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Highlight : Most Colourful Festivals.
Major Festivals : Pushkar Festival, Elephant Festival, Desert Festival.
Destinations : Pushkar, Jaisalmer, Mewar, Jaipur, Shekhawati.
What To Do : Elephant Ride, Camel Safari, Camping in Sand Dunes.

Evening  at Pushkar Fair
Evening at Pushkar Fair

Tourist Festivals : Jaisalmer Desert Festival, Mewar Festival, Elephant Festival, Shekhawati Festivals, Marwar Festival.
Famous Fairs : Pushkar Fair, Nagaur Fair, Baneshwar Fair, Kaila Devi Fair, Mallinath Fair.
World Famous Fair : Pushkar Fair.
Religious Festivals : Teej Festival, Urs Festival, Gangaur Festival.
Activities : Shopping for Rural Artifacts, Camel Trading, Cultural Programmes, Camel and Elephant Safaris.
Festive Magic : Folk Song and Dances, Camel Cart Race, Mr. Desert Competition, Turban Tying Competition.
Timings : Pushkar Festival - Oct – Nov, Desert Festival – Jan-Feb, Shekhawati Festival – Feb, Gangaur Festival – Mar- Apr.
Must Experience : Turban Tying Competition, Camel Cart Race, Tasting of Camel Milk and Festive Cuisines.

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Festive Moments of Rajasthan

The spirit of romance, valor and faith is quintessential to Rajasthan and is impeccably yet inseparably blended in its art, culture and hautingly addictive music and dance. Rajasthan's tradition can be best captured at its festive minutes at the fairs and festivals, which are dazzlingly theatrical and vivacious. In fact, in Rajasthan, every season is a reason to celebrate. And, wow! A fair for every religious episode. The mirth continues long after the days and nights of making merry. So, plan a holiday vacation in this ' Land of Celebrations' and blend yourself with the colorful fiesta of the ethnic traditions, which garnish every moments of the local life. The fairs and festivals of Rajasthan welcome its visitors to India from all over the globe.

The Real Extravaganza

When Rajasthan is dressed and set to perform for its guests, when tourists from all walks of life amass in this desert land, don't sit back and watch the screens. Come over to India and indulge yourself in the fun, frolic and gaiety of Rajasthan. Experience the true essence, celebrate the riot of colors and take back memories that will linger on....and on.

Festivals in Rajasthan is celebrated in one of the three forms; purely religious festivals, tourist-oriented festivals; and 'melas', or fairs, such as the Pushkar Fair, which provide villagers from remote regions a channel to trade livestock and socialise. It is a great fun to be in Rajasthan during the festive season. Walk along the interspersed passages amidst vibrant canopies and see the locals getting tattooed. You can even breath in the excitement of camel parades and races, performance by an animal that is an intricate part of Rajasthani life.

Girls at Teej Festival , Rajasthan
Girls at Teej Festival , Rajasthan

Plan a trip to Jaisalmer to celebrate life with hordes of colorful people. Held annually in February, the Desert Festival is a euphoric trip with traditional dancers displaying the rich cultural heritage of the desert land. Join in on the turban tying competition, who knows, you might emerge as Mr. Desert himself! Come the month of Phalgun (March) and its time for a jumbo of a fiesta. Witness the Elephant Festival, where the mighty pachyderms embellished with bright colored jhools (saddle cloth) and heavy jewellery, pass in procession accompanied by folk dancers. Enjoy a polo match, the elephant race and a spine-chilling tug-of-war with the elephants. When in Rajasthan, don't forget to attend the Teej Festival which heralds the onset of monsoons. The welcome rains sprinkle the barren land as women in colorful attire, sing and sway on swings and a procession is taken out of Jaipur for two consecutive days. Blend yourself in the celebration of love, the Gangaur Festival, celebrated by the women of Rajasthan. Interestingly, unmarried girls pay homage to Gauri (consort of Lord Shiva) in a hope that they will be blessed with a good husband. You can see women performing the 'ghoomer' dance in rhythm with the euphony of 'sarangis' and chimbals.

Bedeck Yourself In The Colorful Ambiance

The grand festivals of Rajasthan display some chosen and cherished moments of the glorious past and affluent traditional culture of the state, for its visitors. Vibrant colors, lively music rent the ambiance escorted by dances that have their origin in an adorned ancient culture; a confluence, you will find most enthralling. Walk along the cobbled pathways and you will see women in florid swirling skirts who spontaneously pull the ghunghat (veil) over their faces at the sight of a man. Walk beside the colorful canopies, and look at those rustic women passing by... bedecked with heavy silver jewellery around the ankles, waist, neck and the wrist, one cannot stop himself for another glance. Visit the local stalls at Rajasthani fairs and festivals which display a wide array of typical Rajasthani handicrafts and antique items. Adorn yourself with one of the ethnic ornaments dangling from the racks of the tribal stalls, trinkets which have now become a craze among the urban elite, both at home and abroad.

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Top 5 Highlights of Festivals of Rajasthan

During A Celebration

Spend A Holiday In Holy Spirits
Cheer up a camel race, see them dance and enjoy their participation in the beauty pagent in the holy land of Pushkar. Participate in the most exuberant festival of cattle commerce at Pushkar. See thousands of cows, camels, sheep, goats and their traders nest on the golden sands beside the lake, yelling to exchange their property for a handsome amount of money.

Lavish Stay In The Barren Desert
Plan a tour to Rajasthan during the festival seasons and experience a stay in the desert. Enjoy the bewildering rendezvous with the barren sands while staying in one of the comfortable camps created by human hands amidst the desert.

Enjoy With The Ship of The Desert
The grand carnival of Camel Festival displays some chosen and cherished moments of the glorious past and affluent traditional culture of Rajasthan, but always with a camel, which is an indispensable part of this desert city. Join your hands together when the beautifully caparisoned camels show their utmost skills of dancing and merriment.

See The Faith And Believe It
Be a part of the largest religious Islam congregation in Indian sub-continent, the Urs Festival, held during the month of July/August. It instigates with the hoisting of a white flag with great pomp and show, on the Dargah apex. Feel the ethereal ambiance of the Dargah, rich with the fragrance of rose and jasmine flowers, sandalwood paste, perfumes and incense sticks

The Charm of Colours
Nowhere and at no time can you see so much colours as in Rajasthan during its festive moods of merriment. Stay in camps amidst dunes, paint your palms orange with 'heena', ride a camel, buy some souvenirs and capture as many memories as you can in your cams.

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