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Shubhyatra >> Uttar Pradesh Yatra >> General Information on People and Lifestyle


Communities : Hindu, Muslims and Jains
Languages : Hindi and Urdu
Traditional Attire : Sari and Veil for Women, Kurta Pyjama and Sherwani for Men
Royal Families : Nawabs, Thakurs

People And Lifestyle - The Blended Soul

Ladies enjoying their evening at the Ganga Ghat
Ladies enjoying their evening at the Ganga Ghat

'Uttar Pradesh is the holy land of the holy People',over the years the people of the state has proved the saying by their sober nature, royal mannerism and the high literal taste. The city of Nawabs has thousands of stories about their etiquettes which has influenced the whole state. The calmness of the people and their display of affection for the younger and respect for the elders is a trait to be followed by one and all. The moral sense of the inhabitants is worth laurels. Constituting the majority of the Hindu population, Uttar Pradesh is a state where the people of all communities live like the single soul in complete harmony. The literal taste of the state has given birth to thousands of scholars and philosophers, writers and poets, dancers and musicians, politicians and academicians. With the eight Prime ministers from the state the people have never boasted about their achievements. The simplicity and down -to-earth nature of the natives is calling. A visit to Uttar Pradesh is worth to experience the elegance of the people.

Splendor of Taj

Religion of Peace And Prosperity

Uttar Pradesh is the most populated state in the country with 175 million inhabitants, out of whom 81% follow the Hinduism, 18% follow the Islam, and the rest belongs to the religion of Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism and Christianity. In the Hindu community there are various sub groups based on the caste they belong to. The Brahmin is the most superior caste followed by the Kshatriyas, Vaishayas, they dominate the economic and political sector over the centuries and are in minority. The schedule casts schedule tribes and the backward class form the majority and live in rural areas. Even though having too many religions and castes the people of the state has lived in Complete tranquility.

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The Universal Tongue

People in their leisure mood
People in their leisure mood

The official state language is Hindi and Urdu has the status of second official language. According to the language data in the 1991 census of India Bojpuri is the second most spoken language after Hindi and is growing continuously with the success of Bojpuri films in the other parts of the state. The other local languages spoken in the state are Awadhi, Bagheli, Bundeli and Punjabi. Once the prominent language of Uttar Pradesh, Urdu has remained confined within the walls of Lucknow wish was its center in north India during the Persianite era. The language of Lucknow is a high form of literary Urdu.

The Golden Rags

The costume of Uttar Pradesh is a very typical one where the women are clad in their saris adorned by the golden jewellery and Mangal Sutr (a chain with a pendulum gifted by groom to his bride)worn by married women while the men look clad in doti kurta or kurta pyjama. Toe rings is common all over the Uttar Pradesh among the married woman folks. The veil for Muslim women and Sherwani for Muslim men is the special thing to observe. The special Banarasi sari and the Lucknowi Sherwani are the two items to take with you as a souvenir.

All About Uttar Pradesh

The city has always been the source of enlightenment for the world. People from all walks of life come here to learn the values. Here we can still find the traces of the joint family system family values are taught right from the childhood days. Without going to the institutes to learn the child rearing techniques the soil has produced the proud fathers with noble children. Uttar Pradesh is a state which has been cared by the sufi and saints, prophets and intellectuals, the state with the confluence of religions, regions, caste and creed but still as calm as oceans. This is the peculiarity of the state owned by Gods.

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Top 5 Highlights of People And Lifestyle

People - Uttar Pradesh

People of Uttar Pradesh - As Beautiful As Taj
There is no denial to the fact, that the people of Uttar Pradesh are as beautiful as the monument of Taj itself. With the simple lifestyle, they have won the hearts of the whole world. Visit the state and you will be conquered with the etiquettes and mannerism of the people.

Cultural Chutney
The state of Uttar Pradesh presents the best example of the cultural blend with its natives belonging to diverse religions, regions, caste and creed. It will be an mesmerizing experience for you to see the people of various cultures living altogether.

Dressed In Traditions
When it is common among women top wear sari but during the marriage ceremonies and festivals it is ideal to see the women in colorful shining silken saris with the glittering golden jewelery and men clad in kurta pyjama. So plan your trip according to the festive seasons and enjoy the multicolored insight of the state.

Beholden Traditions
No children can leave his home before touching the feet of his parents and receiving the blessings in return. It is in the blood of people to respect their elders and love their younger. It is one reason why the joint family system still exists in the state.

Visit The Heaven of Angles
Take a tour to the state and live with the traditions of the state you will feel yourself engrossed in the royalty of Nawabs. The state government organizes various festivals which makes it easy for the tourists to explore the lifestyle of the people of various cultures under a single roof. Come and cherish the experience.

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