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Location : Eastern Part of Jammu and Kashmir, at an Altitude of 9000m
Known As : The Small Tibet
MAjor Attractions : Gompas, Historical Jama Masjid, Heritage villages, Landscape
Mostly Visited For : The Extraordinary Monasteries
Shanti Stupa Ladakh
Shanti Stupa in Ladakh

To See : Hemis and Lamayuru Monastery.
Adventure Options : Trekking, Rafting, Mountaineering, Archery and Polo.
Don't Miss : The Once In 12 yrs Unveil of the Four Storeyed Thankas of Guru Padma Sambhava.
Getting Around : Alchi Gompa – 70 km From Leh, Phyang Gompa – 17 km From Leh, Shey gompa – 15 km From Leh, Stok Palace Museum – 17 km From Leh.
Must See : Some of The Famous Metal Statues at Tiksey Monastery, Thangkas At Lamayuru Monastery.
Festivals : Losar Festival, Hemis Festival, Ladakh Festival.
Inside Tip : While Visiting The Monasteries Donate Something For The Welfare Of The Monastery.
Getting There : Air – Leh Is Connected By Regular Flights From Delhi, Chandigarh, Srinagar and Jammu.
Road – 434 km From Srinagar, 474 km From Manali.
Important Distances : 434 km From Srinagar, 473 km From Manali.
Where To Eat : Dreamland Restaurant – Tibetan, Kashmiri, Indian and Italian,
Penguin Bar and Restaurant – Wide Choice of Baked Goods.
Where To Stay : Hotel Dragon, Cho Palace Hotel, Lotus Hotel and Lasermo Hotel Leh.

Incredible Journey to See Kashmir

Land Of The High Mountain Passes - Leh & Ladakh

Women Ladakh
Ladakhi Women During Festivals

Ladakh is a high altitude desert, locked in between the mighty mountains of the Himalaya, Karokoram, Zanaskar and Ladakh Ranges and is one of the three Geo cultural regions of the Jammu and Kashmir state. Leh is the capital city of this region and one of the famous tourist and pilgrimage destination in the state. Located at an altitude of about 11,975 feet above sea level, this city can be approached from two highways that is from Srinagar and Manali. From Srinagar the city is 434 kilometers away while from Manali it is 473 kilometers. The commonality between these two roads is that, they have the hair pin bends and four wheelers are the best to carry you up to the steep gradients over the narrow and occasionally bad patched road, that marks its historic significance when it was used as an old trade route between, Tibet, Yarkand, China and Central Asia.

There is no comparison to the zeal and zest of the Leh city during summers when thousands of tourists throng the city. The palace that has turned to ruins and is one of the sentinels of the Ladakh history becomes the main attraction. Take a tour to this district in summer and you will find that tourists outnumber the inhabitants. Be it sightseeing, adventure, palaces and monuments, pilgrimage destinations, this city has all what it takes to make your holidays more exciting and funny. So what are you waiting for.

Unresisting City's Allurements

A holiday tour to this destination should have the priority in your traveling itinerary, from the very start of your journey, you will amazed by the beauty of the scenery that comes your way. The snow capped mountains, paddy fields on the either sides of the road and the popular trees that reaches to sky gives an eloquent color to your dream destination. The first 85 kilometers of the road passes through the picturesque landscape of Kashmir when traveling from Srinagar. To reach Leh you encounter three passes on this national highway Zoji La, Namika La and Foti La pass and have a great historical importance. On reaching Leh you can look for historical places like fort, palaces and gompas. The three famous gompa are Hemis, wealthiest and biggest gompa situated 40 kilometers from Leh and has the largest thanka (scroll paintaing on silk or brocade) unfurled after every 12 years. Hemis festival is the most famous and celebrated in summer in the honor of Guru Padma Sambhav on his birth day. Shey gompa is the second famous that was actually the residential palace of royal family and houses 7.5 meters long golden plated copper statue of Lord Buddha. This gompa is 15 kilometers upstream from Leh. Thicksey Gompa is one of the largest gompas in Ladakh with the impressive architecture and exquisite wall paintings, stupas and images of Lord Buddha. The other gompas where you can have a look at the history of Buddhism in Ladakh are Alchi, Sphituk and Phyang.

The Jamia Masjid in the heart of the town built at the time of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and the Mosque built by one of the greatest preacher of Islam and Saint Mir Syed Ali Hamadani also known as Shah-E- Hamadan on his visit to Kashmir via Ladakh are the two Muslim religious places with the great historic value. Not far away from Leh you can visit these places with the unique blend of the Iranian and Turkey architectural style. Leh palace a nine story building, built in the 17 century was the residence of the royal family till they where exiled to Stok in 1830. this palace now in the dilapidated shape has painted walls with century old thankas. Stok Palace Museum is exhibits the antique dresses, coins, armor, jewelery, thankas, royal crowns and much more and is the present residence of royal family. Visit this palace and if you have a luck you can have a coffee with the prince in the nearby restaurant.

Adventure Extravaganza

Trekking Ladakh
A Traveler Enjoying Trekking in Terrains of Ladakh

Adventure Tour To India

At such a high altitude where it is difficult to breath the hardy go for the adventure sports like hiking, trekking and rafting. Trekking is the most famous adventure activity in this part of land and there are options according to your staying duration. If your are running short of time you can have a few hours trekking tour to down slope villages where you can experience the monastic life style of the isolated villages. On a cross ridge trip you can enjoy a panoramic view of the lunar mountain scape. The trans mountain treks offers you the opportunity walks weeks altogether and camp in the wilderness.Polo and archery are the famous sports in Ladakh that is very indigenous to this place. In each and every village of Ladakh you will find the polo grounds where the youths are playing polo on their sturdy horses. Archery competition is the part and parcel of every festival If you are in the city at that time, participate in the competition and give your self a chance. Ladakh also known for the wildlife you can come across some rear species like ibex, gazelles, gammon, etc. Trekking in this place will be the most pleasant experience in your life so come and rock.

Colorful Hues of Ladakh

To visit Ladakh at the time of its festivals is a double treat for tourists. The Ladakh festival held between 1 and 15 September is one of the most important festival that is organized by J and K tourism department in collaboration with local communities. At this time you can witness a number of cultural events including dance, processions, polo, archery etc. Sindhu Darshan and Hemis Festival are other festivals that are celebrated in summer. Do participate in the cultural events and it will be a life time experience for you.

Shopping Bonanza in Ladakh

Leh Art & Craft Ladakh
Unique Art & Craft of Ladakh

Shopping for the traditional items in Ladakh and especially in Leh is the part and parcel of every tourist. In Leh you can shop for Chilling work that includes silver, copper and brass tea and chang pots, tea cup stands and lids, hookah base, ladles and bowls, and occasionally silver chortens. Look for the pattu, the rough, warm, wool used by the locals and Tibet carpets and Pashminas, these are the home made products and you can have these items at the District Handicraft Center, J and K Handicraft Showroom, J and K Government Art Emporium and Tibetan Handicraft Shop. Another special buys are apricot fresh as well as dried, parek (traditional head-dress for women), ornate tea kettle and turquoise and corals are the best buy and most suitable souvenir you can take back home.

Reaching The Mountainous Paradise

Leh city is well connected by air transport that connects the region with Srinagar, Jammu and Delhi. The road transport is also another option, you can reach Leh through two highways one is Srinagar – Leh national Highway and another is Manali – Leh national Highway. Though both the roads remain closed for six month of winter airways is the safe and suitable medium of transportation to this region.Leh airport is the world's highest commercial airport, so plan your tour to this part of world and enjoy the splendid beauty in wilderness.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Leh - Ladakh

Trekking Ladakh Jammu Kashmir

Leh-Ladakh – World Out of Mind
The unspoiled paradise that you can reach after traveling through many beautiful passes or flying over the majestic Himalayan Mountains. Ladakh is truly the paradise enclosed in the mountain. Visit this Buddhist prominent state and have a glimpse at its indigenous culture.

Visit To Monastery Circuit
Ladakh being the Buddhist dominated place has the famous monasteries or gompas in every nook and corner. Monastery – centric itineraries are the common way of doing Ladakh Tour.

The Color of Festivities
To experience the traditions and culture of Ladakh region visit this place at the time of the famous festivals like Ladakh Festival held from 1-15 September, Sindhu Darshan 1-3 June and Hemis festival where many cultural events take place.

Going Wild with Adventure
Known for the beauty of its lunar mountain scape and the varied topography, this region offers many adventure sports like trekking, rafting, mountaineering and much more. You can also participate in the local games like archery and polo so come and enjoy.

Shopping Bonanza
Shopping in Ladakh is next to nothing, look out for the local made items like silver, copper or brass tea and chang pots, tea cup stands and lids, pattu, Tibetan carpets and Pashminas. Best place to shop at, is the govt run handicraft showrooms and art emporiums.

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