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Shubhyatra >> Madhya Pradesh Yatra >> Marble Rocks in Bhedaghat


Location : 23 kms From Jabalpur
Major Attraction : Marble Rock Formation
Other Attractions : Dhuandhar Waterfall, Chausat Yogini Temple
Best Time To Visit : November to May
Painted Storks at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
The Famous Marble Rocks in Bhedaghat

Famous Rock Formations : Monkey's Leap, Hanthi ka Paon (Elephant's Foot), Deer (Miran Kunch), Horns of a Cow (Craay Singh).
Believe it or Not : Legends Have it that The Chausat Yogini Temple, Located Near the Marble Rocks, has a Secret Underground Passage Leading to Palace of Gond Queen Durgavati.
Best Hangout Joint : The Dhuandhar Waterfall (1 km), also Known as Smoked Cascades.
Adventure Thrill : Boating on River Narmada from November to May.
Must Visit : Chausat Yogini Temple, Ancient Temple, Marble Rocks and Dhuandhar Waterfall is Breathtaking.
Best Picks : Images of Gods and Goddesses, Lingams, Crosses, Madonnas, Ashtrays and Trinket Boxes, Made of Soapstone.
Don't Miss : Moonlit Night is the Best Time to View the Rocks as then the Ambiance Resembles a Silver Blanket Studded with Diamonds.
Inside Tip : Better to Book A Tour Escorted With Trained Guide.
Getting There : Air - Jabalpur (23 kms) has the Nearest Airport, Well Connected with Other Cities.
Rail - Jabalpur is the Nearest Railhead.
Road - Take a Boat Excursion to Reach Marble Rock Formations. RegularBoat Service are Provided From Jabalpur.

Bhedghat Home to the Glittering Crystal

If you were dazzled by the glitter of the diamond mines at Panna, then do not rest your eyes. The glittering of the marble rocks in Bhedaghat, awaits your tarriance. This highland beauty goes braggadocio about its splendorous marble rocks, when the sun kisses the apogee of these marbles to create a mystique beauty. While the sun plays its role in casting mottled shadows, the moon is not lagging far behind. As dusk descends, these marbles seem to sparkle in the moonlight. 23 km. from Jabalpur, in Madhya Pradesh, are these marvels of nature, that will remind you of the scenic beauty that must have been apparent to you only on television. The river that flows through these pristine white stones adumbrates the doldrums of nature with its lofty cliffs.
Come an experience the un-experienced on the land that prompted Captain J. Forsyth (discoverer of Panchmarhi) to speak eloquently about the infinite and varied refinements of these marble rocks.

Marble Rock Holidays - A New Venture To Ecstasy

These marble rocks are basically metamorphic rock that are produced when limestone buried under the ground goes through constant physical and chemical changes. Marble rocks in Bhedaghat are the only of its kind in India. Lying across the river Narmada, these rocks soar high up to 30 mts, and have emerged as an inevitable tourist destination. To watch these rocks with volcanic ridges of green and black is a marvellous experience. Be it day or night, these marbles are a treat to the eyes. These orthogonal genius are milk white and rise 100 ft, on either side of the calm crystal-clear waters of Narmada, and they are sure to behold without even offering you a moment to nictate.

This in not all. The best experience can be procured only if you enjoy the boat ride on a moonlit night. From November to May, which is an ideal time to visit these saccharine rocks, boating is allowed here. A new ambit, of floodlighting has been done here, that adds to the glamour. The view of these rocks amongst the river on moonlit night make them appear like a sparkling of diamonds on a silver blanket.When you are on the boat do not forget to ask your guide to show you the Monkey's Leap, the point where the mountainous rocks are the closest to each other. Fables have it that this is the spot where Hanuman (character from Ramayana) had set foot on his way to Lanka. Another interesting point is the rock formation called the Hanthi ka Paon (Elephant Foot), some other interesting rock formations include a deer (Miran Kunch), the horns of a cow (Craay Singh) and also the Horse's footprints that are also worth a visit.

Other Attractions Besides Marble Venture

The Milky Water Falls Amidst Serenity

There are an array of options that one can choose. Do not forget to visit the point where the Narmada flowing through the marble rocks interchanges its calmness and serenity into insouciance. Yes, you have reached the Dhunadhar Waterfall, which is better known as the 'smoke cascade'. These falls are an awesome splendid for the eyes, and its bluster can be heard from great distances. Located a kilometer away from the marble rocks, these are easily accessible via boat. The falls and the breaking of the volume of water at the zenith, presents an outstanding demonstration of Nature's power unstopped.

Tourists Watching the Marble Stones From a Cliff
Tourists Watching the Marble Stones From a Cliff

Bow To The Ancient Temple

Chausat Yogini Temple, standing on a hillock, is the venue from where one can eye the marble rocks and the Dhuandar waterfall concomitantly. This 10th century ancient temple, in itself is a great attraction that is exclusively maneuvered and has baroque figurines of deities belonging to the Kalchuri period. This temple is easily approachable from different areas of Bhedaghat. This temple also has an interesting legend associated with it. It is said that this temple has an underground passage that connects it to the Gond Queen Durgavati's palace. Though, this fact is yet to be proved you can always try to look for the secret passage. You may never know when can you become an ardent explorer.

Buy River Side Treasures

River Narmada besides holding one of the greatest attractions of the country, also provides the carvers with excellent opportunities. The Soapstone divulged by the river, is very useful in making unique handicraft items like images of gods and goddesses, lingams, crosses, madonnas, ashtrays and trinket boxes. When you are here, do not forget to buy some of these artifacts

Cruise Your Way to Nature's Enchantment

One must surely enjoy the awe-inspiring way of reaching these rocks on a boat. The banks of river Narmada offers tremendous opportunity to its tourist to take a boat ride to these rocks. At regular intervals, boats excursions are available for the tourist. For reaching up to the Narmada one can hail buses and taxis from Jabalpur that will take you to the river. Reaching Jabalpur is very easy, as it has an airport as well as a rail junction.
The best time to visit these marble marvels is during the month of November to May, when boating along the river is possible.

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Top 5 Reasons to See Marble Rocks

Bedhaghat Marbles

Watch The Marble Magic When Sun Shines
These rock formations in Bhedaghat are an important Madhya Pradesh attraction that draws thousand of tourist from all over the world. Go near these 30 mt high rocks and see the magnificently uneven yet mottled shadows formed by these natures creation, when the sun shines upon them.

Moonlight Magic Cherish it When Night Falls
One must watch these rocks during the full moon night when the moon is in the best of its mood. At night, these rocks appear like a diamonds studded on sliver sheet. The best way to explore these formation, is by taking a boat ride on moonlit night during the months of November and May.

Lost in the Mist of Dhuandhar Water
You must see the Dhuandhar waterfall, better known as Smoked Cascades or misty tread, just a kilometer away from the marble rocks. Visiting this milky waterfall will reveal the doldrums of nature, as here you will see the crossfire of river Narmada from a serene and calm river to a wild and ferocious one.

Chausat Yogini Temple - Peerless Venue
This 10th century temple is the perfect place from where you can see the marble rocks and the Dhuandhar waterfall, at one go. Visit for the beautiful figurines of the Hindu deities inside the temple and do not miss the chance of finding the concealed underground path, that is believed to be leading to a palace (according to legend).

Shop For the Soapstone
Once in Bhedaghat, for the world, do not miss the picks for the exclusive soapstone images and other items. The soapstone is an unprecedented gift of Narmada to the carvers of Bhedaghat. Some of the things that one can buy are images of gods and goddesses, lingams, crosses, madonnas, ashtrays and trinket boxes.

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