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Location : Jammu and Kashmir
Famous Forts : Hari Parbat Fort and Bahu Fort
Famous Palaces : Amar Mahal, Ram Nagar Palace, Palace of Sengge Namgyal
Other Attractions : Pari Mahal, Thicksey Gompa, Jamia Masjid, Martand Temple etc
charar-e-sharif Mosque in Jammu
Charar-e-sharif Mosque in Jammu

Incredible Journey to see Various Facets of India

Monumental Heritage of Jammu and Kashmir

The monumental heritage of Jammu and Kashmir is a major travel attraction of the state reflecting the rich ancient past of J and K. Historical monuments like Amar Mahal Palace, Ram Nagar Palace and Palace of Sengge Namgyal in Kashmir is full of surprises dipicting Indo Islamic architecture with beautifully maintained gardens and lawns surrounding the monumental sites dotted with musical fountains, water pools that makes the location of these monuments ideal picnic sports for the visitors. Talk of Buddhist monasteries for that you can visit the famous Thicksey Monestary and Palace of Sengge Namgyal, Pari Mahal in Jammu Kashmir.

The state of Jammu and Kashmir has fascinated every visitors with its monumental heritage from time immemorial. The forts, palaces and mansions that stand tall on the mountain peaks, lavish gardens or veil them selves behind hills have always added charm to this state. While taking a walk on the roads of Jammu or Kashmir you can find the majestic monuments that tell the tale of the valiant rulers of the state. In the perfect natural settings these monuments have the enough capability to be admired at the very first gaze towards them. Come to this state to be conquered by the magical charm of its monuments.

Forts of Jammu and Kashmir

Bag-e-Bahu Fort and Garden
Bag-e-Bahu Fort and Garden

The Jammu and Kashmir has two important forts located in its two capital cities of Jammu and Kashmir. On a tour to Kashmir you will find the imposing fort on top of the Hari Parbat Hill also known as the Kohi Maran. This fort is said to be built by Atta Mohammad Khan an Afghan ruler and the outer was was built by Mughal ruler Akbar, who had made this fort a capital city and even today you can find the ruins of palaces and mansions built around fort but within its walls that has three entrances known as Sangeen Darwaaza, Kathi Darwaaza and Bachi Darwaaza. Baghe Bahu fort in Jammu is the oldest edifice built almost 3000 years ago bu Raja Bahulochan but renovated by Dogra Kings. You will be stunned by the beauty of this fort built on the bank of river Tawi, and its terraced gardens, waterfalls and colorful flowers are its specific attributes to be observed and praised.

Incredible Journey to See Kashmir

Palaces of Raja's and Maharaja's

A number of palaces where built on the soil of Jammu and Kashmir but only few exist today while most of them turned to rubble others gutted in the fire and vanished without traces. Today the Amar Mahal palace in Jammu and Ram Nagar Palace in Udhampur are the most famous palaces of the state.Located on the lush green hills Amar Mahal palace was the residential palace of the Dogra rulers in Kashmir and an epitome of royalty.. Visit this place and there is also a museum and library that contains the very antique manuscripts and books for art lovers there are antique paintings and much more. Ram Nagar Palace has the famous Sheesh Mahal palace, Darbal hall and Rang Mahal, all the walls of the halls are very intricately designed and decorated with the stucco work and painted with floral designs. Look at the wooden ceiling and you will amazed to see it also decorated.

Thicksey Monestary and Palace of Sengge Namgyal

Thicksey Gompa
Panoramic View of Thicksey Gompa

Imposing nine storeyed palace located on the hills of Leh is one the the dominant feature of the city and was built by king Sengge Namgyal. This marvelous piece of Tibetan architecture is said to have been the inspiration behind the construction of Potala Palace of Dalai Lama in Lahasa, China. Take time to look every part of the palace and it will be a real pleasure. On the other hand Thicksey Gompa located at an altitude of 3600 meters above sea level and 20 kilometers from the town of Leh is one of the important monasteries in the state. Visit this monastery to know about the Buddhism and experience the Buddhist culture. This Gompa is the seat of Tiksey Rinpoche head of Guleg school in Ladakh.

Pari Mahal – House of Fairies

Mugal Garden Jammu Kashmir
Inside View of Mugal Garden

Actually the Buddhist monastery, this Dara Shikoh eldest son of Mughal Emperor Shahjahan turned this building in to an observatory and a school of astrology. This five story has turned to ruins but its terraced gardens continue to captivate the mind and soul of tourist and the picturesque sight of the famous Dal lake that it presents from its gardens makes it most destination.

Adventure Tour To India

Pilgrimage Monuments In Jammu and Kashmir

Gulmarg Hindu Temple
The Gulmarg Hindu Temple in Kashmir

The pilgrimage destinations in Kashmir valley are the perfect specimen of the typical Kashmiri architecture and many shrines have the confluence of the Mughal and Kashmiri architecture. The Jamia in the heart of Kashmir valley is considered as the real architectural marvel in which around 320 pillars are used and can accommodate 30,000 people at a time. Situate on the banks of Dal lake, Hazratbal Mosque is the most beautiful mosque built on white marble and the first domed mosque of Kashmir. Similarly shrines of Khankah-E-Mouala, Makhdoom sahib and Sheikh Noorud Din Noorani at Chrar-E-Sharief are the made of Kashmiri architecture where too much usage of timber and wood carving makes it the most excellent architectural marvels.
Martand Temple Built by the King Lalitadatiya in the honor of sun god is considered as having the better location than St Peters, Taj Mahal and Parthinan where it is located on a square field and in the backdrop you can find the snow capped mountains. Built on strong lime stone and greek pattern pillars, ruins of this temple narrate the tales of the Lalitadatiya's architectural genius and skills of Kashmiri pandits. Located on the national highway and easily accessible, the ruins of this ancient monument deserves a visit along the Shankaracharya temple located on top of the Shankarachariya hill. This complete stone built temple is the most beautiful temple in valley and offers the bird's eye view of the old Srinagar city. You will be amazed to see a temple, built of stones at such a height.

A Perfect Holiday Destination

Make a tour to this state and visit the monuments of historical importance like forts, palaces and shrines and mosques that have a name for their architectural extravaganza. All the monuments have the fountains, gardens and mountains in the backdrop. Find out the minute details of the Kashmiri architecture and you will know that what type of timber is used for construction purpose and what what quality of wood is used in wood carving to decorate the walls and ceilings of these buildings. Come and enjoy a rich monumental tour to Kashmir.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Monuments

Tibetan Buddhist Monastery, Stakna Gompa

Architectural Extravaganza of J and K
Put on your sports shoes and go on exploring the monumental heritage of the Jammu and Kashmir, these monuments may vary from the ancient forts to temples, palaces to mosques, so go on exploring.

Forts of The State
Hari Parbat fort in the Srinagar city and Bahu Fort in Jammu are the two most famous forts of the state. Visit both the forts and differentiate between the architecture of both the forts.

Heritage Palaces
The palace of Amar Mahal in Jammu a residential palace of dogra rulers has a library and a museum in it and is a must visit for all the art lovers and the Ram Nagar Palace has the famous Sheesh mahal palace come and enjoy your trip to the edifices of royalty.

Place of Knowing Heavens
The erstwhile school of astrology and observatory of pari mahal is a place where you can have a look at the history on one side and on the other the beautiful golf course and famous Dal lake of Kashmir.

Ancient Architectural Marvels
This state has the prestige to be the center of the power of Indian mighty kingdoms and the ruins of Martand temple and Awantipur boast about the past glory of this land and its people.

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