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Location : 240 kms from Shimla
Altitude : 1,220 m
Main Attractions : Kullu Dusshera, Bijli Mahadev Temple
Best Time To Visit : Mid May To Mid October

Kullu House
A House in Kullu Covered in Snow

Adventure Tour of India

To See : Temples, Villages, Valleys.
Also Known As : Valley of Gods.
Famous Temples : Raghunathji Temple – 1 kms, Vaishno Devi Temple – 4 kms, Bijli Mahadev Temple – 11 kms, Basheshwar Mahadev Temple – 15 kms, Jagan Nath Temple – 3 km.
Famous Villages : Manikaran – 45 kms, Pulga and Kheerganga – 16 kms, Katrain – 20 kms, Malana – 28 kms, Bajaura – 20 kms, Kasol – 42 kms.
Famous Festival : Dussehra Festival – 10 Day Festival in October.
Must Enjoy : Taking Dips in the Hot Water Spring in Manikaran on an height of 1,700 metres – Believed to be Having Medicinal Properties.
Adventure Options : Trekking, Angling, Rafting, Para Gliding, Water Sports, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Camping.
Trekking Trails : Kullu to Manali – 16 days.
Kullu to Chandrakhani Pass – 8 Days.
Babeli – Larikot – Pinni – Chhalal – Manikaran.
Kullu Parbati Valley trek.
Angling Destinations : River Beas and Its Tributaries – Parvati, Sainj, Trithan, Manikaran and Katrain. Go to Trithan For Brown Trouts.
Must Try : Rafting in Nine Kilometer Long Stream of Badah to Jhiri.
Para Gliding in Bhaikhali, Bijli Mahadev and Slang slopes – During May – June and Sept – Oct.
Shopping Options : Kullu Shawls and Caps, Gadmas, Rugs or 'Namdas', Local Tweeds, Footwear or 'Pullun', Baskets and Natural Oils of Almond and Olive From Government Handicrafts Emporium, Himachal Khadi Emporium, and the Khadi and Gramodyog Bhawan.
Not to be Missed : A Long Strenuous One and a Half Hour Climb to Jagan Nath Temple Located 4 Kms From Kullu.
Staying Options : Apple Valley Resorts , Banon Resorts, Hotel Ashok, Hotel Ram Regency Honeymoon Inn.
Getting Around : Manali – 24 kms, Rohtang Pass – 75 kms, Naggar – 26 kms.
Important Distances : Shimla – 240 kms, Delhi – 789 kms, Ambala – 606 kms, Chandigarh – 556 kms.
Getting There : Air - The Airport at Bhuntar is 10 kms from Kullu. From Here Regular Taxis and Buses are available.
Rail - The Closest Narrow Gauge Railhead is at Jogindernagar, 95 kms from Kullu.
Road - By road, the Distance from Delhi via Mandi is (530 kms) and from Shimla (240 kms). From Delhi and Shimla, Luxury Buses Ply to Kullu.
Inside Tip : Adventure Sports Gears are Available from the Himachal Tourist Development Corporation. They Also Conduct Training Classes.

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Come to Kullu – The Chosen Valley of Gods

Kullu is waving out and calling all the tourists to come and hail this pretty hill station in Himachal Pradesh, that sits comfortably in the last snow ranges of Himalayas. This is the Valley of Gods, having torrents and vast expense of snow in the upper regions. With inspiring valleys and moss-grown hayfields encircled by the gurgling streams and labyrinthine brooks, that flung sideways, a moderately area is open to the tourists, the trekkers, the mountaineers, the artists and to anyone who is looking for escapism from the regular heat and sweltering of the plains to breathe the invigorating air of the Himalaya and enjoy the sight of the varicolored mountain scenery. Temples and festivals of Kullu are also that drawing cards that fetch huge tourists.

Located at a mere distance of 240 kms from Shimla, Kullu has a series of historical legend attached to it. This most cherished town of Himachal Pradesh, was earlier was known as Kulanthapitha – that meant 'the end of habitat world'. Contradictory to its earlier name, habitation began to mushroom here as early as the 1st century. Some sources claim that Kullu was ruled by local rulers during the medieval times. But it remained dormant for the forthcoming centuries, until the British took charge of it. It is also said that this valley, millions ago was a lake, formed when the Beas was momentarily blocked by motion in the mountains. Later when the natural dam ruptured, the lake waters drained away and the present day valley came into being.

Processions in Kullu
Procession Being Carried Out in Kullu During Dussehra

Adventure Tour of India

Kullu – The Valley That is High in Attraction

Travellers usually head straight towards Manali, mistakenly over looking the 300 year old capital of the Kullu valley. The main highlight of this town resides in the various temple attraction, adventure options and valleys that will give let you carry beautiful memories.

Pilgrims Hail to Temple and Shrines in Kullu

In Kullu begin your temple tour from the famous Raghunathji Temple, located at a distance of 1 km from Dhalpur. This is the principle deity of the town and this temple was built during the 17th century by Raja Jagat Singh of Kullu, in order to seek penance. To atone for the sin he committed, he sent a senior courtier to Ayodhya for a statue of Lord Raghunath – Lord Ram. This temple was then built and you should see the image which even today is greatly revered. The shrine houses an image of Shri Raghunath in his chariot.

There is the Vaishno Devi Temple, at a distance of 4 kms from Dhalpur. Here you should visit the small cave that enshrines an image of Goddess Vaishno Devi. Another Mahadev Temple is the Bijli Mahadev Temple, situated 11 kms from Kullu. Here you cannot miss the 20 metre tall image that supposedly draws special blessings from the skies in from of lightning.

Then there is Basheshwar Mahadev Temple, located 15 kms from Kullu. This is an important shrine and you should not miss seeing the intricate carvings done on this 9th century Shiva temple. Then there is the Jagan Nath Temple, located 3 kms from Kullu, where you can reach by indulging in one and a half hour long strenuous climb and from here you will gets a panoramic view of Kullu town.

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Other Attractions That Will Rule your Mind

One of the prime attractions of Kullu is the Camping Sight Raison. This is is ideal for spending a quite holiday in solitary splendor and for holding youth camps. Located 16 kms away, there are a large number of orchards in this part of the valley.

You should visit Manikaran, perched on an height of 1,700 metres and placed 45 kms from Kullu. This town has religious significance and the main attraction are the hot water springs where you should take dips. Thousands of pilgrims come here every year to take the holy dips, that are said to have medicinal properties.
A stiff 16 kms march will bring you forth to Pulga and Kheerganga, that will be a place to restore your body and mind. Camping in the 'Tos Nullah' which branches off from the main Parbati valley is worth experiencing. While all those who would love to take a walk in the apple orchards can go to Katrain.

The village of Malana is known for the temple of Jamula and is located at a distance of 28 kms. You must visit this village as it is the oldest in the world in existence. Then there is Bajaura, believed to have been built in the 8th century.
If looking for a scenic spot then there is Kasol, Shoja and Kaishdhar.

Mountaineering in Kullu
Mountainerring in a Glacier in Kullu

Adventure Tour of India

Kullu Adventure – Let Your Excitement Level Soar High

The mountainous terrain of Kullu are perfect to indulge in trekking and mountaineering, while for angling and other water sports can be sought at the Beas and its tributaries.

Trekking is the most celebrated adventure sport in Kullu. The mountain tracts are the best place where you can enjoy this sport along with basking the panoramic vista of the surrounding. The best routes to trek in Kullu valley should be savored during the months of April to mid June and mid September to mid October. The Himachal Tourist Development corporation makes provisions for training and essential gears.

Take a 16 day trek to the valley of gods, that will take you from Kullu to Manali. While on this tour, you will pass through the beauteous Malana village, Rashol, Kasol, Manikaran are other small villages which fall during trek. The trek is moderately tough, but can be climbed through with ease by nascents. Other important trekking routes will be Kullu Parbati Valley trek. The trek from Kullu to the crescent shaped Chandrakhani Pass, situated approximately 12,000 feet above sea level offers some scenic landscape. Another trekking route that will combine rock climbing and river crossing will be from Babeli – Larikot – Pinni – Chhalal – Manikaran.

For Angling, you must proceed towards the river Beas and its tributaries namely Parvati, Sainj, Trithan, Manikaran and Katrain, where the concentration of trouts fishes is the highest. The presence of this fish, makes this sport an angler's paradise. You should not miss angling in Trithan river, which has plenty of brown trouts. However, you should remember that from November to last day of February each year, this site is closed.

Want to indulge in some Rafting then the place to go in Kullu is the nine kilometre long stream of Badah to Jhiri. This four hour long raft is permissible only from the month of May to July and there is provision for equipments and essential gears.

There is also a great option for Para Gliding in Kullu. This is a thrilling sport which can be enjoyed in Bhaikhali (9 km from Kullu, easily approachable by vehicle), Bijli Mahadev and Slang slopes. During the months of May – June and Sept – Oct. The Himachal Tourism Department provides various facilities for the tourists.

Other adventure sports that too can be enjoyed in the Kullu district are heli Skiing and skiing, that is held in the Manali town. While Mountaineering & Allied Sports are too a fast developing sports in the Kullu district.

A Temple in Kullu
Small Yet Important Temple in Kullu

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Kullu Festivals – The Food For Cultural Thoughts

You should come to Kullu during the month of October, when the entire valley is enveloped by the cultural fervor of the Dussehra festival. This is the most spectacular festival in the district as a week long fair marks its celebration. From the little temples in the hills, deities are brought during processions to the 'maidan' in Kullu, to pay homage to the reigning deity, Raghunathji. This ten day long celebration is accompanied with processions, music, dance and an infectious gaiety that seems to hold over the little town of Kullu. You should come during this particular time to see the unique rituals that are performed each day of the festival. During this festival you can also see the enactment of the various episodes of the life of Rama, a god in Hindu mythology. These draw large number of people every year. The entire night of Dussehra passes in an enthusiastic and enchanting fair like ambiance and people enjoy every bit of it.

Shopping in Kulu – Souvenirs of the Paradisaical Beauty

Just like its adventure, Kullu has also created a niche for it self in being one of the favored shopping destinations in Himachal Pradesh. You should begin your shopping expedition from Kullu Shawls. These shawls occupy a unique position in the traditional handicrafts of the state. From this fairyland you should not miss buying the the famous Kullu caps and fresh fruits.

Other famous products of Kullu include, gadmas, rugs or 'namdas', local tweeds, footwear or 'pullun', baskets and natural oils of almond and olive. The place to get these items will be the Akhara Bazaar area that boasts of authentic purchases.

Adventure Tour of India

How to Reach the Kullu Valley

Kullu is an upland resort that is located at a very convenient distance from the major cities of the state. Though air ways are not the most reliable way to reach the hill town, but anyone who is keen, the nearest airport is at Bhuntar, which is 10 kms from Kullu. There are quite some flights that fly to Bhuntar from major cities of India. From here onwards you need to take a bus or hire a car, which is easily available.
As far as railways are concerned, Kullu does not have its own railway station. The nearest narrow gauge railhead is at Jogindernagar, 95-km from Kullu.

If you prefer to enjoy the scenic journey while taking the roadways to reach Kullu, then the distance from Delhi via Mandi is 530 kms. From Shimla the distance will be 240 kms and regular buses ply from these areas.

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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Kullu

A Bridge in Kullu

Kullu is the Destination This Holiday
At the height of 1,220 m above sea level and a convenient distance of 240 kms fro Shimla, Kullu is the most scenic city of Himachal Pradesh. It offers many reasons that will induce a tourist to home this destination. This the most happening place of the season. Where are you?

Adventure in the Abode of Gods
Kullu is known for its adventure options. All the adventure savvy – be it Trekking, Rafting, Angling, Mountaineering, Para Gliding or other Water and Mountain Sports, the hub is Kullu. Angling for trouts in the Beas is one experience you cannot miss.

Trek Through the Alpine Valleys
No other place in Himachal will give you an experience of trekking that even come close to what you can enjoy in Kullu. You should trek from Kullu to Manali that will let you enjoy some of the most comely landscape in the world.

Shop for the Kullu Souvenirs
Wanting to buy the much acclaimed Kullu shawls and caps – head towards the government emporiums of Kullu that have a variety of options. However, besides these, you cannot miss buying the other local handicrafts of the town that too are quiet famed.

The Endless Attractions of Kullu
Come to the beautiful valley of Kullu to enjoy a plethora of options. To begin with, the temple attraction of the district will touch your mind and senses. Then there is an tremendous opportunity for the adventurers. There is no back tracking now! Begin your Kullu journey.

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