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Major Festivals : Brahmotsavam Celebrations In Tirupati, Lumbini Festival.
Main Attractions : Dance Performances, Religious Celebrations.
Telgu New Year : Makar Sakranti.
Other Activities : Bangle and Pearl Fair, Shopping, Food.

Festivals of Andhra Pradesh

The state of Andhra Pradesh is home to many cultures and religions. And every religion has its own set of splendorous festivals and fairs that marks most part of Andhra Pradesh calendar with some enthusiastic and energy filled celebrations. Most important festival in Andhra Pradesh is Makar Sakranti which generally comes in the month of January. It is a Harvest Festival and is celebrated for three days. Apart from religious festivals, there are many cultural festivals as well that make the travel to Andhra Pradesh, a really grand affair, at all times of the year.

Brahmotsavam Celebrations In Tirupati

Brahmotsavam is the most grand festival that is celebrated in the religious town of Tirupati. Brahmotsavam is a nine day festival that falls on the same time as the Navaratris. The number of pilgrims that turn out on these days is simply mind boggling. On all the nine days, the number of foot falls easily crosses the mark of 1 lack. Huge processions of Lord Venkateshwara and his consorts are taken out on all the days, each of which have a different significance. The different between everyday processions is the chariot in which Lord Venkateshwara travels. The fifth day of the festival is bebieved to be the day when Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini and appeared on Earth thus making it the most important day of the festival.

Deccan Festival

One of the biggest cultural festivals of Andhra Pradesh, Deccan Festival is celebrated in Hyderabad during the month of February or March. Deccan Festival is actually combination of many fairs that goes on for 5 days. The most important fair in this festival is the Bangle and Pearl fair which attracts the most number of tourists. Hyderabad which is called The Pearl City of India is probably the best place to hold the pearl fair as the city gets the chance to flaunt its exquisite and rare collection of pearls. There are many musical and dance performances as well to add to magnificent moments of the Deccan Festival.

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Makar Sakranti

Celebraed in the month of January, Makar Sakranti is the most important festival of Andhra Pradesh. Not only Andhra Pradesh, but many states of India consider Makar Sakranti as their main festival. In Andhra Pradesh, this Harvest Festival is celebrated over a period of three days. Different activities mark the three days. First day is called Bhogi Padunga. On this day, people burn old items which symbolizes a new start. The second day which is called Pedda Padunga sees the biggest celebrations. People organize huge feasts in homes as well as in communities. The third day is known as Kanuma Padunga and is meant for feasting on meat and lot of sweet dishes.

Lumbini Festival

Lumbini Festival is the only major festival of Buddhists that is celebrated in Andhra Pradesh. Organized by Department of Tourism, Lumbini festival is a three day festival, celebration of which starts on the 2nd Friday in December and continuous till Sunday. Named after the place where Lord Buddha was born, Lumbini Festival showcases the 2000 year old history of Andhra Pradesh when Buddhism was a major religion in the state.

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Top 5 Festival Highlights

Cultural Revelations
Take a trip to Andhra Pradesh during the many festivals that are celebrated in Andhra Pradesh and you will be treated with sight s deep into the culture of Andhra Pradesh that has thrived unchanged from centuries.

Handicraft Shows
Festivals of Andhra Pradesh are the best time to take a look into the art and craft treasures of Andhra Pradesh. Artists and crfatsmen from around the state come to festival destinations to display their handicraft works.

Pious Experience
Brahmotsavam Festival is an event that attracts millions of pilgrims in a span of nine days. Here you get to see the devotion and faith of people at its vibrant most. Visit Tirupati during Brahmotsavam Festival and feel your soul in the state of sanctity.

Live Performances
Fairs and Festivals like Deccan Festival gives you the option to be a spectator to live dance and music performances of some of the most renowned artists. There is no better time to witness so many magical performances all at one time and at the same place.

Learn More About Buddhism
Most festivals give you an insight into the present state of a religion or a culture. But Lumbini Festival celebrated in Hyderabad and Nagarjunasagar, takes you years back to the start of Buddhism religion in Andhra Pradesh. Be a part of the Lumbini Festival and get enlightened on the sacred religion of Buddhism.

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