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Location : 85 kms from Shimla
District : Bilaspur District
Altitude : 670 mts
Major Highlight : Vyas Cave, Swarghat, Bhakra Dam, Nanina Devi

Bilaspur in Himachal
Bilaspur Town in Himachal Pradesh

To See : Temples, Hills, Bhakra Dam, Forts, Caves.
Best Time To Visit : July To September.
Famous Temples : Mandir Jalapa Mai Sangirathi – 14 kms, Lakshmi Narain Temple – 40 kms, Shri Naina Devi Ji – 58 kms.
Famous Forts : Bahadurpur Fort (1,980 m) – 40 kms, Tiun Fort – 55 kms, Sarium Fort (1,500 m) – 58 kms.
Must See : The Shrine of Markandeya, Named After the Great Saint, Who is Said to have Meditated Here.
Other Attractions : Bhakra Dam – 13 kms, Deoli – 13 kms, Kandror Bridge – 22 kms, Swargaht – 40 kms.
Must Visit : Bhakra Dam – Located 13 kms, it is World's Highest Straight Gravity Dam. Deoli – Asia's Biggest Mirror Carp Hatchery also 13 kms Away.
Fairs & Festivals : Famous Festivals – Chatral festival, Raut Nach Festival – Cowherd Dance Festival, Lohri, Basant Panchami, Shivratri.
Famous Fairs – Nalwari or Annual Cattle Fair, Gugga fair, Baiskahi fair.
Must Enjoy : Watching the Raut Nach Festival in December – Annual Dance Festival of the Shephards, Where People of All Ages Participate and Dance in Unison.
Famous Caves : Vyas Cave – 10 kms, Markandeya Cave – 40 kms.
Getting Around : Deoli – 13 kms, Markand – 25 kms, Bahadurpur – 40 kms, Sarium – 58 kms, NangalTiun – 55 kms, Nangal – 13 kms.
Important Distance : Chandigarh – 135 kms, Bhuntar – 131 kms, Kiratpur – 48 kms, Delhi – 335 kms.
Getting There : Air - Shimla Located at a Distance of 85 kms is the Nearest Airport. Well Connected with Regular Flights.
Rail - The Nearest Broad Gauge Railway Station is at Kiratpur Sahib and Nearest Narrow Gauge Railway Head is at Shimla, Connected by Regular Bus Services.
Road - Bilaspur is approachable by road from Shimla and Chandigarh Via NH 21.

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Bilaspur – The First Planned Hill Town of India

Want to see the first planned hill town of the country – Come to Bilaspur. Take up Himachal Pradesh tourism to see Bilaspur situated at a height of 670 m above sea level, enjoy a stay in the New town. Bilaspur is a destination that has the potential to satisfy the assorted interests and tastes of almost the entire array of the tourism lovers. The region in and around Bilaspur has plenty to attract tourists of all kinds - archaeological, religious, medical, commercial, legal et al. It also plays host to some annual animal fairs, that you cannot miss to see.

Enjoy a vacation in Bilaspur, which is located in a district that is surrounded by seven hills namely – Naina Devi, Kot, Jhanjiar, Tiun, Bandala, Bahadurpur and Rattanpur. Lying on the bank of Govind Sagar Lake, Bilaspur is spread on an area of 1167 sq km. This is one of the most fascinating hill station in Himachal Pradesh. Take a tour of Bilaspur to explore this hilly city where the echoes of the bygone mingles with the future. Located at a mere distance of 64 kms from Kiratpur, this town is easily accessible.

History Has its own Stride in Bilaspur

Travel to Himachal Pradesh to know the historical aspect of Bilaspur. It is said that in the dim past of Bilaspur, Rishi Vyas had stayed on the banks of river Sutlej, in order to do penance. It is the Vyas Gufa he stayed, in order to prepare himself for the grueling task, which he was about to execute latter in some other cave in the Uttrakhand.

Bilaspur, was formerly the seat of the ruler of the State, is now submerged in the Gabind Saga, and a new township developed above the actual town. This town was early under the rule of Chanderi kings. This town of Bilaspur was founded in 1663 and was later declared to be a princely state during the British rule in India, and was under the authority of the British province of Punjab. The historic town was submerged in 1954 when the Sutlej River was dammed to create the Govind Sagar, and a new town was built upslope of the old.

Bilaspur in Himachal
The Landscape of Bilaspur in Himachal Pradesh

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Bilaspur Attractions – Charms of the Charming

Take up Bilaspur tours that has famous attractions that will satisfy any tourist. There is heritage, religious places and adventure options that guarantees tourists with exceptional experience. To begin with, the main attraction of the town lies in the Bhakra Dam, which is is the highest straight gravity dam in the world. A 13 kms long distance upstream will reveal to you this 90 km long dam that sprawls on an area of 168 sq kms. From here the view of the green and dense jungles is splendid.

While on Bilaspur holiday, you cannot miss Deoli, that at a distance of 13 kms, which happens to be the biggest mirror carp hatchery in Asia. Here there is also a bridge called as Kandror Bridge, which as per measurements is acclaimed to be world's second highest bridge. Located 22 kms away, this bridge is situated on a lake, where tourist can picnic and enjoy.

Then there is Markandeya, which is a shrine about 20 kms from Bilaspur. Named after the great saint Markandeya, here there is a water spring of antediluvian celebrity where a night fair is held annually on 'Baisakhi' day. An interesting legend quotes that there is a tunnel here that during pre historic times, connected the two caves of the 'rishis' – 'Vayas' and 'Markandeya'. Through these caves, these sages used to meet. Go around and see if you can get a clue as to the whereabouts of these caves. Another important pilgrim destination will be the Vyas Cave, located at the foot of the new town of Bilaspur. Said to have been the meditating place of Vyas Rishi, the origin of the town, Vyaspur is believed to have been derived from this cave. At a distance of 14 kms from Bilaspur, located in the village of Sagirathi, there is Mandir Jalapa Mai Sangirathi. This is an important temple which is surrounded by the hilly peaks and has a black coloured idol.

Other places of interest will be Swarghat, located at a distance of 40 kms from Bilaspur. Lying on the Bilaspur-Chandigarh road, this is situated at an elevation of 1220 mt and offers the tourist with exceptionally scenic views. Here we have the Lakshmi Narain Temple. This temple houses the idols of Lakshmi Narayan, Lord Shiva, Rangnath, Goddess Durga and Baba Bangali. Shri Naina Devi Ji, is yet another pilgrimage halt that stand on a height of 1,95 m. The temple pedestals on the very acme of the hill above a small bazaar and can be reached by a long flight of stone steps or a cable car.

Around Bilaspur, at a distance of 40 kms and at an altitude of 1,980 m is the Bahadurpur Fort. Perched on the Bahadurpur hill, this is the highest point in the district and from here you can see Ratanpur Fort, Swarghat, the Fatehpur Fort, the Naina Devi hill, plains near Ropar and the mountains of Shimla. Another important fort in the area is Tiun Fort, around 55 kms from Bilaspur. You will find the ruins of this fort on the top of a hill known as Tiun range. Quiet near to this fort, there is another Sariun Fort, that sores high at an altitude of 1,500m. A dogmatic legend is entertained by the whole town, according to which, the stones of this Fort are not used in any residential building.

Come to Enjoy the Festivities – Essence of Bilaspur

You should visit the town of Bilaspur during the times for fairs and festivals when the beautiful Himachali culture comes forefront. The most exclusive festival of the town is Chatral festival, celebrated on the first day of Chet, that falls during the month of March.
An important fair of the areas is the Nalwari or Annual cattle fair is held at Bilaspur for four or five days in the months of March or April. This occasion is marked by wrestling and other amusements wherein cattle are brought from Nalagarh and neighboring parts of Punjab to be sold over here.

An annual Raut Nach Festival is held in the month of December. This is a glittering annual dance festival of the cowherds of the state. Cowherds of all age groups 6 years to 60 years and beyond move together in this period dancing while supporting each other. Bedecked in their glistening attires and huge lustrous headdress the 'Rawats' (cowherds) can be seen on the avenues, dancing to the traditional music.
Other important fairs of the area are Gugga fair, Baiskahi fair while the festivals of importance are Lohri, Basant Panchami and Shivratri.

Bilaspur Cement Factory
Most Important Part of Bilaspur - Cement Factory

The Way To Get Connected With Bilaspur

Beauty finds a way to Bilaspur, so what are you waiting for. It's time you begin your journey to this first ever planned hill town of India.
The nearest airport is at Shimla, which is located at a distance of 85 kms from the new town. Regular flights connect Shimla to the rest of the country, but they cannot be very much entrusted upon, as they are liable to fall victim to the weather conditions of Shimla.
Train is perhaps the vest way to enjoy the serene beauty the you will encounter on your way to Bilaspur. The nearest broad gauge railhead is at Kiratpur Sahib (65 km), while the closest narrow gauge railway station is at Shimla. Regular best services ply between Bilaspur and these towns.
To enjoy a road journey to Bilaspur, you should take the national highway NH 21. This Chandigarh – Manali highway connects Bilaspur to New Delhi, Chandigarh, Shimla and other places.

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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Bilaspur

A Temple in Bilaspur

The Planned Hill City is Calling You
Take up Bilaspur tourism and sojourn among the pine and deodar to enjoy an enigmatic holiday. This is the first planned hill town of the country and you should definitely come to savor some panoramic views of the highland from the popular hills.

Attractions of the Himachal Beauty
Enjoy a vacation in Bilaspur to see the famous temple attractions that are perched on the top of the hills, or the other attractions that incorporates the beautiful Bilaspur town. The new town, along with its hill attractions will charm the tourists enough to invigorate the deep sense of belonging in them.

Excursions that Are Worth Taking
On a trip to Bilaspur in Himachal Pradesh, take an excursion to the nearby sites of Bilaspur to seek the real enjoyment. Do not miss seeing the ruined forts of Bahadurpur and Tiuna and Srium, located nearby. There are dams, waterfalls and temples that too are in proximity from the town of Bilaspur.

Open The Festive Doors of the State
You should travel to Bilaspur to see the famous festivals and fairs that are an integral part of the culture of the people. See the Nalwari or Annual cattle fair during the month of April while you cannot miss the Raut Nach Festival during the month of December.

Come to See the Historic Caves
The major attractiosn of Bilaspur are caves that have very interesting legends associated with them. As per belief, there is a secret tunnel that connects Vyas cave with Markandeya cave. Holiday in Bilaspur to the site and see whether you can discover the existence of the much acclaimed tunnel.

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