. High-pitched salesmen luring you with impossible bargains. Enjoy your life amidst these bustling markets, or chandas, as they are locally known.

"Say Who Is More Beautiful, Mirror"
Try to get one of those Aranmula mirrors, made up of a finely polished alloy of four metals - coper, bronze, silver and lead. Once a closely guarded preserve of loyalty, these ornamental mirrors are extremely rare - only two master craftsmen and their families still make them.

Savour The Souvenirs
Kerala's handicraft centres have an extraordinary collection of wood, coir shell and sandalwood souvenirs. Wood crafted Kathakali masks, snake boats, elephants and jewellery are perfect gifts for friends.

Doll Youself In Gold
Very few things can make a women satisfy. Kerala's intricately designed and delicate gold jewellery is surely one of them. Make sure you have enough money with you before you enter a gold shop, because whatever be your taste, you'll find designs you would wish to possess.

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