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(Pushkar Fair Event)

Pushkar Fair 2010

District : Ajmer Region of Merwara
Location : Nestled in the Aravalli Valley of Central Rajasthan boardering Ajmer
World Renowned : For Pushkar Fair
Famous For : Brahma Temple (only one of its kind in whole world)

Camels in Pushkar Fair
Camels in Pushkar Fair

Pushkar Fair Rajasthan

To See : Pushkar Fair, Sacred Pushkar Lake, Temples of Brahma, Varaha and Aptaeshwar.
What to Do : Participation in Camel Fair, Camel Safari, Experience Folk Song and Dances performed by Gujjar Folklores.
Don't Miss : Photographing Decorated Camels in Pushkar Fair, Making a Wish at Brahma Temple, Bath in the Sacred Pushkar Lake.
Visiting Time : During Kartik Purnima ( Full Moon Day ) in October-November.
Duration : Pushkar Fair last for 12 days.
Getting Around : Ajmer - 11 km SE, Merta - 63 km W, Nimaj - Chhatra Sagar (115 km SW).
To Shop : Sarweshwar Kala Mandir - Rajasthani Miniature Paintings. Bhagwan Barmeri Handicraft Shac, Dhabai's Shop - Antique pieces, Ethnic World - Cotton embroidered Kurtas, Gulkand a confection of rose petals and sugar.
Getting There : Air : Sanganer Airport Jaipur is nearest (154 km/ 2 ½ hrs).
Rail : Ajmer Junction -11 km / 15 mins. Ajmer Shatabdi Train from Delhi and Jaipur.
Road : Pushkar is on NH-89, 11 km off NH-8 that connects Delhi and Mumbai. 15 mins from Ajmer, 2 ½ hrs from Jaipur, 7 ½ hrs from Delhi.
Important Distances : 400 km SW of Delhi, 154 km SW of Jaipur, 11 km NW of Ajmer.
Where to Eat : Honey and Spice - Ginger Cinnamom Coffee, Juices, Spinach Pineapple Noodles. Moondance Cafe - Pizza, Oily Spinach Enchilada. Halwai - ki - Gali Kachoris and Samosas. RTDC's Hotel Sarovar Dal, Mixed Egg, Palak Paneer.
Staying Options : Pushkar Palace, RTDC's Hotel Sarovar.
Inside Tip : Pickup a Camel Leather Shoes from the local market for a comfortable walk, Avoid Non-Veg. and Alcohol as it is prohibited inside Pushkar.

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Pushkar Fair: A Fair Which Energizes Your Mind And Overwhelms Your Soul!

Amidst the desolate desert, harbored by lush green hills and wrapped around a scintillating lake, is the abode of the "Creator". Where the roads squirm amongst the buildings; architectural marvels with onion domes and ornate jaalis, where the heavy carved doors opens up to greet you into the beautiful courtyards decorated with murals, where men in prismatic dishabille clothing sell the mystical healing plant, Sanjivani.

Welcome to Pushkar! A city that careens with the rhythmic beats of spirituality, a city that puts color to its every emotion, best revealed through its magical Pushkar Fair. Take a Pushkar tourism to explore this divine land.

The Pushkar fair in Rajasthan is a famous weeklong fiesta with gregarious events and state sponsored frivolities thrown in. Rajasthani myths find their doorway in folk songs, dance diaries and short skits, while the cattle look on, belching and smelling that can floor the greatest knight. Storytellers, hypnotic, acrobats, snake charmers and monkey trainers all crowd in this kaleidoscopic parley of folks, held during Kartik Purnima, every year.

The Colorful Extravaganza at the Famous Camel Fair in India

Crowd at Pushkar Fair
Crowd at Pushkar Fair

Long before you touch the sands of famous Pushkar, you will spy the vibrant colors of the fair. Imaginations blossom via jazzy color combinations and resplendent vignettes, portraying lifestyles of enigmatic elven figures. The famous Pushkar fair is a major camel festival in India where the fair ground reverberates with gaiety, as rows of make shift stalls display a bewildering array of items that compete with each other for visitor's attention. Flashy umbrellas embroidered with red, yellow and green colored fabrics screen you from the scorching sun while you enjoy purveyors of lassis (butter milk) at the roadside traveler dhabas (rural open-air eating joints) with one eye directed to the magnificent silver jewelery and crafts hanging nearby. The wind flirts with the aroma of the bonne bouche while you flip through the tents looking for your favorite recipe, not to forget the esthetic dal-baati-churma, a Rajasthani favorite. Come dusk, and the rich strains of euphony are carried across the desert sands, as the merrymaking continues deep into the night while the stars in the moon lit sky witness the glee and the contagious enthusiasm of the village folks.

A Cattle Trading Bonanza

During Kartik Purnima, on the full moon in the month of October-November each year, Pushkar explodes into Rajasthan's most exuberant festival of cattle commerce. Thousands of cows, camels, sheep, goats and their traders nest on the golden sands beside the lake. Dressed with a killing look, besides cattle, the camels with attractively decorated humps are also bought, sold, decked up and paraded on the sand dunes, presenting a picturesque sight. Their owners are seen wearing colorful turbans and flaunting long mustaches, a placard of their chivalry.

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The Camel Opera

Camels at Pushkar Fair
Camels at Pushkar Fair

Take a tour of the famous Pushkar fair that brings together a large number of countrymen from different parts of the state. Some come here to sell. Some come here to buy. Others come here on a pilgrimage. Still others come here just to enjoy the festivities. Bards and poets recite and sing tales of valor and chivalry of bygone days. As the sun rises in the horizon, scattering its aurora across the skyline, people cluster in the terrain to rejoice the camel, horse and donkey races, a salient feature of paramount importance. Dolled up in gorgeous fabrics and festooned with dazzling ornaments, these animals alienate across the start line. Then with a bang, the race starts, jettisoning pounds of sand towards you.

There is another event akin to musical chairs. Here, as the music stops, the camel is supposed to manage to stick its long arching neck between two poles, each camel owner guiding its match by means of a silken cord attached to its nose ring. This camel festival is a major fair in India.

Combating for the first place in the beauty contest, splendidly embellished camels are brought to the arena and paraded to catch the critical eye of keen judges. The gait of the camel, the choice of its equipment and ornament, its capacity to interpret and carry out commands and the variety of pranks it is capable to perform are the basic criteria for selection of the "beauty pageant". During the famous Pushkar camel fair, the camels display amazing footwork, dancing gracefully to the slightest direction of their trainers. Bridal bridles, bejewelled necks, jingling anklets and long, lanky camel shadows on dusky sands cast a magical spell.

Body tattooing is a fun you can engage in. Several checkered canopies advertise their traditional style of tattooing, chiefly with henna leaves. These people not only color your body but also stain your memories with the saffron color of henna.

The Rural Galleria

Women take part in Tug of War game at Pushkar fair
Women take part in Tug of War game at Pushkar fair

Come to Rajasthan during Pushkar fair, when shopping is a real fun. During this major camel festival in Rajasthan bewildering variety of souvenirs like beads, bangles, embroidered shawls, colorful saddles, beautifully woven blankets and cloth covers for camels embroidered and embellished with mirrors, are offered for sale in plentiful roadside stalls. Rustic women spiffed up in intricate silver ornaments - hairpins and chains, nose rings, waistbands, anklets, toe rings and the ivory bangles worn from wrist to shoulder, actually snatch attention of the beholder and infuse a buying spree in them. The options are many: embroidered fabrics such as wall hangings, cute cushion covers, scarves and groovy shoulder bags and hence in the end, Pushkar is not a bad place to pick up gifts for family and friends back home.

Time To Chill Amidst The Dunes

When in a place like Pushkar, one cannot dream of putting up in a star class hotel. Enjoy the vivacity of the fair by staying at the tourist village, organized by the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation. A block of tents, each with its own identity, is self-sufficient and specially designed to complement the natural beauty of the site. So much so, they are even furnished with western style toilets and running water.

The Pushkar Destination

Travel to the holy place, Pushkar, lies in the breast pocket of two major cities of Rajasthan: Jaipur (140 km) and Ajmer (13 km). Rajasthan State Transport Corporation runs comfortable deluxe buses, in every 15 minutes, which connects Jaipur and Ajmer, from Jaipur main bus stand. You can also fly up to Jaipur, and then cuddle up in a taxi until the gritty sands of Pushkar welcomes you. Well connected to all major destinations of the country by broad gauge lines, Ajmer station is bis by your side if you are traveling by train. Pushkar is a relatively small town and it is easy enough to loiter around on foot. Without the opportunity to hire an auto-rickshaw, you can even go for a bicycle.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Pushkar Fair

Pushkar Fair

Spend A Holiday In Holy Spirits
Enjoy Pushkar tourism in Rajasthan, the only abode of Brahma, mythologically said to be the creator of the universe. Take a holy dip in the famous Pushkar lake and wash away your sins.

The Long-legged Extravaganza
Cheer up a camel race, see them dance and enjoy their participation in the beauty pagent, with bards and poets reciting and singing tales of valor and chivalry of bygone days in the backdrop. Enjoy the festivities of the famous Pushkar Camel fair.

Buy A Camel If You Can
Participate in the most exuberant festival of cattle commerce at Pushkar. See thousands of cows, camels, sheep, goats and their traders nest on the golden sands beside the lake, yelling to exchange their property for a handsome amount of money. A trip to the major camel festival in Rajasthan is the perfect holiday idea.

Get A Memoria
Wander amidst the clustered stalls selling variety of famous souvenirs like beads, bangles, embroidered shawls, colorful saddles, beautifully woven blankets and cloth covers for camels embroidered and embellished with mirrors. Enjoy a bargain and pick a few memories of your visit to Rajasthan.

Shelter In The Sands
Stay in those block of tents, self-sufficient and specially designed to complement the natural beauty of the site and the needs of a traveller, simultaneously. Enjoy a romantic night amidst the sands, by a bonfire and see locals sing and dance their hearts out just for you. The festive land of Pushkad has it all!

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