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Religions Followed : Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism
State Language : Urdu
Popular Costumes : Pheran, Kasaba, Woolen Gowns and Parek
Spoken Languages : Kashmiri, Dogri, Urdu, Pahari, Ladakhi
Kashmiri Girl
Kashmiri Girl With Basket of Fresh Flowers

People and Life Style of Jammu and Kashmir

Rich culture and tradition of Jammu and Kashmir is represented by the beautiful people of Kashmir. A memorable trip to the state of Jammu and Kashmir will reveal you the true nature of Kashmiri people and their lifestyle. The Languages spoken by the people of Kashmir state vary from region to region as the population of Kashmir comprises of Kashmiri Muslims which are in majority other communities in Kashmir are Hindus in Jammu and Buddhist in Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir.

Valiant Dogra's of Jammu

The people of Jammu and Kashmir have a different lifestyle, depending on the region they belong to. This state is divided into three regions on the basis of its topography and all the three provinces have varied religion, culture and lifestyle. Visit the Jammu city and you will find the majority of inhabitants belong to the Dogra Community that have many sects and castes but mostly famous for the valor and chivalry. Historians believe that Dogras are the descendants of the Aryans who settled on the southern hilly tracts of Kashmir stretching up to Punjab Plains. Dogra Rajputs among Hindus and Chibals and Sudans, the chief sects of Muslim Rajputs are martial races while Khatris and Mahajans of Punjab origin have the basic occupation of commerce and trade. An interactive session with the people of Jammu will make you obsessed to this place and people who have no competitor in bravery and always live with their heads high.

Hospitable Kashmiri's

Hospitable Kashmiri People
Hospitable Kashmiri People

Kashmir valley has a mixed culture resulted from the influence of foreign religious scholars who visited this state for research especially during Buddhist era and the saints who traveled from far off areas of Persia to preach the religion of Islam in this valley. According to legends the state is influenced by the culture of erstwhile Persian, Greeks and Roman civilizations, while the natives are actually the immigrants from India. On a tour ti this valley you will find that most of the people the of Kashmir are usually god fearing, warm hearted, hospitable and non aggressive and are mostly involved in cottage industry. Come to this part of world and you will be amazed to see the unrivaled craftsmanship and the cultural genius of the natives of Kashmir. Locals of the Valley are known as Kashmiris and have the designation of being the very skillful businessmen.

The tribal community living on the hills of valley are called Gujjars and are herdsmen in occupation. These Gujjars are believed to be the Rajputs of Rajasthan who converted to Islam and started living on hills and rearing cattle. These Gujjars are nomads who move from one place to another in search of fresh grass for their cattle and to find the market place where they get good returns on selling their cattle. Company these Gujjars to a short distance and you will be stunned to see there wild goat confidence on walking through the narrow hilly tracts.

The Land of Lamas - Ladakh

Buddhists Ladakh
Buddhists of Ladakh

Ladakh has the population of Mongoloid race. Here people have very cool temperament and are peace loving. The major occupation of Ladakhi's (people of Ladakh) is agriculture and one tribe called Changpas rear the long haired sheep and goats from whom raw wool is extracted that constitute the Pashmina used for making shawls. The cultured pearls, dry fruits especially apricots and semi precious stones are the major products of their business and in return they get the sugar, tea, grain and other essential goods. Travel to Ladakh and enjoy the game of polo with the locals known for there sincerity and honesty. Have a set of sapphire stones for yourself and it will be the best souvenir you can take back home.

Religious Hues In Jammu and Kashmir

With the regional diversity the religions of the state also vary from one province to another. The Jammu has majority of Hindu religion that contributes to 66% of total population in Jammu. In the summer capital of Srinagar 90% people practice the religion of Islam that include both the sects of Sunni and Shia's, while the rest of 10% of population belongs to Hinduism and Sikhism. Ladakh has equal population of Buddhists and Muslims. The 50% population of Muslims has majority of Shia Muslims who mostly dominate the Kargil city of Ladakh.The tradition of dedicating one person from every family to priesthood is still existing and the male priest is called Lama while female monk is called Chomo. Dalai Lama of Tibet is the spiritual heat of Ladakh Buddhists. Despite the diverse religions being preached in the state all the communities are living in a perfect harmony and brotherhood.

Traditional Costumes of Jammu and Kashmir

Dance of Kashmir
Festive Dance of Kashmir

As the lush green forests cover the stripped surface of mountains, and wild flowers blooming all around in imposing colors spread the essence of tranquility, the costumes of its inhabitants adds one more character to these riot of colors. In Jammu Dogras have very simple dress that include the long kurtas and pajamas with tight fitting at ankles. Womens wear tight bodice or jumpers over pajams that resemble that of men folk. Turban and Kamarband are the added features of elderly males. In Srinagar Khan-dress or Pathani suit is the common dress among males and Pheran (a long tunic) and shalwar with the traditional Kasaba a headgear is the popular dress among women. The pheran of females have zari embroidery on the hem line, around pockets and mostly on the collar area. The pashmina shawl and skull cap made of fur (karakuli) are the signs of royalty among men. In Ladakh the men wear the long woolen gowns with the border made up of sheep skin and tied at the waist by blur colored girdles.In harsh winters multi colored caps with ear laps made of velvet are worn, while women wear the turquoise studded head gear called Parek with the multicolored clothes. The bangles, hair pins, brooches and other ornaments are made up of semi precious stones.

Soft Spoken Words

Languages of the state are no barrier to its people in communicating to each other, The varied languages of the state are Dogri a mixture of Sanskrit, Persian and punjabi spoken mostly in Jammu province. In Kashmir valley most of the people speak Kashmiri while Urdu is also spoken in some parts of this region. On the higher reaches of the valley, Gujjars speak Pahari language. Tibetan Language is the spoken language of Ladakh and is also written in the Tibetan Dialect.Most of the religious terminology is derived from the Sanskrit language.

A True Holiday Destination

The state of Jammu and Kashmir is the ultimate tourist destination where you can experience the myriad cultures of its three regions. The people of the state are very hospitable and left no stone unturned in the service of guests. Learn the few words of one of its languages and it will be pleasure to utter these words back at home. An expedition to the hill areas will be interesting to find the Gujjars living in their hutment's on the steep slopes of High mountains. Come and explore the state called 'Paradise on Earth' because of beauty of nature as well as its people.

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Top 5 highlights of Kashmiri Lifestyle

People of Kashmir

Alluring Simplicity of Kashmiris
Living in the most beautiful part of the world, inhabitants of this land have the most simple way of living their life that is alluring as well as inspiring. Plan a holiday trip to this part of world and interact with the local populace to know the secret of living simple lifestyle.

Impeccable Blend of Modernity and Culture
Taking pace with the advancement of world towards modernity the state is at par advanced with the major Indian cities but you will be amazed to see the local culture thriving in the state hence making the perfect blend of both.

Land of Religiosity
Land of Jammu and Kashmir is richly known as the abode of gods where Shiv and Vaisho Devi have their hallowed shrines located on mountains in Kashmir and Jammu. Plan a visit to this state to gain the spiritual enlightenment from the famous shrines and temples located in it.

Speak Their Way
Jammu and Kashmir is the state where more than seven languages are spoken but the most dominating are Dogri in Jammu, Kashmiri in Kashmir and adjoining area, Pahari spoken by people of Mountainous areas and Ladakhi by people of Ladakh. Learn the language that touches you most and enjoy rolling your tongue new way.

Wear Pheran And Enjoy Snowfall
Plan a tour to this state inn winters and it will be a lifetime experience to wear pheran and having a kangri inside it. Pheran is a long tunic and Kangri is a fire pot that keeps you warm in the chilling winters. At that time you can also participate in the snow sports held at Gulmarg.

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