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Location : Rural Hubs, Main Markets of Rajasthan.
World Famous For : Blue Pottery, Tie-and-dye Fabrics, Block Printed Textiles.
Antique Items : Marble Pots and Elephants, Ceramic Tiles.
Other Charms : Jewellery – Precious and Semi Precious Stones, Quilts, Metalware.

Pottery work In Rajasthan
Pottery work In Rajasthan

Famous Arts and Crafts : Blue Pottery, Marble Sculptures, Puppets, Tattoos, Leather items - Camel Leather Shoes, Terracotta, wood items, Dhuries – Carpets and Salwars, Metal Wares, Tiles.
Famous Handicrafts : Lac Bangles, Block Prints, Tie and Dye Fabrics, Embroidered Shoes, Mirror Work on Clothes and Sheets, Miniature Painting, Kundan, Meenakari.
Items as Mementos and Gifts : Block Prints, Blue Pottery, Precious Stones, Embroidered Bags, Shoes, Scurfs.
Traditional Handicrafts Hubs : Shilpgram – Udaipur(3 km) – Unique Handicrafts, Weaving, Embroidery, Mirror Work, Shekhawati – Jaipur(185 km) – Paintings, Murals, Wood Crafts, Sanganer Jaipur(40 km) – Block Printing, Paper Making, Jaipur Blue Pottery.
Must Experience : Watch the framing of Textile Block Printing, Paper-Making and Blue Pottery in Sanganer.
Where To Shop : Bapu and Nehru Bazaar, Jaipur - Textiles, Embroidered Jooties, Fabrics and Leather Goods.
Tripolia Bazaar - Rajasthani Furniture, Hand-Block Prints, Embroidered Fabrics, Mirror Work and Carpet.
Lined Shops near Amar Sagar Gate, Jaisalmer – Rajasthani Handicrafts Emporium, Wooden Ornaments.
Hathipol in City Palace, Udaipur - Rajasthani's Jootis, Saris, Wooden and Camel Souvenirs.
Patwon Ki Haveli - Silver Jewelries, Rugs, Leather Items, Hand Woven Blankets.
Kapra Bazaar and National Handlooms, Jodhpur – Saris, Block Printed Textiles, Rajasthani Mojaris and Jootis.
Shopping in Jaipur : Nandanam Apartments - Handicrafts and Arts, Tripola Bazaar – Metalware, Chaura Raasta, Urmul Outlets, Shops Opposite Hawa Mahal - Quilts, Rajasthali – Handmade paper.

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The Colorful Aura of Rajasthan - Arts and Crafts

The exotic spectrum of Rajasthan's handicraft heritage is a dazzling kaleidoscope of colors and textures. The depth, range and inspirational intricacy of this heritage stems from its socio-economic ethos, with whole village pursuing certain crafts, which are intrinsic to their survival or daily needs. Royal patronage gave it a vital impetus to carry the journey for centuries. Although Rajasthan is full of visual spectacles, perhaps the most lasting impression that visitors take away with them after traveling through this state is that of color. Despite the perpetual desolation of the sandscape enveloping the courtyards of Rajasthan, color reaches newer heights of luminosity and vividness at every pocket of the state. Canary yellows, emarald greens, vivid purples, electric blues and splashes of brilliant reds seem to be reinventions of traditional colors.

Fun With The Fabric - Famous Artifacts

Rajasthan is famous for its vibrantly colored textiles which adorn the sophisticated boutiques and prismatic art and craft bazaars across the state. The basic cloth receives one or several of various treatments to achieve its rich blaze of color, including dyeing, block printing and multiple forms of embroidery and applique. Visit Jodhpur to encounter the most intricate and interesting result of garment designing, the bandhani or tie and dye style of coloring. Basically parts of the fabric are knotted with minikin pebbles or grams, so that when the fabric is dyed, the knotted section retain their original color. Buy yourself a bright colored odhni (headscarf) featuring a lotus motif against a white or pink background. Remember, a yellow background indicates that the wearer has recently given birth to a bambino. Shift the gears of your car to reach Sanganer, near Jaipur, famous for its block printed fabric. Other handicraft items include the Sanganeri prints, generally featuring floral motifs, are exported round the world and is truly a collector's delight. Everyday, thousands of meters of fabric can be seen drying in long swathes on the banks of Saraswati river. Do you know that Sanganer entertains true hand-craftsmanship; garments are printed with wooden blocks known as buntis or chhapas, on which incisions form the elemental design, by one's own hand. The fruits of endeavor can be found in the form of colorful zig-zag motifs, featuring geometric designs in blue and red on both sides, known as ajrakh and is generally worn by men as shawls and turbans. Travel to Rajasthan to get one ajrakh for your loved ones, won't you?

After the cloth has been printed or tie-dyed, another layer of charm is added by embroidering or applying works of applique to the garment. Tour to any museum and you will get a hint about the superlative quality of embroidery work of Rajasthan, evident in the collections of richly brocaded royal vestments. And if you want to cherish the grand array of applique work, travel to the famous Pushkar Camel Fair, where ornately bedecked camels are a wonderfully common sight. The list is long. You can embellish the cloth as you like. Finely stitched tapestries bear motifs of animals and birds, chainstitched against a bold background or are garnished with tiny mirrors along the borders.

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A Hand on Handicrafts Items

Rajasthan Potter
Rajasthan Potter

Apart from a wide range of textile designing, Rajasthani craftsmen are dexterous even with other channels of art; jewellery, paintings, pottery, ivory craft, and leatherwork. The history of painting in Rajasthan can be traced to the pre-historic period, as evidenced by the discovery of paintings in rock shelters in the Chambal valley. The popularity of Mughal miniature painting was translated in the mushrooming of styles distinctive to various regions of the state creating the Kota-Bundi kalam, the Marwar school and the Bikaner school of painting. Take a trip to Bundi to witness a curious array of miniature paintings of the late 18th century. A marvellous creation with half the surface left white, and just a few figures painted against this in pale colors; silhouette of artistry in the custard of paper. Remember, the Rajasthani painters used colors extracted from minerals, ochres and vegetables. The vibrant colors still evident today in miniatures and frescoes, seen in some royal palaces, were derived from crushed semi-precious stones, while the gold and silver coloring is in fact finely pounded pure gold and silver leaf!

Various arts and crafts of Rajasthan include the famous Rajasthan pottery tradition, that has translated into its various hues of blue pottery, a placard of the pink city Jaipur, and is made from crushed quartz, embellished with painted motifs in geometrics and nature's bounty in bright yellows, oranges and green. Given the paucity of wood in most parts of Rajasthan, it is not surprising that stone sculpture is more prevalent than wood carving. To twist the knife in the wound, Rajasthan is adorned by arid climate and white ants! Drive to Bikaner, an important centre for wood carving, to feel the talent of the woodcarvers in ornately carved doors and lintels, and particularly in latticed screen windows. You can also pick up Bikaner's famous gesso work (treated camel leather), incarnated in a wide range of boxes, lampshades and containers.

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Top 5 Reasons to See Arts & Crafts

 Arts & Crafts

Dying To Get A Dye
Welcome to the colorful land of Rajasthan, India, where you will see a discreet array of beautifully designed handicraft fabrics put into display. Thanks to the rich art and craft. Buy the rich arts and crafts which is so enthralling that you cannot stop buying few of those articles for your near and dear ones.

Art With Precious Stones
Get a view of the hundreds of ambrosial creations crowding the markets of Rajasthan, India. Paintings made with colors extracted from vegetables and minerals, and frescoes designed with semi-precious Rajasthani stones are a major attraction worldwide.

Get Yourself A Colourful Hair Scarf
Buy yourself a bright colored odhni featuring a lotus motif against a white or pink background, or zig-zag patterns or other colourful imaginations. Bedazzle your friends by taking a few back home.

The Arts of Desire
Take a trip to Bundi to see the Kota-Bundi kalam, one of the famous handicrafts item, which is a curious array of miniature paintings of the late 18th century. A marvellous creation with half the surface left white, and just a few figures painted against this in pale colors; silhouette of artistry in the custard of paper

Shop Blue
Visit Jaipur and you cannot resist yourself buying the famous handicraft item - the blue potteries. Translated into its various hues, and a placard of the pink city Jaipur, the blue potteries are made from crushed quartz, embellished with painted motifs in geometrics and nature's bounty in bright yellows, oranges and green.

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