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Location : Jammu and Kashmir State, India
Well Known Sanctuary : Dachigam, Ramnagar, Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve
High Altitude National Parks : Hemis in Leh and Kishtwar In Jammu
What To See : Snow Leopards, Cheetahs, Kashmir Stag, Black & Brown Bear, Bharal
Grazing Yaks in Jammu Kashmir
Grazing Yaks in Jammu Kashmir

Great Tiger Tours to See the Wild Cats of India

Wild Life in Jammu and Kashmir

Like any other place in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, its sanctuaries are equally beautiful with a varied topography. The hills where the shimmering water streams quench the thirst of leopards and the thick forests that is the breeding ground for many mammalians, create a sense of fear among the travelers, for watching the birds keep looking on the trees in the sanctuary and you will find birds of different species but equally beautiful. Being part of the Himalayan range this state has the animals that are on the verge of extinction and it is the continuous efforts of government that we can have an occasional view of these birds and animals. All the naturalists are welcome to this paradise of wildlife, where patience and stamina to trek is the key for spotting animals.

Dachigam National Park - Beauty Without Bounds

Horse Jammu Kashmir
Wild Horses Grazing in the Green Woods

Plan a vacation to explore the wildlife in the verdant woods of Jammu and Kashmiri and you will be satiated to see the rare species of animals living a life of peace without any threat to their life in this land of peace and tranquility. The Dachigam National Park just 22 kilometers from the Srinagar city is the home to many wild and ferocious species of animals who rule the land. Leopard, hangul or Kashmir stag, Himalayan black bear, musk deer, Himalayan marmot, Himalayan weasel, lammergeier, and species of wild goats such as markhor. And birds include crimson, tragopan, blood pheasant and bearded vulture. The road that lead to this park alerts every one about the sudden attack from the leopard or any other animal. Dachigam is divided into two upper Dachigam and lower Dachigam. The lower part can be reached by a vehicle but to reach the upper part of this park a trek is the only way.

This 141 sq km park has served as a hunting ground for the Maharajah of Kashmiri and was turned to national park only in 1951. Today this park has some leopards in its enclosure in lower Dachigam for the visitors who had no luck in spotting this ferocious animal in the openness of park. The sheep breeding farm and the trout fish farm are the other attractions of this park.

Incredible Journey to See Kashmir

Wildlife - Treasure of State

Snow Leopards Jammu Kashmir
Elusive Snow Leopards

many mammalian species can be located and is the heaven for the migratory birds who come to this part of the world from far off land. The Hemis National park names after the major monastery of Ladakh , spreading on the both banks of the Zanaskar river and lies on the Zanaskar range of Himalayas and extending to the west bank of Indus river. Snow leopard, bharal, ibex, red fox, lynx, wild sheep and dholes are the animals spotted in this high altitude national park. Visit other wildlife sanctuaries like Jasrota, Nandini, Overa, Ramnagar, Surinsar Mansar sanctuary and Gulmarg and Aru Biosphere reserves. On these places you can try you luck to spot the leopards and other animals if you didn't make it at other places. One thing is sure that the vast choice of sanctuaries are bent down to show you what you are craving the dream for years. Pack your bags and rush before it isn't too late.

Finding Your Feet

Sheperd With His Sheep
Sheperd With His Sheep

All the wild life reservoirs are well connected to the cities of Jammu, Srinagar and Leh by road and staying is not a problem as the wildlife departments huts in the sanctuaries and hotels in the nearby areas offer the best staying option. The best time to visit these sanctuaries for mammal spotting is September to May and bird watching can be done in the months from March to may and September to December.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Wildlife in J & K

Wildlife of Kashmir

Explore Wild Jungles
Pack your bags and visit the state of Jammu Kashmir for its rich wildlife, you will be amazed to spot the rear species of birds and animals in these sanctuaries.

An Encounter with King of Jungles
While walking on the roads inside the sanctuaries be prepared to spot a cheetah or leopard roaming around, it will be spine chilling experience for you.

Ideal for Bird watchers
Visit this state during March and May or September and December and it will be the ideal time for bird watching. Griffon Vulture, Monal, Koklas, Blue Rock Pigeon, Kashmir Roller and Jungle Crow are the common birds species you can spot at that time.

Walking Along Wilds In Hemis
Hemis High Altitude National Park is the only wildlife reservoir that allows the trekking in the park. Pack your bags and go on trekking expedition on the highlands there are chances that you may see many animals along enjoying the trekking tour.

A Night In Jungle
A night stay in the hut, inside the jungle is the most adventurous thing you can have in life. There is no chance to sleep amidst the growls and roars of the animals roaming around, be little cautious and remember to bolt doors.

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