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Occussion : Birthday of Lord Ganesha
Duration : Celebrated for 10 days in the month of August and September
Special Cuisine : Modkas Prasad and Veg.Food without Onions and Garlic
Main Rituals : Washing Murti with Panchamrit, Aarti, Singing Hymns and Visarjan

Ganesh Chaturthi - Festival of Lords Birthday

Maharashtra is the state where you can find the true color of the festival called Ganesh Chaturthi. With the huge idols of Ganesha decorated inside the mandaps (pandals) put up by every locality marks the starting of the ten-day festival. These days are full of joy and festivity and cultural programs are the part of this festival. All the people in spite of religions, caste and creed participate vigorously in the festival to mark the birthday of 'God of Wisdom', prosperity and good fortune. Visit this state at the time of Ganesh Chaturthi festival held in the month of 'Bhaarapada' according to Hindu calendar, that comes between 20th August and 15th September and witness the gaiety and enthusiasm that prevails in this spiritual atmosphere.

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Rituals of Ganesh Chaturthi

Lord Ganesh Idol
Lord Ganesh Idol

Preparation of this festival starts months before, on the first day of festival the beautifully decorated sculptures of Ganesha are installed in the sacred corners of the homes and lavishly adorned mandaps (pandals). A special ritual is performed on the first day to invite the lord with special phrases and verbal material offerings. It involves the ceremony of cleansing the Ganesha's idol with the five nectars of milk, honey, curd, butter and jaggery in between washing with water. These five components together are called Panchamrit in Sanskrit. This is the one reason why Lord Ganesha is considered to be the most polite and soft in his character.

Every locality is in competition with the other localities to make the outstanding Murti and mandaps than others. People throng these mandaps twice a day in the morning and at evening to perform aarti and sing hymns from religious scriptures Sholkas. The Ganesha's favorite sweet-dish Modkas, also called Modagam are distributed among the devotees which is equally delicious in taste. Through out ten days the cultural programs goes on like Music, dance and orchestra and some people indulge in discussing the current affairs and social issues as this routine is followed from the nationalist leader Bal Ganghar Tilak, who took the Ganesha idols to the streets from temples and homes to spread his message in guise of religious festival.

The Lord's Immersion Ritual

The Lord Ganesh's Immersion Ritual
The Lord Ganesh's Immersion Ritual

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Be there on the most important day of the Ganesh Chaturthi, the final day known as Anant Chaudas, when all the people clad in their new cloths starts for a huge procession to participate in the most vital of all, the Visarjan ceremony of the Lord. It will be really a golden opportunity to watch the immersion ceremony of Lord Ganesha idol amid full pomp and show in to the waters of Arabian Sea. Placed on the flat bed trucks the Murtis (idols) are carried to the sea where the fire crackers declare the arrival of the Murtis to shores and it is the time when all the people round the God to seek his blessing and bid adieu with the cries 'Jai Ganesha' - return soon next year' and slowly and gradually the Murti is immersed. The ceremony is a life long experience, a true way to understand the rich culture and heritage of India.

Festival That bind the Souls

Besides its religious sanctity, this festival plays an important role in binding the people and strengthen their relationship. The festival demands all the people to assemble a the same place and make a joint prayer giving a chance to people to interact with each other and visit one others house for prayers. Mumbai today witness the impeccable harmony among Hindus, Muslims and people of other faiths especially at the time of this festival when all people are colored in the same color. Really Ganesha is the God of wisdom and knows how to bring all the people together and it is his birthday that strengthens the ties.

Ganesha Chaturthi Calling

All the tourists who want to catch the zeal of Maharashtra must visit the state on Ganesh Chaturthi festival. You will be stunned to see the sea of people enjoying the celebration in full vivacity. Ganesha's idols, pandals, modkas, prayers and singing hymns is an essential part of prayer and music, dance and orchestra adds to its charm. Visit Maharashtra in the month of August and September and catch the fervor of 10-day celebrations of Ganesh Chaturthi Festival.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit During Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesha Chaturthi - Birthday of Lord Ganesha
Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as a birthday of the elephant headed God Ganesha also known as Ganpati. On this day Lord Shiva's wife Parvati gave life to the human figure made from sandal wood paste she used for her bath.

Ganesha Murtis - Main Attraction of the Gala
The Ganesha's Idols are the main attraction of this festival and the localities compete with each other to make the outstanding and huge Ganesh Murti. The Height of these Murti's varies from 10 feet to 40 feet.

Modka - The Taste of Lord
During the festive event every house prepares the Lord's favorite sweet, Modka or Ganesha's Ladoo is the specialty of this festival. After offering to Ganesh the sweets are distributed among the devotees. Cherish the taste of modka or modagam and it will be a thrilling experience.

Anant Chaudas - Immersion Ceremony of Ganesha's Idol
On the final day of the ten days festival Lord Ganesha Murti is carried to the sea or river with pomp and show and immersed in water, this ritual is also called Visarjan. And is the most happening day of festival where thousands of devotees participate in the ceremony.

Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai
Although Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated through out the country but Maharashtra and especially in Mumbai this festival has its own charm. Visit Mumbai and find for yourself what's so special here.

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