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Location : Saspol and Zanskar in Ladakh
Rafting Routes : River Indus and River Zanskar and Multi Polar Tributaries
Major Attractions : The Beautiful Gorges and the Rapids
Listed as : Most Thrilling and Adventrous Sport
River Rafting Zanskar Jammu Kashmir
Adventure Lovers Enjoying Rafting in Indus River

Routes To Cover : Upshi-Khaltsi in the Indus and the Padum-Nimmu and Phey Nimmu Routes in Zanskar.
Rafting Season : August to September, as most of the rivers freeze during the winters. For experienced professional, the best time is summer.
Other Attractions : Ride in Shikara boats on Dal Lake and Nagin Lake.
Don't Miss : Rafting through the Zanskar river is a nerve breaking experience. It crosses beautiful gorges and astonishing mountains.
Your Backpack : Make sure you baggage includes a first aid box, a jacket and polyester clothes should be preferred over cottons.
Inside Tip : If you are scared of water, then definitely indulge in this sport to overcome your fears.
Keep In Mind : Always cater to the precautionary measures explained in the training classes and keep account of the warning signs.

RAfting in the Turbulent Ganges in Rishikesh

Rafting In The River

River Rafting Ladakh Jammu Kashmir
Rafting Experience Among the High Mountains

Kashmir is already illustrious for its majestic and picturesque lakes and rivers. River rafting is a recent introduction in the Kashmir Valley. The rafting expedition can last from several hours or can stretch into days. River Indus and river Zanskar are few water stretches that will provoke you to take part in this sport. River rafting is capable of taking you to the extreme core areas, which are not quiet possible through the land routes. Though Jammu and Kashmir region have ample rafting options, but they do not match up to the rafting regions of Ladakh, especially Zanskar.

Oar frame raft is the equipment used for rafting. Navigated by a professional using two large oars, it can accommodate eight people to its maximum. Incisive coordination among rafters, is required to prevent the raft from getting smashed by the rocks or the waves. The peak time for river rafting is from August to September, because most of the rivers freeze during the winters. However, if you are an experienced professional, then the best time to enjoy rafting is during summers. There are many private agencies that provide training sessions, and also provide precautionary tips, before you actually indulge in this sport. One can become a skilled rafter, in just a few hours of the training. Government's permission may be required for rafting in some areas.

Rafting Destinations

River Rafting Pahalgam Jammu Kashmir
Enjoying Rafting in a Quiet River in Pahalgam

Adventure Tour To India

River Lidder, near Pahalgam in Jammu and Kashmir, is the ideal place for rafting. Due to the fact, that the slopes in this river is not very steep, it is ideal for amateurs. Here the river diverts into two stretches, which is idealistic for river rafting. River Indus flowing between Spituk and Saspol, are the ideal destinations for the inexperienced, while beyond Saspol, the river gets spurting and this area requires technically sound rafters. Upshi-Khaltsi, is an important run in the Indus.

The real ecstasy lies in rafting in river Zanskar, in Ladakh, which is considered to be a very ferocious river. Initially this river will appear very calm, and the pre conceived belief seems to be a little exaggeration, but with the course of time, encompassing the giant gorges, will reveal its true vehemence. This river course is strictly suitable for only the experienced and professional rafters. The Padum-Nimmu run is the most thrilling run on the Zanskar. The another famous run is the Phey – Nimmu route, which is crosses astonishing mountains.

A Piece of Advice

It is important that you wear a jacket before embarking upon this expedition, because the water of these rives are bone chilling even during summers. Carry extra clothings and avoid cotton clothes. Polyester should be encouraged as it dries quickly. Make sure you carry a first aid box. This is an extremely challenging sport an should keep account of the warning signs and preventive measures. Make sure you have satisfactory rescue measure, before you begin this excursion.

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Top 5 Reasons to Indulge in Rafting

River Rafting Jammu Kashmir

Get Ready For Your Tiff With The Nature
Kashmir is a prime location and a world class water destination, which offers a complete white water profusion. The long stretches of pristine streams is waiting to send a shudder down your spine. Get yourself started for this wild expedition.

Dare To Visit The Inhabited
The narrow escapade through the beautiful valleys will make you go wild with joy. Get ready to take up challenges that are sure to make your teeth rattle.

Surmount Your Fright
Learn to be cooperative in this expedition because, this is the only yardstick that can help you overcome the waves and the rocks. Recklessness in this sport can prove very hazardous. So make sure that if you are trying to hit the runs of Zanskar, you need to be extra cautious.

Get Intimate With The Cosmos
River rafting enables you to reach even those spots that are inaccessible via road. Its your gateway to peruse the rudiments of the beautiful valleys and heart rendering monasteries, which are otherwise impossible to reach.

For the Not So Adventurous
Yet, if there are people who are perturbed by the idea of risking their life, there are Shikara boats on Dal and Nagin Lake, which besides offering peace and serenity, will give a chance to witness some of the intoxicating view of the embankments.

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