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Cuisines Served : Vidarbha, Konkan and Kolahpur Cuisines
Most Famous : Pav-Bhaji, Bhel-Puri, Pani-Puri, Vara-Pau
Traditional Dishes : Bharlivangi, Puneri Misal, Thalipeeth, Puri Bhaji
Sweets and Desserts : Puran poli, Shrikhand, Moti chur Laddu and Kheer

Culinary Taste of Maharashtra - An Open Invitation

Preparing Pav Bhaji
Preparing Pav Bhaji

With so many feathers tucked in its cap the sate of Maharashtra has added one more by retrieving its delicious culinary repertoire, known throughout the country. Like its diverse landscape and people its tastes also vary along its regions. From the Konkan coastline to the Vodarbha regions every delicacy has a different process of preparation and spices used in it. Visit the land of Marathas and taste the cuisine that nurtured in their royal kitchens and don't miss the Kolahpuri non-vegetarian dishes, if you dare to have some thing really hot but equally tasty.

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Hot and Spicy Delicacies

Eating Bhel Puri at Juhu Beach
Eating Bhel Puri at Juhu Beach

The State of Maharashtra, is famous for its culinary genius and is well known for its tastes. Some of the best dishes of Maharashtra are Puranpoli, Ukadiche Modak, Gulpoli, Laddoos, Basundi, Chakali, Zunaka bhakari, Shrikhanda, Bartiwangi, Dalimbi Usal. These represent the taste of Maharashtra and tourists from around the world come here just to have a taste of these fabulous cuisines. As you delve deep into the delicacies of Mahashtra, you get to taste the Chaat, pani puri that are the traditional snacks of the state. Then, there is the quintessential vada-pav and potato pohe made from rice flakes, onions and spices. Kanda- pohay or onion pohe is the favorite dish during marriages in Maharastra. Besides, there is Khandvi - (gram-flour based spicy snack) and other rice lentils based snacks that are extremely good to taste. Another favorite is the famed misal-pav, a spicy mix of lentils, which is topped with batata- bhaji, poha, sabudana khichadi and chivda. This dish is sometimes eaten with curd.

Cuisine with Regional Variations

Right from the pure vegetarian delicacies of the Gaud Saraswat, Brahmin cuisine where not even the garlic and onion is used to Kolahpuri cuisine, a non-vegetarian cuisine and Malvani cuisine where the main dishes are the preparation of sea food, are all the specialty of Maharashtra Cuisine. For the aesthetic sense of the taste Maharashtra is an ideal choice where you can find the dish that suits your taste better than any thing. The Karwar Oyesters (crisp coated in spices), Konkan's Curries, Janjira's Crabs and red hot Kolahpuri Tamda meats is what that takes to blow your senses with its rich taste. Added with the hospitality, style and sequence of serving dishes is in itself an alluring experience.

The coastal dishes of Maharashtra most widely revolves round the seafood. The different varieties of fishes are cooked in different patterns to enhance its taste. Bombi or Bombay Duck and Promfret are served batter fried, stuffed, barbecued and crisp while Bangda or mackerel the most popular fish is curried with chillies, ginger and other spices. Crabs, prawns, lobsters and shellfishes also enrich the menu besides fishes. Taste the sungtachi- hinga- kodi a special prawn dish with the coconut gravy and blended with spices.

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Ukadiche Modak
Ukadiche Modak

The vegetarian dishes cooked in this part of the state has no rival. The extensive usage of cashews and peanuts not only adds to its rich taste but makes it equally nutritional. Brinjals are the most popular vegetable cooked in different patterns with the coconut, most famous is labad wangi or loocha wangi literally meaning cheating brinjals taste them once and you can imagine why they are called so. And don't miss the patal bhaji a sweet and sour dish flavored with groundnuts. Take these dishes with the boiled rice or Bhakris rotis of soft flour. Vada and Ambolli are also taken as a part of main meal.

No feast is complete unless and until you are not served the sweet dish like kheer, creamy basundi or saffron scented Shrikhand, Mattha or coriander flavored salted milk. The last thing to be served is the sweet Pan or Vida as known in Marathi consisting of betel leaves garnished with the betel nut, dried fruits, honey, saffron cilia and cardamom. Its is also served as the mouth refresher. Taste the pan once and you cannot resist its magic.

Mumbai – The King of Street Food

Mumbai is best enjoyed when the roadside cart of laden filled with Pav Bhaji and Bhel Puri is enjoyed. Even the beaches of Mumbai are famous for these munching delights. The most popular among them are the Bata Vadas (Fried Potatoes), Pani Puri (water balls) and Mumbai's favorite - Gola Chuskis (ice candy). However, these take the place of starters when the streets and lanes that are filled with heaps of culinary delights of Khau Gally is explored. If you happen to land Mumbai during the month of Ramzan, then the only place to enjoy the exotic relishes is in the areas around Minara Masjid and Bhori Mohallah. Here one can savor the Baida (egg) parantha, boti kebabs and the famous Biryani. Dessert delights include Saviyion ki Kheer (Vermicelli cooked in milk), Phirni and Sooji (Semolina) halwa.

Savor The Taste of Royal

The Maratha cuisine is a sufficient reason to visit this state and cherish the tastes of royal kitchens of the erstwhile rulers. Proximity to the sea has added one more bonus to its cuisine repertoire in the form of delicacies based on the seafood. Taste these delicacies at the Viva Paschimi hotel that has expertise in the Maharashtarian cuisine and can serve you dishes with their authentic flavor. You can also savoir these royal dishes in most of the five star hotels in their most sort after restaurants. Take a plunge in the state and taste what is beyond your imagination.

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Top 5 Highlights of Maharashtra Cuisines

Bada Pav

Taste of Maharashtra
The state where every region has its own cuisine like Vidarbha , Kolahpuri and Konkan offers you a choice to choose any dish that matches your taste. Be it spicy or sweet, traditional food or mouth-watering seafood, Maharashtra has every thing ready at your service, just sojourn and enjoy.

Savor Vidarbha Cuisine
Maharashtra nestling in the heart of western peninsula of India has a rich in its hot and spicy snacks much popularly known as street food or the fast food of Maharashtra. Enjoy the spicy Vara Pau, sweet and sour bhel-puri, absolutely erotic in falvour - the magic of pani-pur available at every nook and corner of the region, whether seaside, on streets or the most luxury hotel restaurant.

Konkan's Seafood - Gourmet's Heaven
Visit the coastal Maharashtra and you can taste the abundant seafood and the variety of dishes consisting of fish and prepared on the coconut milk base and served with the exotic papads.Tasting the Konkani cuisine is a drea come true.

Kolahpuri - Cuisine For Brave Hearts
If you can dear to taste the meat curries of Kolahpur also known as 'Matnacha Rassa' meaning red hot meat dish then you are the real food lover. This dish is served with white grave to dilute its pungency and chilli gravy for brave hearts who swallow the fire.

Dishes after Meals
The dishes served after meals or sweet dish meant to leave you with a sweetness include Shrikhand, Mattha and creamy Basundi. And finally the mouth freshener, the traditional exotic Pan that stuns every one with its awesome taste.

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