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Famous Dance : Luvani and Povadas
Famous Musical Instruments : Dholak and Duf
Renowned Artists : Pandit Jasraj and Lata Mangeshkar
Best time To Visit : February in Elphanta Music and Dance Festival

Symphony that Catches Your Senses

Elephanta Festival
Elephanta Festival

Maharashtra is a land of rich cultural heritage, where traditions of music, dance and songs are as happening as ever. The contributions from the great stalwarts of music and dance had made its traditions famous not allover the state but today whole country knows that the Lavani is the most famous and thrilling dance of Maharashtra. Listen to the beats of Dolki and it will remind you the drum beaters of Africa. Watch the Luvani dance and you will feel yourself in the carnival of Barazil. The religious festivals and occasions of the social entertainment have nurtured this culture in the state. Be a part of Elephanta dance festival in the month of February and witness the charisma of the music and the respective steps that will enthrall you than any thing else.

Dance That Captures Your Sight

Maharashtra has given birth to some of the most rhythmic dances, watching a live performance is a treat for your eyes. Having the distinct style of dancing the people fancy to watch the performance of the Dhangari Gaja performed by Dangars or shepherds and Koli dance performed by the fishermen community. Both the shepherds and the fishermen community have the distinct features and their dance is lively as well. Plan a tour to Maharashtra and cherish the fervor of the dances which you cannot experience beyond this state.

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The Magic of Lavani Dance

Girls Performing Lavani Dance
Girls Performing Lavani Dance

The most famous dance form of Maharashtra is Lavani. Originated from the word 'lavanya' meaning beauty the dance is performed by the beautiful women in their traditional sari nauveri and is always accompanied by the songs relating to the social awareness, politics, religion, romance. These dancers swirl with the enchanting beats of the 'Dholak' a drum like musical instrument. Lavani dance was performed even at the times of Marathas to entertain and rejuvenate the spirit of tired soldiers at the time of war. The credit of its popularity goes to the famous Marathi poets like Honaji Bala, Ramjoshi, Prabhakar etc. The Marathi ballads are also famous in the state, the ballads are called Povadas and utters the praises for the respected Marathi ruler Shivaji Maharaj. Don't miss the popular form of the folk theater Tamasha (ballad) developed in 16th century in the state where you can see the performances along with melodious romantic Lavani songs. Watch these lifetime performances in the land of Marathas that will sprawl out you to indulge in this saga of dancing and the music that energizes and bringing life to weary souls.

Melodious Instruments That Blows

Pandit Jasraj Performing at a Show
Pandit Jasraj Performing at a Show

The culture of the state is well preserved by its subjects and every festival witnesses the musical extravaganza. The attractive women dancing and singing with the background music of Dolki (drum), Manjeera (cymbals) Tuntuni (a single string instrument) Daf ( a tambourine like instrument with a single leather surface) and harmonium. The musical beats that pump the adrenaline of the spectators as well is supported by the ankle bells (ghungroo). With every spin these bells make a sound with the dynamic tranquilizing power. The festivals are the best season when these dances are performed for the entertainment as well as appeasing the gods to shower blessings. Maharashtra is a home to number of musical stalwarts famous all over India including Bhimsen Joshi, Pandit Jasraj, Kishori Amonkar, Bal Gandharvi and Lata Mangeshkar. Plan a tour and get engrossed to the ever refreshing music of Maharashtra and it will be an immortal experience.

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The Legendary Artists

Right from the very early times Maharashtra has produced the great musicians and dancers who nurtured the musical tradition of the state. One of them was Sharang dev, who wrote the 'Sangitratnakara' India's greatest treasure of classical music in 13th century. Such old is the history and even today the field of music is growing in this state with the Bollywood. The famous musicians like Naushad is also the product of this film industry. Plan a trip to the state and watch the states renowned musicians performing during its festivals.

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Top 5 Highlights of Music and Dances of Maharashtra

Maharashtra Music

Dance and Music of Marathas
Welcome to the state of Marathas where the melody of the music and rhythmic swirl of the dancers, portray the tales of the legends of Marathas warriors.

Pulsating Dance Steps
The land of cadence where dancing is a part of prayer performed to appease the gods and all the men and women dance to the beats of drums to get the blessings of the god. This is the state where dance is a part of enjoyment.

Festival That Turns Your Holidays Exciting
Visit the state during the Elephanta music and dance festival in February and color your holidays with the musical symphony and the statuesque rhythmic swirls.

From Hills to Peaks
Wander through the deep Shaydri range or the vast coastal lines you will see the Shepherdd and the fishing community singing and dancing, where ever you go it is the common form of celebration, indulge and enjoy.

Bollywood Share
When the Bollywood has influenced the whole country and produced the great legends like Lata Mangeshkar and Naushad, at the same time the folk tradition has affected the Bollywood inversely, where one can see the popular Lavani dance performance in Indian movie world.

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