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Famous Pilgrim Destinations : Nasik, Timbakeshwar and Ashtavinayaka Temples
Living Legend : Shirdi Sai Baba
Pathway to Spirituality : Shrine of Haji Ali
Ashram of Eternal Devotion : Bhagwaam Shree Rajnesh's Commune, Mumbai

A Pilgrimage Hub

Shree Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai
Shree Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai

All the religious tourists who are looking for the place where they can get respite to their mind as well as their soul should visit Maharashtra where Lord Ganesha is the most worshiped deity and the shrine of Haji Ali is thronged by the people of all faiths. The place where you can find the Samadhi of Guru Gobind Singh, pilgrimage for Sikhs at Nanded and the Zoroastrian Fire Temples and Synagogue at Alibag, Pune and Pen. It is the place where god resides in its all forms worshiped by the people of different faiths. Visit the state and witness the diversity of the religions and pray at the shrines known to fulfill your wishes.

God of All Faiths

Maharashtra is a place where god is worshiped in all his forms from Ganpati to Sai Baba, a burning fire in the Lord Buddha to Jesus Christ and yes of course a sacred fire in the Zoroastrian Temple is also one of the gods manifestation. Let us have a view which pilgrimages you should visit when on a spiritual tour to Maharashtra.

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Ashtavinayaka - Temples Dedicated to Ganesha

The most popular deity worshiped by the people of the state is Lord Ganesha (elephant headed god), son of Lord Shiva. This deity has eight important temples in Maharashtra where the idols of the god are self-appeared and distinctive in features to each other. All the pilgrims are supposed to visit the eight shrines of Lord Ganesha to spent some time in prayers and to achieve the eternal bliss. Visit these temples and you will find that every temple has its own name for the Ganesha. At Ranjangaon the deity is known as Maha Ganpati because of the size of idol with ten trunks and 20 arms while at Ozar temple the deity is worshiped in the incarnation of Vigneshwara (remover of obstacles). With all the love and reverence, these temples are visited by thousands of devotees from all over the world.

Shirdi Sai Baba - God in Human Incarnation

Sirdi Sai Baba
Sirdi Sai Baba

The most holy destination in the state of Maharashtra where every one should present himself in front of Sai Baba is Shirdi Sai Baba's temple. The place where Baba spent eighty years of his life in prayers and wellbeing of the people, it is said no body has ever left empty handed from the court of Sai Baba who visited him with a problem. The devotees from all over the world throng the shrine of Baba and offer their homage to him at this site where he left for the heavenly abode in 1918. Baba is believed to be the incarnation of Guru Prattareya.

Abode of the Kumbh Mela Nasik

Among the most sacred sites of Hindus Nasik is a place where after every twelve years a Kumbh Mela is organized, where the devotees take a holy dip in the river Godavari to purify their souls from the sins committed in their lifetime and achieve the spiritual Nirvana. It is necessary for every Hindu to visit these sites once in their life. It is also compulsory to take a holy dip in Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain and Nasik because at these sites the holy nectar has spilled from the port when the tussle broke out between the gods and demons. The exact date and timing of these fairs are calculate with the help of Astrology and Numerology and you can attend the fair in the month of July.

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Haji Ali Mosque - Shrine Amidst The Sea

Haji Ali Mosque
Haji Ali Mosque

The Muslim Sufi Saint Haji Ali has its shrine amidst the sea connected to the shore only by a pathway which is said to remain submerged under water at night. This beautiful tomb is thronged by the people of all faiths to pay there homage to the hallowed saint and spent some time in the divine company of the sage. The beautiful tomb with the attractive glass work and its courtyard are to be watched very keenly. The Urs (Fair) is the appropriate time to visit the shrine when you can listen the qawwali (songs in the praises of saint) and indulge in the Zikr (prayers) with the holy people at the shrine. The mass gathering of the people visiting the shrine and paying their offerings at the shrine is the most attractive feature of the urs.

Timbakeshwar - Origin of the River Godavari

The Timbakeshwar is a temple which enshrines one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of the Lord Shiva and the origin to the River Godavari in the village Trimbak some 36 Km away from the city on Nasik. The legends believe that this river was brought down from heaven by Lord Shiva along the River Ganga and River Gautami when the Rishi Gautam performed the rigorous penance. All these rivers are sacred and taking a holy dip in these rivers is must for the people of Hinduism. On every Monday, the idol of the Trimbak Temple is carried around the river Godavari on the shoulders of priests. Plan a tour to this village at the time of Shivratri and witness the variant hues of the festival where the along prayers regional mode of entertainment is the basic attraction.

Visit these Spiritual World

Plan a tour to the state of Maharashtra, adored by the great sufi and saints, where the soil is blessed by the steps of Sai Baba and Rishi Gautam, Haji Ali and Haji Mastan, the place where Lord Ganesha eight self appeared idols jewels the crown of the soil. Followers from all over the world throng these religious pilgrimages to achieve the salvation and purify themselves from the past ills committed by them. Besides the holy men make advice that guides you to the eternal path that helps you to recognize the divine god.

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Top 5 Highlights of Maharashtra Pilgrimages

Kumbh Mela, Nasik

Maharashtra - Where God's Reside
Welcome to Maharashtra where people of all faiths have the same guru and the same god but worshiped in different incarnations. Visit this state and indulge your self in the fairs and festivals of different religions and it will be an incredible experience.

Abode of Kumbh Mela
Visit the pilgrimage destination of Nasik, famous for the world renowned Kumbh Mela, a fair that held after every twelve years. Tourist and from all over the world throng the place to participate in ritual ceremonies and to take a holy dip in the river Gwadari to purify themselves from the trial of past sins and achieve Nirvana.

Visit Sai Baba The Faith Healer
Shirdi Sai Baba Temple is the place where god listens to the needy people. Visit this small town where the Sai Baba lived for eighty years and prayed and preached the religion of peace and harmony. Bow before Sai Baba and you will feel recharged with the power of spirituality.

Ashtavinayaka - Ganesha's Eight Self-Appeared Idols
All the devotees who visit these eight temples are promised with the everlasting bliss from the Lord Ganesha. Visit these temples and participate in its rituals, believe it, its going be an immortal experience.

Haji Ali - Shrine Amidst Sea
If you can make a visit to the shrine of the Haji Ali you are the luckiest person because apart from its holiness there is no comparison to its beauty. Some 500 yards inside the sea from its shore the pathway leading to it remains submerged in the water and looks the tomb floating in the water. It is a real virtual delight for the tourists.

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