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Known As : Kashyapmir, Kashmira, Princely State of J and K, and Kashir
Encloses : Rajatarangini written in Saniskrit by Kalahana in 12th century
Pioneer of Kashmir history : Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah
Great Rulers : Mauryans, Kashmiri Rulers, Mughals, Afghans, Sikhs and Dogras
Jamia Masjid in Srinagar
Jamia Masjid in Srinagar

Historical Overview

The history of Jammu and Kashmir is the second oldest after the history of Jew's and is considered as old as 5000 years old. Many legends narrate the tail about the existence of the Kashmir and origin of its name but many unitedly believe that the land of Kashmir emerged only when the saint Kashyapa drained the water from the lake Satisar by cutting the gap in the hills of Baramulla. This land came to be known as Ksahypmir after the name of the saint Kashyap and later became Kashmir Ka means 'Water' and Shmir means 'to Desiccate' hence Kashmir stands for 'a land desiccated from water” and shows how this land got its name from the process of desiccation. This story is also recorded in the Kashmir history Rajatarangini written by the Kalhana in 12th century.

Kashmir - Center of Hinduism and Buddhism

Buddha Statue in Ladakh
Statue of Lord Buddha in Ladakh

The Kashmir is very known for serving as the seat of learning of Hinduism before the influence of Buddhism in Kashmir. After the Saint Kashapa drained water from the Kashmir it is said that he invited the Brahmans to settle there. Even Mahabharata evidences the presence of Hindu Rulers Kambojas who ruled the land during the epic times and had Rajapuram as their capital city presently identified as Rajauri. The Mauryan king Asoka, a devout Buddhist is credited with developing the city of Srinagar and is said that at that time the Kashmir was major Center of Buddhist scholars and perhaps dominated by the Sarvastivadan school. Many renowned Buddhist monks from the east and central Asia are said to have visited the kingdom. It is from this place that Buddhism spread to the far and flung areas including to the Ladakh, Tibet and China.

Muslim Rule In Kashmir

Hazratbal Mosque in Srinagar
Hazratbal Mosque in Srinagar

The Islam dominated this place in the early 13th century when the trade with central Asia was at its peak and traders visited each others country. At that time many saints came to Kashmir and started preaching Islam. Shah Mirza is said to be the first Muslim ruler and the Islamic regime continued till the end of the Afghan rule in Kashmir after five centuries. During that time many powerful kings ruled the Kashmir including the Sultan Sikandar, Zain-Ul-Abidin, Akbar The great and finally Durrani Kings of Afghanistan ruled up to the 1820.The Reshi Culture of the Kashmir that is common among both the Kashmir pundits and Muslims have many same revered shrines where the people from both the communities visit to pay their tribute to the hallowed saint and the practice continues even today.

Dogra Rule and Kashmir Independence

The history of Kashmir becomes more interesting from the 1820 onwards when the Sikh rulers overpowered the Afghans. Everything was going on smoothly till the 1845 when the first Indo – Sikh war broke out and the two treaties where signed between Sikhs and British. You will be amazed to know the entire Kashmir was sold to Gulab Singh a Sikh ruler for the meager sum of sum of 75 Lack rupees. For complete one century the vale of Kashmir was ruled by Sikhs and it was only in 1957 the Hari Singh succumbed to the political pressure of Sheikh Abdullah the founding father of present Kashmir and his party then Muslim Conference and now National Conference and annexed the Kashmir to India in 1947. This brave son of the soil today rests on the bank of famous Nigeen lake and his mausoleum is beautifully decorated and has a park on its side famous for the lake view. A visit to the shrine and park reminds one the valor of the brave leader who single handedly started the revolution against the mighty Sikh rulers and was titled the 'Lion of Kashmir'.

The Sentinels of History

The State of Jammu and Kashmir has many monuments of historical importance that are safeguarded by the ASI and narrate the tales of history. The ruins of the Buddhist monastery at Panderathan, Hari Parbat Fort, Bagh Bahu Fort in Jammu, Buddhist monasteries at Leh and shrines around the old city of Srinagar are testimony to the fact that how Kashmir transformed from the Hindu to Buddhist to Muslim society.

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Top 5 Highlights of J & K History

Ladakh Festival

A Land Desiccated From water
The legends believe that this land was desiccated from the river of Satisar by cutting the gap between the mountains of Baramulla by Saint Kashyapa. Visit the city and you will be guided to the places associated with this myth.

Center of Learning
Visit the vale of Kashmir and you will find that this city has always been the seat of learning to be it Hinduism, Buddhism or Islam. Many worlds famous saints have Kashmir as their birth place.

Dogra Rule
Advent of the Dora rule in the valley was turning point of the Kashmir history and continued up to a century till 1947 when the India got independence from British, Kashmir was also annexed to India. Its worth to know the tales of valiant Dogras.

Lion of Kashmir
The founding father of Kashmir Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah also known as Lion of Kashmir is said to have fought lonely with the powerful Dogra's for the freedom of Kashmir from Dogra autocracy. The present National Conference a political party is a brain child of this man.

Traces of History
This princely state of Jammu and Kashmir welcomes you to its sentinels of History that include the Museums in Jammu as well as Srinagar, Amar Wilas Palace at Jammu, Bagh Bahu fort, Hari Parbat Fort, monastery in Leh and many other places of historical importance.

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