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Location : South West of Himachal Pradesh
Altitude : 2670 m (Kalpa)
Major Towns : Pooh, Moorang, Kalpa, Nichar and Sangla
Major Highlight : Sangla Valley, Trekking

Baspa Valley in Kinnaur
Aromatic Baspa Valley in Kinnaur

To See : Villages, Temples, Monasteries, Wildlife.
Best Time To Visit : June to October
Famous Villages : Nichar – 2150 m, Ribba – 2745 m, Lippa – 2438 m, Morang – 2591 m, Chango – 3058 m, Rakchham – 2900 m.
Famous Valleys : Sangla Valley, Hangrang Valley, Baspa Valley.
Must Try : Mountain Cycling in the Sangla Valley – Enjoy the Panoramic Vista.
Adventure Options : Trekking, Angling, Rafting, Para Gliding, Mountain Cycling.
Popular Trekking Routes : Bhaba Pin Valley Trek – 9 Days.
Spiti Trek – 19 Days.
Kinner Kailash Circuit.
Saharan to Wangtu.
Must See : Ghoral, Antelopes, Black and Red Bears After Climbing above Nichar at an Altitude of 2150 mt.
Not to be Missed : Seeing the Temple and Monastery Attraction While Trekking Along the Various Valleys.
Shop For : Colourful Kinnauri Shawls, Local Tweed, Woolen Socks, Silver Jewelleries, Golden Delicious Apples, Chilgozhas, Almon and Walnuts from Sangla Valley.
Getting Around : Morang – 39 kms, Chango – 122 kms, Nako – 103 kms.
Important Distances : Sarhan – 40 kms, DelhiShimla – 355 kms, Delhi – 740 kms, Chandigarh – 470 kms.
Getting There : Air - Does Not Have its Own Airport. The Nearest Airport is Jubbar Hatti (from Shimla to Kalpa), Located 244 km Away.
Rail - The nearest railway station for Kinnaur is at Shimla 250 km. Regular Bus Services are Available.
Road - Well Connected Buses and Taxis Ply From all the Parts of the State for Kinnaur.

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Kinnaur – A Gift From the Gods

Fun begins at Kinnaur – Come to see the not so recognised but breathtakingly scenic and sparsely populated district of Himachal Pradesh. The two tributaries of Sutlej – Spiti and Sutlej flows across the town, before mingling with each other. Being one of the most fascinating cities of Himachal, Kinnaur, located in the swooning acme of the Himalayas, has passes that remain closed for six months and are the paths that connect India to the rest of the world. Kinnaur is the tribal district of Himachal Pradesh that mainly consists of Pooh, Moorang, Kalpa, Nichar and Sangla. From the exuberant green of the Sangla Valley filled with orchards of apricots, peaches, chilgozas and apples to the glorious bareness of the Hangrang Valley, nature's paintings keeps changing in Kinnaur.

This land lies on the ancient trade route between India and Tibet, and is circumscribed by the majestic mountain of the Himalayan and Dhauladhar ranges. This is a plentiful land with blubbering rivers that preponderate the Trouts – an angler's prize catch, their waters over the centuries have created well-defined gorges and the valleys incorporate of picturesque lands and river banks, where some of the most unique societies of Himachal resides. They are the descendants of the Kinners – the semi gods of the Hindu pantheon, whose deeds have been talked about in epics and the poems of oldster Sanskrit poets.

Kinnaur has two of the worlds' greatest mountain ranges- Himalayas and Zanskar. Being home to some of India's oldest legends, the religion of the people is a remarkable mix of Hinduism and Buddhism. Hindu mythology have gone to the extent of placing the people of Kinnaur – as halfway between men and god.

Kinnaur Attractions – Scores of Delightful Sightings

The attractions of Kinnaur lies invariably and indisputably in the passes and valleys that make this land a unique one. There are some exclusive points and places that you should see in Kinnaur.

Temple in Kinnaur
Temple Attraction of Kinnaur

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The Recong Peo Attractions

While in Kinnaur, the most important is the Recong Peo, that besides being a main attraction, is the way for various other attractions. This is located at a distance of 260 kms from Shimla. Perches at a height of 2670 m, a view of the Kinner Kailash from here is splendid.

14 kms from Recong Peo, on the link road is the main village of the district – Kalpa. From the height of 2759 m, you should make sure you watch a sunrise from here. In the morning when the sun comes up, the mountains seems to turn translucent because of the crimson and gold light that falls on them from behind.

You should move 71 kms from here to Puh, which is a Tehsil's headquarter. This will be a relief spot as here you will find every means of comfort and delight. The green fields, vineyards, apricot, almond and grape orchards add to the beauty of the surroundings. In Puh, you should see the local deity that is represented by a pole and adorned with Yak tail hair and long pieces of colored cloth.

Next is Leo, located 107 kms from Recong Poe. Leo too serves as a headquarters of sub-tehsil Hangrang in Puh subdivision. The main attraction here is the temple of Jamato.

Attractions Fostered in the Famous Valleys

Pass through the Sangla valley that starts 57 kms. short of Kalpa. Here you should visit the populous Sangla village that is situated on the right bank of Baspa river – 17 kms from Karcham. Being the most scenic valley in the entire district, it is also called as the Bapsa valley due to the presence of Bapsa river. In this valley you should see a temple dedicated to Nages god along with other attractions like Sapni, Rackchham, Kilba, Kamru Fort.

Next is the Chitkul which is the last and the highest village in the Bapsa valley. The temple attraction of this area includes the 3 temples of local goddess Mathi out of which the main ones are believed to have been constructed about 500 years ago.

Moving 2 kms from the Hangrang valley road and approximately 103 kms from Kapla is the Nako. This is the highest village of the Hangrang valley and there is a lake where you should indulge in angling. There are temples here as well that houses several idols of the local deity Deodum.

Nako Lake in Kinnaur
Popular Nako Lake

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Encountering Unknown Villages in Kinnaur

As you progress on the various passes of Kinnaur district, you will get a chance to enjoy the village life of the people from propinquity. Some of the not very well known attractions of Kinnaur are the village Nichar at an altitude of 2150 m. This small and quaint village is located between Taranda & Wangtu on the left bank of Satluj. If you go higher from here then there is chance to witness Ghoral, antelopes, black and red bears.

Then there is Kothi, also called as Koshtampi. This too is a village where tourists can enjoy attractive temple, gracious willows green fields and fruit trees besides the Goddess Shuwang Chandika temple.

Moving 14 kms further from Morang, a large village called Ribba. Yet another village that you will fall in love will be Lippa, 2438 m above sea level. Standing on the road to Tibet, here you can see the elusive Ibex. There are also three monasteries here dedicated to dedicated to Galdang, Chhoiker Dunguir and Kangyar.

The most picturesque village on your way will be Morang around 39 kms from Kalpa. Lying on river Sutlej, this town is situated at a height of 2591 m and here you cannot miss seeing the apricot orchids. If you are looking for pilgrimage then, there are three structures dedicated to deity each existing in Thwaring, Garmang and Shilling. The collection of four hamlets can be seen in Chango, at a distance of 122 kms from Kalpa. At an elevation of 3058 m it is encircled by high hills on all sides. The view of the down valley from this village is mind boggling.

Adventure in Kinnaur – Its Time to Amplitude Your Mind, Body and Endurance

Of recent, the rugged and craggy terrains of Kinnaur have been opened for the tourists. Come to take an adventure tour of Kinnaur where the options for challenging sports is limitless. Take the sedate route from Saharan to Wangtu, which is an ideal way to acclimatize with the scenery and culture of the Sutlej valley.

The noted routes for trekking in Kinnaur will be the Kinner Kailash Circuit popularly known as Parikrama. This 7 to 8 days long trek is a holy route wherein you can fond hundreds of pilgrimage. This trek can be best carried out during the months of July to October. Another famous trekking route in Kinnaur is the Bhaba Pin Valley Trek that will take you to Spiti. This 9 day long trek is quiet strenuous and is ready to challenge even the most adroit trekker. From the end of June to October indulge in Spiti Trek, that will take you across Baralaccha La Pass. It is a 19 day trek that will let you explore the town of Spiti extensively. A trek through the prominent watersheds in Kinnaur is also a trekking expedition that should be undertaken.

If you are wanting to indulge in Para gliding, then Sangla Valley is the place to go. While near the Beas river you can indulge in river rafting and other water sports. For Angling the river to be is Baspa where one can hunt for trouts. Kinnaur is also the destination for Mountain Cycling. Carrying out this sport in Kinnaur require the stretching of your mind, muscle and stamina.

Reaching Kinnaur – Your Highland Journey Begins

Reaching Kinnaur will perhaps be the most adventurous journey of your life. The narrow paths give way to the most scenic landscape that you can ever come across. If planning to reach Kinnaur on a flight then the nearest airport is Jubbar Hatti ( from Shimla to Kalpa ), located 244 km away. From here onwards you are bound to take a bus or hire your own transportation to reach Kinnaur.

The nearest railway station for Kinnaur is at Shimla 250 km. This railway track has a narrow gauge railway station. From Shimla regular bus services as well as private taxis can be hailed to reach this isolated part of Himachal Pradesh.

The most exciting way for Kinnaur will definitely be the roadways as almost each and every part of the state is linked by roads. The Himachal Road Transport Corporation is running its buses covering the whole state. There is huge network of HRTC providing limitless facilities that see to the needs of the tourists.

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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Kinnaur

Kinnaur Attractions

Come to Land of Many Roles – Kinnaur
Kinnaur is a land of multi facets. Come here for trekking, gliding, rafting and angling. But is you are not interested in any of them then just walk around lazily to have a feel of heaven. Perched on an allocation of 2670 m, it offers some thrilling views of the valleys.

Trek Your Way Through the High Passes
Trekking should be your way of exploring this high land beauty this season. Follow some of the most popular trekking routes to enjoy an enigmatic feel of the mountains. These treks are also the most authentic way to know the culture of the people.

Sangla is the Mantra for Adventure This Season
Want to feel like a bird or looking for a way to catch the much prized possession of an angler – trouts, then come to Sangla. This is the hottest destination for para gliding, angling and rafting. If possible try to climb the mountains here, that promises the tourist with excellent views.

Excavate the Hindu and Buddhist Culture in Villages
While trekking through the various passes you will counter beautiful and small villages on your way. There are heritage in these villages, in the form of temples and monasteries that you cannot do without seeing. Also they are your ticket to know the cultural beliefs and practices of the local population.

Shopping in Kinnaur
Shopping too is a great experience in Kinnaur. Shop for colourful Kinnauri shawls, local tweed, woolen socks, silver jewelleries to Kinnaur's specialty – Golden Delicious' apples and chilgozhas from the Sangla valley. Walnuts and almonds form other important purchases.

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