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Shubhyatra >> Uttaranchal Yatra >> Music & Dance


Popular Song : Basanti
Known For : Popular Musical Instruments
Dances Forms : Tribal Dance
Mostly Visited For : During the Festive Season

Music of Uttaranchal
Couples Playing Traditional Uttaranchal Music Outside a Temple

Famous Dances : Kumaon – Ramola, Chapeli, Chancheri, Jhora, Choliya Dance, Thali, Jaddu and Jhainta.
Garhwal – Langvir Nritya, Barada Nati, Pandava Nritya, Shotiya Tribal Folk Dances.
Tribal Dance : Bhotiya Dance Performed by the Bhotiya Tribe.
Popular Subject : Spirituality, Ceremonies, Festivals, Love, Death, Birth.
Must Listen  : Jagars, Folk Song of Kumaon as well as Garhwal that Falls in the Category of Ghost and Spiritual Worship
Famous Songs : Chhopati – Love, Basanti – Festival, Mangal – Marriages, Jagars - Spirituality, Bajuband - Love and Sacrifice, Khuded – Sacrifice and Cursing, Chhura - Advising.
Not to be Missed : Participating in the Langvir Nritya, Which is an Acrobatic Dance Performed by Males.
Musical Instruments : Drum (Dhol), Damua (a Smaller Drum), Hurka and Thall.

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Groove to the Rhythm of Uttaranchal – Music & Dance of Uttaranchal

Come to Uttaranchal, the land where the rhythmic Pahari music makes the people dance on its rhythm. The soulful music that reverberates the scenic landscape of Uttaranchal has inspired generations of singers, musicians and dancer since times immemorial. A tinge of spirituality that engulfs the natural beauty of the state, gives an invigorating boost to the music and dance of Uttaranchal. Every beautiful soul is sure to find solace in the ballads and movements of the Pahari dance, so it is inevitable that tourists are advised to take up music and dance tours of Uttaranchal and experience the magic of musical rhythm and poignant dance movements.

Music of Uttaranchal – Soothes the Ears

Uttaranchal music has a unique sense of intonation that adds to the beauty of the state. Having a mix of lyrical texture, the music of the Garhwal and Kumaon region differs from each other in more than one way. A mix of folk lores, local songs and folk songs accompanied with the various musical instruments, enhances the age old music of Uttaranchal. Having a deep rooted penchant for folk values, sarcasm, honesty, religious devotion, and soaring spirits, the Uttaranchal music has remained popular among every visitor. The music is such an indispensable part of Uttaranchal culture that there is a specific song for every mood and occasion. There are love songs like Chhopati, festive songs like Chounphula, Basanti and Jhumeila, ceremonial songs includes Mangal and even songs like Jagars, that are sung for ghosts and spiritual worship. Drum, Dhols, Hurka and Thall are the musicals that are synonymous with almost all the songs and dances.

Dance in Uttaranchal
Women Dancing During a Local Festival

Dance to the Tunes of Uttaranchal Folklores

The Kumaon and Garhwal regions of Uttaranchal perform various dancing arts to please their gods and goddesses. The best time to see the preforming arts of Uttaranchal people is during the festivals and fairs when these dances add to the festive magic. The most important dances include the Bhotiya dance of the Bhotiya tribe. During this dance the dancers are adorned with traditional costumes and perform their rituals. Another important dance of Uttaranchal that tourists enjoy a lot is the Langvir Nritya, where acrobats performed solely by men. The musicians who play the various instruments add to the charm of this dance performance. Other important dance forms are Barada Nati folk dance, Pandava Nritya, Dhurang, Dhuring, Chhura and Chapeli.

Folk Culture of Uttaranchal

Prepare yourself to swing on some tribal folklores that are rudiments of Uttaranchal culture. Due to the location of the state, camouflaged in the Himalayas, there exists many tribes that add color to this land of snow with their music and dance. Uttaranchal has had a legendary past of tribal music and dance. Take up Uttaranchal tours to enjoy the music and dance of the most splendid land in India.

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Top 5 Reasons To Enjoy Music & Dance

Music in Uttaranchal

The Beauty of Uttaranchal's Rhythm and Beats
The music and dance of Uttaranchal that reverberates on the scented air of the state, adds to the charm to the legendary folk lores that design the culture of Uttaranchal. The music and dance of Uttaranchal denotes folk, religious and contemporary music from Kumaon and Garhwal regions.

Succumb to the Folk Lores of Uttaranchal
The traditional songs of Uttaranchal are very melodious to the ears and is blessed with a divine virtue. Sung during the various festivals, these songs are very diversified. Participate in the Chounphula and Jhumeila, that are sung in groups at night. Among the shepherd clan, the Bajuband is the most popular song, which is a dialogue between a man and women in love.

The Dancing Beats in Uttaranchal
A perfect mix of dance and music can be seen in the Pandava Nritya. An interesting acrobatic dance is Langvir Nritya. The music of Uttaranchal is not that hip hop kinds but the melodious tunes will surely make your feet move with the rhythmic beats.

The Rhythm Makers in Uttaranchal
The music and dance of Uttaranchal are essentially folk in nature, thus it become inevitable that the traditional instruments are involved to make these melodious rhythms. Some of the important instruments are Dhol & Damoun’, ‘Daur & Thali’, ‘Turri’, ‘Ransingha’, ‘Dholki’, ‘Masakbhaja’, ‘Bhankora’ etc. Nowadays, Harmonium and Tabla.

Dance to the Tunes of Tribal Culture
A strong influence of the tribal culture is clearly visible in the various tribal dances and music of Uttaranchal, which are performed in the interiors of the valley. The dance of the Bhotiya tribe in Garhwal region is the one that you should not miss. This is dance performed during the death ceremonies of any person of the Bhotiya clan.

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