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Jammu Kashmir Lakes

Location : Jammu and Kashmir.
Famous Lakes : Dal Lake, Nagin, Mansar, Wular and Mansbal Lake.
Activities : Boating In Shikaras, Water Skiing, Watching Marine Life.
Best Time to Visit : From April Till Early November.
Shikara on Dal Lake Jammu Kashmir
Shikara on Nagin Lake

Dal Lake : Destination : Srinagar.
Also Known As : Lake Par Excellence.
Prime Attraction : The Houseboats With Facilities of a Five Star Hotel.
Other Attractions : Floating Gardens, Foating Markets.
Nagin Lake : Destination : Srinagar.
Also Known As : The Jewel in the Ring, Cousin of Dal Lake.
Prime Attraction : Water-Skiing, Boating.
Other Attractions : Walking On The Floating Patches of Weeds and Mud.
Mansar Lake : Destination : 62 km East of Jammu.
Also Known As : The Holy Spot.
Prime Attraction : Sanctitude of Lake Mansarovar.
Other Attractions : Mahor Garh, Food and Craft Festival.
Wular Lake : Destination : 50 km From Srinagar.
Also Known As : The Largest Fresh Water Lake in Asia.
Prime Attraction : The Flora and the Fauna.
Other Attractions : Glorious Coniferous Forest.
Mansbal Lake : Destination : 30 km North of Srinagar.
Also Known As : Supreme Gem of all Kashmir Lakes.
Prime Attraction : The Glide Through the Lake.
Other Attractions : The Fort Built by Mughal King.

Incredible Journey to See Kashmir

Live Your Dream on the Lakes of Kashmir

The lakes of Kashmir are the prime attraction that draws the tourist to this paradise. The lakes of Kashmir with their ethereal and gauzy attributions, makes it a peculiar destination. The beautiful beads of nature in the necklace called Kashmir, magnetizes its tourist to become a part of the world's most favored terminal. The beguiling lakes of Kashmir play the role of blue-ribbons. The lakes of Kashmir are the remains of the rivers that flowed during the ancient times, making it an essential for the denizens of the state. Surrounded by the Himalayas on all sides, these lakes became the major source of attraction as well as the paramount for earning.

The foremost thing that you will catch your attention while looking at these lakes, are the 'Shikaras' or the houseboats floating on these lakes. Kashmir is hospice, for the people who love to love to enjoy placidity along with wilderness. Kashmir is the proprietor of some of the famous lakes in the world. Some of them are the Dal Lake, Nagin Lake and Wular Lake. Besides being the ornaments of the paradisaical jewel, these lakes are also epochal for their ecological as well as sociological factors. Plan this furlough to seek solace of mind and body by enjoying the tranquility of the sedate lakes in Jammu and Kashmir.

Dal Lake – Lake Par Excellence

Frozen Dal Lake
During Winters - Frozen Dal Lake

The view of this lake will instantly make you believe in the cognomen given by Sir Walter Lawrence, as “Lake Par Excellence”. With majestic mountains encircling it from three sides, this lake is the second largest in Kashmir and the most beautiful in India. Sprawled over an area of 26, it is 8 km long and 4 km wide. Full of local tint, you can find floating shops and even hotels which seem to be floating constantly. The main attraction are the houseboats that can be found anchored around the lake. Each houseboat is furnished in great style and has a boy working as an assistant. From spacious bedrooms to sun decked washrooms, each houseboat is a world in itself and some of them even provide the amenities of a five star hotel. All category of houseboats are available, depending upon the choice of the tourist. The things to notice while you are here are the few islands that you might witness, the willows where vegetables are grown, and of course the floating gardens. The floating gardens are artificial floating islands where melons and vegetables are grown. The pleasure of shopping while floating will enrapture you to some dreamland that you always wished, could come to life someday.

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Nagin Lake – The Jewel In The Ring

Protruding from the Dal Lake, this lake is also referred as the 'Cousin of Dal Lake'. Spreading on the foot of the Zabarwan Mountain to the east of Srinagar and Hari Parbat on the left, the best time to visit this lake in in the month of June to August. It is a very peaceful lake an you will get a chance to view the life of these Hanjis, the boat people, from propinquity. This too has a floating garden used for the purpose of vegetation. The vegetables produced in these gardens are then sold on the floating market.

You can enjoy an unruffled ride on the 'Shikaras' in this this lake. You can also experience walking on the floating patches of weeds and mud held together by the thin willow trees. There is a vast option to indulge in many sports like swimming and water skiing. The rumination of the willow and poplar trees, standing on the periphery of this lake, is scenic. People ferrying to and fro on Shikaras, is a riveting sight. For people who want to indulge in sports, there is availability of bathing boats as well as water-skis and motor launches, which can be hired.

Mansbal Lake – The Home To Aquatic Birds

A lake of ancient times and regarded to be bottomless, it is located in Jammu and Kashmir about 30 kms from Srinagar. Considered as the 'supreme gem of all Kashmir lakes' with lotus surrounding the lakes, it overlooks the Kondabal, Jarokbal and Gratbal village. With an average depth of 12m., it is the deepest lake in this valley and the water is supplied by the spring water inflow and precipitation. This lake is mostly used for water, fishing and acquiring vegetables. Selling of the lotus root, consumed extensively, is also the source of livelihood.

It is one of the largest stamping ground of many migratory birds. The best time to visit this lake is from April to early November. Recently tourism has gained momentum in this lake. One of the reasons being the fort build my the Mughal king during the 17th century. This however has turned into ruins now, but still attracts huge chunk of tourists. Sail through this lake only to enjoy the chirping of the birds.

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Wular Lake – The Picnic Spot of The Paradise

Gold Shikara on Wular Lake Jammu Kashmir
Enjoy a Ride on Gold Shikara on Dal Lake

The largest fresh water lake in Asia, it is an asset to Kashmir as it acts as a huge absorbing basin for the floodwater. This lake is important for the source of livelihood of the locals and generates around 60% of the total fish produced in the state. You can find the glorious coniferous forest around the draining or catchment area. The trees, alpine pastures and the redolent woodlots makes it a popular wetland.

Wular Lake is known for its flora and fauna as well. From the zooplankton to phytoplankton, all the species can be seen here. Fishes form the bulk of the fauna. Cyprinus carpio, Barbus conchonius, Gambusia affinis, Nemacheilus are some of the regnant species. It is also home to some of the rare species of birds. The ideal time to visit this lake is during the month of June till August. It is considered to be the perfect picnic spot by tourists.

Mansar Lake

Situated at a distance of 62 km east of Jammu, is the Mansar Lake symbolizes a holy spot sharing the fable and sanctitude of Lake Mansarovar. The newly weds seek the blessings of Sheshnag, the Lord of Serpents, for a happy and blissful life. For this purpose the couples perform three circumambulations (‘Parikarma’) around the lake.

It has some historical ruins that drive the people towards it. It is also a popular excursion destination where people can also enjoy boating facilities provided by the government's Tourism department. The prime attraction are the ruins of Mahor Garh, and the festivals celebrated during the jubilations of Baisakhi. From April to October is the beau ideal months to visit this lake.

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Top 5 Reasons to See J & K Lakes

House Boat Kashmir

Pamper Yourself In The Authenticity
The lakes of Kashmir with their ethereal and gauzy attributions, makes it a peculiar destination. The rumination of the willow and poplar trees, standing on the periphery of the lake is spectacular. Be a spectator of the virgin beauty of the axenic lakes.

Cherish The Stay In A Floating Hotel
You can enjoy a princely stay at the houseboats which do provide the amenities of a five star hotel. Each houseboat is furnished in great style and has a boy working as an assistant. Kashmiri cuisine is also provided to the guests and a Shikara boat is always at their disposal.

Indulge In Sports
For all the sports enthusiast, there are various activities like boating, swimming and water skiing, that will keep you engrossed. There is availability of bathing boats as well as water-skis and motor launches, which can be hired.

The Glory of The Past
There are various ruins of important ancient monuments that will captivate you. The prime attraction are the ruins of Mahor Garh near the Mansar Lake and the Fort built built by the Mughal King whose ruins still stand near the Mansbal Lake.

Enjoy The Flora And Fauna
The accumulation of flora and fauna of the lakes are sure to charm you. These lakes are home to some of the rare species of birds. The floating garden used for the purpose of vegetatio is alos a main attraction.

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