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Life Style : Simple, Spirited and Sedulous
Renowned Personalities : Chhaturpati Shivaji and Babasaheb Ambedkar
Popular Costume : Nauveri (Nine Yard Sari)
Spoken Language : Marathi

Maharashtra People with a Blend of Modern Style

The simplicity and the traditional costumes and customs of the people of Maharashtra and their simple lifestyle will surely leave you in awe. To experience the simple lifestyle of Marathi folklore and to see their rich customs and traditions that are much depicted in their fairs and festivals. Also the believer of diverse religion the people of Maharashtra mainly follow Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity.

Traditional Maharashtrian Wedding
Traditional Maharashtrian Wedding

The people of Maharashtra are highly influenced by the international metropolitan city of Mumbai and also home to the Hindi film industry Bollywood. It is a maxim that where there are films there is fashion. The people of the state are flamboyant and are known to spend generously to remain up to date with the latest fashion trends. At the same time the Maharashtra folklore did not completely lost their traditions they are going hand in hand with the changing times and protecting the heritage of their ancestors as well. Over the decades the state has been blessed with some of the legendary heroes like Chhaturpati Shivaji and Babasaheb Ambedkar who dedicated their life bringing freedom and reforms in the country. Visit the state of Maharashtra and you will see how the traditions of the state are surviving with the whirlwind growth of the fashion industry.

Simple People with Their Simple Lifestyle

The people of Maharashtra have a rich traditional heritage. Proud and brave Maharashtrians have a very simple life style and believe in hard working. Unlike the Nawabs of Lucknow and the Rajputs of Rajasthan who lived the lavish lifestyle, the Marathas of the state did not believe in having too many spacious palaces and mansions in-fact these people have lived a hard life and were inclined towards freedom struggle. The rustic lifestyle of the people can also be observed in the country-side of the state where people have a belief on universal cult of brotherhood, where the people of all religions lives as a one community. A place where the revered saints like Sai Baba, Osho and Haji Ali preached the religion of peace and prosperity. Visit the state and interact with the locale, as it is the only way to know the about the people and lifestyle of the state.

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Religion and Language The symbol of Compatibility

Maharashtra People
Maharashtra People

The state of Maharashtra has a majority of the Hindu population while in minority there are Muslims, Buddhists, Parsis, Jews and Jains. Parsis migrated to the state from Persia and established many Zoroastrians fire temples in the city of Mumbai and is presently the dominant community in the state. Muslims mostly belonging to the Sufi cult is the second popular religion of the state with shrines and mosques sprawling throughout the state. Jews now 3000 in number, before the migration to Israel counted around 20,000. The Synagogues established at the Alibag, Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Pen and Revadanda are still active. The Shirdi Sai Baba, Osho's commune, Haji Ali, Ajanta and Ellora are the other famous Hindu pilgrimage destinations in the state.

The Most popular language of Maharashtra is Marathi and its history dates back to third century, the tribal population Gondi is also spoken in the central Maharashtra. The filmy language of the Hindi cinema called Tapori ( vagabond lingo) is the latest slangish language, bit awkward to the ears, catching a pace among the youths throughout the country. When you will be visiting the state learn the terminology of tapori language and it will prove very useful to you.

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Costumes Showcases a Rich Heritage

Maharashtra Folk Dance
Maharashtra Folk Dance

It is worth to see the women folk of the state in their traditional sari called Nauvari (nine yard) which has a history of its own. It is said that the women started wearing this attire during Maratha's rule, as it looks like the trousers women started it wearing it at the time war to help there males in the battle field. Men usually wear the shirt and Doti or trouser. If going through the urban area you can find women in Kurta Pyjama or jeans and shirts and men in pant and shirts. Make a tour to the city and experience it yourself.

Embark to this Colorful World

The Maharashtra has a rich history of traditions. A better look of its people and lifestyle can be observed at the time of its fairs and festivals when all the people belonging to diverse regions, religions, caste assemble together to celebrate. Plan your holidays according to the schedule of fairs and festivals of the state and interact with the local people on the common food joints, in their fields, market places and you will see the unique nature of its people.

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Top 5 Highlights of Maharashtra's Lifestyle

Maharashtra Man

Prefect Blend of Culture and Modernity
The whirlwind progress of the state has made sky its limit for the success of people but they equally care for their culture which is close to their heart. Plan a tour to the city and you will be amazed to see the simple lifestyle of the people in the international metropolis.

Nauvari Attire of Battle-Women
It is a common dress among the women to wear traditional sari Nauvari as a divider. The length of this sari is nine yards and tying it is a skill. Purchase a one and put your hands to it and you will learn how to tie it.

Tapori Lingo of Vagabonds
In Mumbai city you will find a change in the lingua francs of its place if visited before. The tapori has catches a pace with the film industry and is spreading across the cones and corners of the state. Learn few words and feel how funny it looks.

Confluence of Religions
No where in India can you find such a diversity in religion as in this state of Maharashtra. From Parsis to Jew's, Jain's to Buddhists people of all faiths are living here including Muslims and Hindus. Visit this state and you will find a corner in this state to meditate.

Bollywood Influenced The Souls
The Hindi film industry of India also known as Bolly-Wood has influenced the people of the whole country specially the state of Maharashtra where it had its influence on the complete lifestyle of people. From language to costume to living style every thing has strong influence of this filmy world. Take a tour to the city of Bollywood and experience the thrill of this filmy magic.

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