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Famous Monuments : Sanchi Stupa, Bhimbetka Caves
Famous Architectural Temples : Khajuraho Temples
Famous Fort : Gwalior Fort
Other Attractions : Shrines, Palaces, Mosques
The famous Gwalior Fort
The famous Gwalior Fort

Incredible Journey to see Various Facets of India

Monumental Heritage : Sanchi Stupa, Temples in Khajuraho, Rock Shelters in Bhimbetka, Gwalior Fort, Devi Jagadambi Temple, Jain Temples at Badoh-Pathari, Orrcha Temples.
Unknown Fact : Mumtaz Mahal – Reason Behind Taj Mahal, was Originally Buried at Jama Masjid in Burhanpur District of Madhya Pradesh.
Renowned Temples : Shiva, Karan Temple – Amarkantak, Devi Jagadambi Temple, Matangeswara Temple – Khajuraho, Mahakaleshwar Temple – Ujjain.
Don’t Miss : Kanch Mandir – Indore, Constructed Entirely From Glass Cuttings.
Famous Shrines : Tomb of Nadir Shah – Burhanpur, Tomb of Tansen – Gwalior.
Famous Palaces : Ashrafi Mahal, Chishti Khan Mahal, Hathi Mahal – Mandu, Rajwada Palace – Indore, Raja Man Singh Palace – Gwalior.
Renowned Mosques : Chor Kot and Malik Mughith's Mosque – Mandu, Taj-ul-Masjid and Moti Masjid – Bhopal, Jama Masjid – Burhanpur.
Must See : The Fresco Paintings in the Bagh Caves at Gahira in Rewa.
Famous Forts : Gwalior Fort – Gwalior, Narsinghgarh Fort – Ramgarh, Ancient Fort – Mandu.
Renowned Rock Shelters : Bhimbetka Caves, Pandava Cave in Panchmarhi, Old Mughal Fort in Joga, Harda, Buddhist Caves in Dhamnar, Mandsaur.

Incredible Journey to see Various Facets of India

Monuments Enclosed in India’s Heart

The monumental heritage of Madhya Pradesh is perhaps the main attraction that glues the tourist to to this state and experience the times of yore. Due to its geographical expansion, the architecture of the state too has witness the development that spreads over decades rather millenniums. Come to experience the innumerable monuments that have made it to the list of world heritage sites. There are carved temples, Buddhist stupas, atop the hillocks stands the bolshevik forts and palaces. They enunciate the brave and musical stories of the kings and soldiers, poets and jesters, saints ans philosophers. There one can find the coevality of all the religions that prevails in the country. The cities of Madhya Pradesh are acclaimed for their architecture and scenic beauty. The pre historic rock shelters and the presence of beautiful temples, mosques, churches, tanks and reservoirs are all an example of the care that the kings took care while getting these monuments built.

Tourists At The Famous Sanchi Stupa
Tourists At The Famous Sanchi Stupa

The Blend of Architecture with Culture

The architecture of Madhya Pradesh consists of the temples, forts and caves built by the rulers who ruled over there. These possessions are indeed a matter of pride for the people who reside here. Renowned an included in the world heritage sites, these monumental heritage are a major tourist attractions. The architectural pattern of the temples in the state are the reflection of the Indo Aryan Nagara style. Mostly covered by the erotic sculptures, these temples are the magical remains of the affluent history. The caves and other temples are the perfect example of the Gupta style of art and architecture. Most of the temples are built in the spiral superstructures and dedicated to Hindu deities and Jain Pantheons. The Sanchi Stupa with its hemispherical domes are the example of Buddhist architecture. History is cemented in the walls of these monuments and are the motivation for the tourists who come here to explore the monumental heritage that is rare in every sense.
These monuments are the immortal beings that will forever remind the world of the prosperous and opulent stories of the past. The rudiments of these historical monuments invite tourists to come and feel the sempiternal experience where time seems to have pacified.

The Custodian of the Richness

These monuments are today under the surveillance of the Archaeological survey of India under the governance of the the directorate of Archeology. Visitors comments on improvising these sites further are welcomed by the state officials.
These monuments are the immortal beings that will forever remind the world of the prosperous and opulent stories of the past. The rudiments of these historical monuments invite tourists to come and feel the sempiternal experience where time seems to have pacified.

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Top 5 Reasons to See Monuments

Royal Heritage of Gwalior Fort

Walk On the Sands of Time
Madhya Pradesh has monuments that date back to the ancient ages. Being in this state will give you a chance to explore the unmatched heritage in the world. The temples that are varied in their themes gives a reason to experience diverse culture in one go. Come to this land and walk through times known but unexperienced.

Buddhist Culture in Sanchi
The Sanchi Stupa in Sanchi was built by a great patron of Buudhism, King Ashoka. Come to experience the broad gateways of the Stupa that will help you reconcile the story of Lord Buddha as depicted on them.

The Grand Fort to Take You on Cloud Nine
Gwalior is the owner of one of the augustin fort in the history of Madhya Pradesh. Built on a hilltop of sandstone, this fort gives a grand view of the Gopchal district of Gwalior where it is located. Visit the Suraj Kund inside the fort.

The Temple at Khajuraho
The temples in Khajuraho are the world heritage site that is worth visiting. The annual dance festival held here is an important attraction. The exquisite erotic stone carving are the example of Indian architectural pattern.

Bhimbetka Caves – Amongst the Vindhayas
In the midst of the Vindhayas mountain range is the Bhimbetka Caves that for thousand of centuries have been the resting place of people. Spend some time on this site and get your name annexed too in following the legend that believes that this is the place where Lord Bhim is supposed to have rested.

Best Selling Yatras (Tours)

» Unrivalled Beauty of Madhya Pradesh

Khajuraho Sculptures Reveal a unique cultural heritage in the poetry carved in the temples of Madhya Pradesh together with the fragrance of Mughal architecture in Delhi and Agra.
Duration: 13 Days / 12 Nights
Price Starts From: US$ 499

» Exotic Rajasthan Tour With Splendorous Taj

Camel Safari , RajasthanEnjoy a memorable journey to the Monument of Love through the sun-kissed sands and beautiful architectural heritages of Rajasthan.
Duration: 12 Days / 11 Nights
Price Starts From: US$ 599

» The Glorious Golden Triangles (I & II)

Rath Yatra PuriCelebrate your life with the colours of North India before unleashing yourself at the Eastern Ghats of Konark Sun Temple.
Duration: 12 Days / 11 Nights
Price Starts From: US$ 499

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