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Famous Handicrafts : Chikankari Embroidery, Varanasi Silk and Brass Ware
Shop For : Banarasi Saris, Chikankari Saris and Suits, Glass Bangles, Brass Wears
Exclusive Art : Miniature of Taj
Famous Destinations : Lucknow, Varanasi and Moradabad

Arts and Crafts In Uttar Pradesh

Chikan embroidery, Lucknow
Chikan embroidery, Lucknow

The arts and crafts in Uttar Pradesh are not famous only in India but all over the world. Right from the silken saris to the earthen pottery, carpets weaving to chikankari embroidery, Uttar Pradesh are always on the forefront in artifacts. Specific region deal with the specific art or craft such as Varanasi for its silken saris, Mirzapur and Bhadoi for it carpets, Agra and Kanpur for their leather craft, Moradbad for its metal ware, Lucknow for its cloth work and embroidery, and the entire state for its pottery. Your visit to any of the emporium or handicraft hub will definitely tempt to grab for all.

Chikankari of Lucknow - Uttar Pradesh

The delicate art of embroidery has its origin in the city of Nawabs. Its name has been derived from the Persian word 'chikan' meaning cloth wrought by needlework. Earlier it emerged as the court craft but with the keen efforts of the art lovers this craft was publicized and became the important commercial activity. The various patterns of the chikankari are muree, lerchi, keelkangan and bakhia. The charm of thuis craft lies in the minuteness, evenness and sheer exclence of craft as well as the use of white embroidery on white cloth. The motifs of chikankari range from mughal architectural design of buildings to vine themes and from birds to animals. The chikan kari work is usually done on the sari and kurta pyjama and is most suitable for summers.The taste of Nawabs in each perispective is appreciated what is your say about their clothing and its embriodery.

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Varanasi Brocade or Kinkab

Tourists at Varanasi Silk shop
Tourists at Varanasi Silk shop

There is no match to the rich Varanasi brocades created on the fine silk or cotton fabrics with the use of golden and silver thread on the 'pallas' (end pieces) and the field of sari. The gold thread with the silver background defines the grandeur and the geometric patterns in the 'butidar' and 'jaal' style just adds to its beauty. It has become a trend among Indian brides to have a few benaras saris especially the deep red golden zari sari among its wedding attire. If you will own a one, how it would look on you.The design motifs of these brocades are intricate floral and foliage patterns, kalga and bel, and in sari pallas and dupattas a string of upright leaves called jhalar. The designs of the motifs vary according to the durability of cloth.

Splendor of Taj


The hub of the stone craft in india is Agra and the supreme example of whish is Taj Mahal. The art of carving the thin marble slabs to make the fine lattice windows is the most difficult for the craftsmen. The other marble products available in agra are mirror frames with lace like fringes, fretwork balustrades, bowls, garden furniture, etc. The another specialty of the Agra is the inlay work on marble with the colorful and precious stones to form a multitude of mosaics. When you will be in the city purchase some artifact to remind you the trip and it will also used as a decoration piece in your room back at home.


After the Persian and Arabian carpets it comes the turn of our local carpets prepared at Bhadoi, Shahjahanpur and Mirzapur. The majority of populations in these areas are affiliated with the profession of carpet weaving. With the exotic designs of flora and fauna, Taj Mahal, "Kethariwala Jal", "Jamabaz", "Kandhari", etc. the industry has succeeded in attracting not only the nation market but due to some attractive Chinese designs international market is establishing as well.How to find the designs of other countries on the carpets in India. You can also place an order to get a carpet of your taste.

Art Metal Brass Ware

Natraja Statue,The Brass Art Moradabad
Natraja Statue,The Brass Art Moradabad

In Uttar Pradesh's Moradabad produces the large quantities of art metal ware. It is especially famous for its color enameling and intricate engraving. There are two types of engravings one is called nakshi and ios done on the tinned surface while other is known as khudai and is done on lac coated unpolished brass. The pointed steel pencil is used to make design in khudai type. The metal brass ware consists of the traditional vases, Ganeshas, laughing Buddhas, stools, trays and contemporary beautiful bowls.The Natraja is the most beautiful article in the brass ware to be gifted and kept as adecorative item.

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Glass Ware

Fearozbad has become synonymous with the name of glassware. Earlier only glass bangles where produced but with the help of sophisticated machines the full-fledged glassware is produced. The entire populace is involved in this industry. Varanasi specializes in making the glass beads and exports the most of the production. Similarly thin glass plates are produced which after cutting into pieces called tikklu are used by women to decorate their fabrics. In Saharanpur intriguing glass toys are filled with the coloured liquid called rachkora and the mouth piece of hukka are produced. The glass bangles with multitude of colours matching with every dress is a most used ornament in the state. The glass bangles may add to your beauty just have atry and you will decide rest yourself.


Potter making Pots
Potter making Pots

In Uttar Pradesh Khurja has evolved its own style in the earthenware. By adding colour to the dull and unattractive pottery khurja gave a lease of life to it. The shades and the designs in contrast to its background can attract the attention of any person with the aesthetic sense. Apart from Khurja , Rampur surahis along with the water containers from Meerut and Hapur are famous all around the nation for their shapes , designs, colours and their ability to keep the water cold even during the harsh summer days. Its attractiveness calls every one and purchasing a mug for coffee is not a bad idea at all.

Take Home the Magic Touch of Golden Hands

The hands of the legendary artisians and the master craftsmen have the magic to turn the ravage into gold. The silken touch with the masterly style produces the best sketches, designs, patterns and structure that are unique in their own nature captivating the hearts of every one who have a glance to it. The states articulate craftsmanship is the intimate part of the tradition, the Banarasi silken saris, glass bangles from Fearozabad, chikankari suits from Lucknow are the important artifacts that enchant its every visitor. If you want to feel the heat attend any fair and you will get clean bowled by the first sight of these masterpieces that not only looks fabulous but allures the visitor to own every item.

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Top 5 Highlights of Arts And Crafts

Carpet Making

The Hub of Arts and Crafts
The state of Uttar Pradesh offers you the best symbols of its arts and crafts. The traditional handicraft displays a wide range of artifacts that allure the tourists from all over the world. It is believed that the arts and craft of U.P is the backbone of the state’s economy.

Chikankari Embroidery From the City of Nawabs
The chikankari embroidery is one of the best needlework done on the thin muslin cloth with the thread of the same colour. This work is usually done on the saris and suits. The Nawabs are said to be very fond of the chikankari embroidered Kur'ta Pyjama's. You can get a one from the Lucknow at a very reasonable rates.

Varanasi's Sari - A Symbol of Grandeur
The Varanasi saris are made of pure silk and has a beautiful geometric designs of golden thread work on silver background. The zari worked end pieces or pallas of the saris are also famous from this city. It is privilege to own a silken sari from Varanasi but before that learn how to tie it.

Stone Carving - The Masterly Art of Agra
Definitely we cannot make a replica of Taj Mahal but it is not beyond our reach, we do can have a Taj. The superb art of the stone craftsmanship can be imagined by the Taj miniatures that looks like the small reflection of Taj. You will be also amazed to see the big idols carved from the single block. Pick up few Taj for your spacious drawing room.

Brass Ware - Metal With The Golden Shine
The Moradabad is the only hub for brass ware. The traditional brass vases, wall hangings, brass furniture can only be picked from the bustling bazaars of this town. The intricate engraving design on these decorations increased its demand and is exported to various countries. The Brass statue of Natraja is the perfect souvenir you can take back home.

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