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Shubhyatra >> Jammu and Kashmir >> Siachen Glacier


Location : On the Indo – Tibetan Border
Destination : Rimo glacier group
Area : Stretches across an area of 72 kilometers
Altitude : It ranges at an attitude of 5,753 m and is jutting out towards China
Siachen Hills
A Panoramic View of Siachen Snow Peaks

Known As : A White Snake, World's Highest Holiday Ground.
How To Reach : Siachen Glacier can be Reached via Skardu in Ladakh.
Major Rivers : Indus and Mutzgah.
Important Tributaries : Shelkar Chorten and Mamostang
Don't Miss : Rimo Glacier Group, a Group of Three Glaciers - North, Central and South - Located at an Altitude of Between 6,000 and 7,000 m Above Sea Level.
Keep In Mind : It is a Tabooed Area where Blizzards can last for Weeks and Temperatures can Drop to Minus 55 Degree Centigrade.
Indo - Pak Zone : The glacier is the highest battleground on earth, where India and Pakistan always met as a rivals.

Incredible Journey to See Kashmir

The Taboo of Kashmir

Being the world's largest non polar glacier, Siachen glacier is often termed as the third pole. This vast tract of barren land is appalling because of its scarce population and its treacherous climatic conditions. Viewing this part of Kashmir is a once in a lifetime experience. In the Karakoram belt of the Himalayas lies the World's largest 'non polar' mountain glacier, and is sometimes referred to as the third pole. Known as Siachen which means 'places of the wild roses', it ranges at an attitude of 5,753 m and protrudes towards China. Standing near the India-Tibet border, it is 70 km long, and lies between the Saltro Ridge Line in the west and the Kakakoram Range in the east.

With more than 2 trillion cubic feet of ice, Siachen Glacier within 25 kms has 45 peaks which rise up to a height of 18000 feet. It is the coldest part of the country where the temperature can dip to minus 50 degrees during snowfall. This area of Jammu and Kashmir is so desolate that only 16 peaks of the colossal glacier has been recognized and out of them only six have been mountaineered.

Intramural of the Third Pole

Tourists Atop Peaks at Siachen
Tourists Atop Peaks at Siachen

The central part of this glacier is a vast field in its 2 km wide trough and the sides of the glacier, with rocks and boulders dispersed in the area. Large tributary glaciers like the Shelkar Chorten and Mamostang that open into the main glacier from both sides of its depression and are the source of water for many rivers in India and Tibet. This tract is more or less devoid of vegetation due to its high altitude. The sediments of snow form the bulk of this area all the year round, which makes tis part of Kashmir barren and unproductive.

At the conflux of large tributary glaciers and trunk glaciers, Lateral moraines occur. There has been a formation of numerous ice falls, at the convergence of trunk glaciers as well as small valley glaciers. The sidewalls of the glacial are steep and sloping and snow slides on these slopes occur quite often, specially in winters.

Adventure Tour To India

Your Step Towards Isolation

Trekking Siachen Glacier
Trekking Siachen Glacier

The Siachen glacier can be approached via Skardu in Ladakh. Being to Siachen glacier is a reverie of every mountaineer. A step on the glacier is supposed to be an achievement for these mountain savvy trekkers. But as this area lies near the border of India and Pakistan, special permission is required for admittance in this region. This area has presence of a large army that makes it easier for the mountain climbers to uncover the areas that are hidden under the sheath of the ice. Rimo glacier group, a group of three glaciers -- North, Central and South -- located at an altitude of between 6,000 and 7,000 m above sea level, lie to the east of the Siachen range. Between them, these glaciers have almost 700 -sq-kms of ice, which at places is 100 m deep. Siachen glacier imperium thus contains about 2,000-sq-kms of ice surface and almost 200 cubic kilometers of ice.

Gearing Up For The Siachen Trek

The much dreaded area of the Earth is finally being tread upon. Recently 20 civilians have been selected to begin their journey along with the team of military cadets, to the first ever civilian expedition to the Siachen Glacier. Organized by the Indian Army it is a step undertaken to initiate and promote tourism in the desolate region.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Siachin Glacier

Siachen View

Perilous yet Phenomenal
Though the idea of exploring the most dreaded regions in the world, is initially very appalling. However, for those daredevils out there, this is the world's best place to be. Challenge yourself to start the arduous yet overpowering experience of your life.

The Frigid Beauty
The area which is known as the third pole of the world, is the reason enough to magnetize you to have a close view of the Saichen glacier. There are many glacier surmounted in these areas which will act as the bait and allure a person to enjoy the icy beauty of the glaciers.

Trek and Mount the Ice Pyramid
Trekking and mountaineering in the desolate area of the Siachen glacier is the dream of a mountaineer. A step on the glacier is supposed to be an achievement for these mountain savvy trekkers.

The Glacial Ambiance
With more than 2 trillion cubic feet of ice these areas home the two famous river, Indus and Mutzgah. The ice sheets that will enclose you will make you shudder. Come, for this intimacy with the crystal ice is worth experiencing once in your lifetime.

Stomping on the Frozen Sheath
An experience of camping in this area will give you memories that will be with you forever. Recently the Indian Army has taken provisions for the promotion of tourism in these barren lands. These areas are finally being tread upon. So what are you waiting for. Experience Siachen and make this holiday a memorable one.

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