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Location : Various Areas of Uttaranchal
Best Time to Visit : September and October
Highlight : Tigers, Snow Leopard
Famous Park : Jim Corbett National Park

Tiger in Corbett National Park
Tigers Enjoying Some Cool Retreat in Corbett National Park

Famous Wildlife Resorts : Jim Corbett National Park, Nanda Devi National Park, Rajaji National Park.
Jim Corbett National Park : Altitude – 400 mt and 1,100 mt.
Best Time to Visit – Nov. 15 to June15.
Major Highlight – Tigers, Migratory Birds and Safari (Jeep, Elephant and Horse).
How To Reach – Phoolbagh, Pantnagar at a Distance of 50 km is the Nearest Airport.
Nanda Devi National Park : Altitude – 2,400 mts. and 6,817 mts.
Best Time to Visit – April to October.
Major Highlight – Trekking From Rini (near Lata)-Rishi Ganga River- Kalikuna and Chinwari, Snow Leopard and Himalayan Bears.
How To Reach – Nearest Airport is Jolly Grant, Dehradun, 315 kms Away.
Rajaji National Park : Altitude – 300 to 1350 mts.
Best Time to Visit – Nov.15 to June 15.
Major Highlight – Safaris, Leopards, Deers.
How To Reach – Nearest Airport is Jolly Grant, Dehradun (32 kms). Mussoorie is 90 kms Away.
Govind National Park : Altitude – 1,300mt. and 6,315mt.
Best Time to Visit – April to June and September to November.
Major Highlight – 15 Species of Mammals and 150 Species of Birds.
How To Reach – The nearest airport is Jolly Grant, Dehradun, 231kms.
Assan Barrage : Location – 40 kms from Dehradun, 100 kms From Haridwar.
Best Time to Visit – October and November, February and March.
Major Highlight – Birding.
How To Reach – The nearest airport is Jolly Grant, Dehradun, 23 kms Away.
Binsar National Park : Location - 35 kms from Almora.
Best Time to Visit – February to April, October to November.
Major Highlight – Leopards, Ghorals, Indian Red Fox, Jackals, Porcupines.
How To Reach – Kathgodam (126 kms) is the nearest railhead from Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary.
Famous Safaris : Jeep Safaris, Elephant Safaris and Horse Safaris in All the Famous National Parks.
Inside Tip : Various Arrangements in Terms of Accommodation and Facilities are Provided by the Government Around all the National Parks.

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Wildlife in Uttaranchal – Trail Through The Ferocious World

Uttaranchal is a boundless destination, as far as wildlife tourism is concerned. With the likes of Jim Corbett National Park and Nanda Devi Park, the world of wildlife in Uttaranchal is nothing short of magnanimous. Take up wildlife tours of Uttaranchal and visit the various wildlife sanctuaries that lies in the foothills and well as in the high altitude of this scenic state. Located at great heights the flora is also form a major wildlife attraction of the hill stations. The beauty of these sanctuaries that lie camouflaged in the snow clad mountains are so much that they almost appear surreal. A trail in the wildlife world of Uttaranchal includes varieties of elusive animals that can be witnessed by taking up safaris in the jungles of Uttaranchal.
Trekking is also possible in the lush green forests where the adventurer can enjoy a mystic morning and view the endless variety of the harmless creatures, in their natural habitat.

Famous Wildlife Parks and Sanctuaries

Uttaranchal is in possession of some of the most delightful wildlife sanctuaries and parks in the world. Named after the famous writer and poet, Jim Corbett, this national park includes animals of all spectrum and also the most sought after – Tigers. Jim Corbett National Park happens to be India's first national park and is also the most successfully conserved. Wildlife safaris are also conducted and are a not to be missed experience.
The Nanda Devi National Park on the other hand is located in the vicinity of the Nanda Devi Peak. Having a unique combination of flora and fauna, this park includes some of the highest peaks of Himalayas and is the undulated home of the Snow Tigers.
Among the most famous wildlife resorts in the state is Rajaji National Park, that too is popular for its fauna and flora alike. Another attractions of this park are various picnic spots and excursions.

Elephant Safari in Uttaranchal
Tourists Sighting Tigers During Elephant Safari in Corbett Park

Other Habitats of Uttaranchal Wildlife

Though not the most celebrated ones, but there are some more wildlife parks in Uttaranchal that can give you experience beyond par. Visit the Govind National Park which has glaciers, mountains and plethora of flora and fauna that will keep you engrossed. Having some 150 species of birds, it is truly a birder's delight.
To see leopards and other wild beings along with colorful chirpy birds, come to Binsar Sanctuary, just 35 kms from Almora. Come during the month of February to April, when the both the flora and the fauna world is in full bloom.
The Assan Barrage near Dehradun is famous for its variety of migratory birds that home this destination for evolution, during the months of October to November and February to March. Last but not the least is the Askot Sanctuary in the Kumaon region. Home to Leopard, Jungle Cat, Civet Cat, Barking Deer, Serow, Ghoral and Brown Bear and some high altitude birds, this sanctuary is famous for its Musk Deer.

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Safaris in the Wildlife Resorts

The famous wildlife sanctuaries and National parks are famous for the numerous safaris conducted inside them. One can enjoy the sightseeing of the humongous Tigers on a jeep safari or by taking elephant safaris in the Corbett National Park. Other parks too provide the facilities for conducting the famous safaris in jungles of Uttaranchal. Get laid back on an elephant and enjoy the slow stroll in the wildlife resort. The jeep safari is recommended to those who want to enjoy the jungle ambiance on their own pace. There are also options for Horse safari that can be taken up by those who enjoy sporty activities.

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Top 5 Reasons To See Wildlife

Bird in Uttaranchal

Wildlife is Uttaranchal's Attraction
Uttaranchal tourism highlights wildlife tours of the famous national parks and sanctuaries that are popular all over the world. Having some of the best natural reserves, Uttaranchal sees a lot of tourists participation in the peak season, when hoards of travellers come here to enjoy the wildlife attractions of the state.

Jim Corbett Park – The Most Famous Among All
Being India's forest national park, Jim Corbett National Park is certainly the most renowned in the world. Having options of elephant and jeep safaris, this natural park invites the tourists for the most cherishes being in the animal world – Tigers.

The Snowy Nanda Devi National Park
Situated near the snow clad Nanda Devi Parbat in Uttaranchal, the Nanda Devi National Park has a unique fusion of flora and fauna. Take up wildlife trip to India and visit this park that homes the most famous and elusive being of the cat family, the Snow Leopard.

Picnicking in the Rajaji National Park
A holiday trip to the Rajaji National Park is more of a fun trip. Due to its proximity from Dehradun, it is easily approachable. An ideal vacation resort, this national park that gives the visitor a tremendous opportunity to view the wilds in their natural habitat.

Safaris in the Wilds Dominion
If impatient, take up jeep safaris, if looking for some idyllic stroll to see the wildlife in Jungles, enjoy the elephant safari. National parks and sanctuaries of Uttaranchal are full of wildlife safari options. Other than these, the more sporty can also take up horse Safaris that are organized in the popular Jim Corbett National Park.

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