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Location : Jammu and Sansar
Where To go : Gulmarg, Ladakh, Sonamarg, Jammu
Major Sport Activities : Para gliding, Hang gliding, Hot Air Ballooning
Other Attractions : Para Sailing, view of the snow clad mountains from the top
Para Gliding Jammu Kashmir
People Enjoyinh Para Gliding

Para Gliding : Destinations : Sansar and Batote, 125 kms from Jammu.
Peak Time : May to June or September To October.
Time Involved: Will take you on a height of 4,500 mts, which will take around 3 hours.
Prerequisite : Should be more than 15 years and should weigh between 45 to 85 kgs.
Things to be Carried: Pair of warm hand gloves, helmet and running shoes.
Hang Gliding : Destinations : Gulmarg, Yus-Marg and Sonamarg.
Peak Time : All the Year Round, Except Monsoon
Prerequisite : One should not be overweight and should not be suffering from high or low blood pressure.
The Gears : Helmet, light ropes, torch and a radio.
Hot Air Ballooning : Destinations : Valleys of Suru and Zanskar.
Peak Time : Winter months.
Time Involved: Takes around 2 hours an will take you to a height of 3,000 feet.
Prerequisite : Expectant mothers and people having high blood pressure are not permitted.
Things to be Carried: Shoes, sunglasses, gloves and a cap.
Don't Miss : Hang gliding in Sonamarg valley, the tour of the green valleys and gallant mountains.
Inside Tip : Leave your Fear Behind and always wear a Helmet. Wear a Sunglass to Shield your Eyes from the Sun.

Aerosports: Fly with Fortitude

We all have a desire of flying, lurking inside us and Aerosports fulfills this wish of ours. Aerosports is a vent where one can enjoy a glide through the paradise, it is a chance to ascend above the clouds, and that too without wings. No other place in India is more apt for Aerosports than Jammu and Kashmir. To have a look at the lush and beautiful meadows and the ice covered peaks, from atop is an alluring sight. However, for any Aerosports activities, with the exception of hot air ballooning, requires experience. Nonetheless, there are many Aerosports club which extend training courses for such activities. Aerosports in Jammu and Kashmir comes in the forms of Para Gliding, Hang Gliding and Hot Air Ballooning. The best time to go for aero-sports in Jammu and Kashmir is May-June and September-October.

Aeropsorts is a fast growing sport in the Kashmir valley. Be it the act of sailing through the air or going up in a basket, Kashmir is the favored destination among the tourists. To have a bird's eye view from great heights is an astonishing sight. This is something that Kashmir offers to its varied tourists and brings them in unison. The fundamentals of Aerosports activities is that one should leave the fear behind. Remember that if you are afraid of heights, or scared to take take up challenges then refrain yourself from these sports. Always keep in mind that the risk factor involved in the Aerosports activities, is your life.

Para Gliding – Glide In The Sky

Para Gliding is one of the main sport activity that attracts the people to come to Kashmir. The origin of this sport dates back to late 1940's by Dr. Francis Rogallo, a ground breaker in aviation. However, it gained its momentum only in the 80's, hitherto, this sport has been spreading flourishing. Thousand of tourist come every year to Jammu and Kashmir to enjoy this sport and fill their minds with this enriching memories. The peak season for indulging in this sport is from May to June or from September to October.

Para Gliding as a Sport

Para Gliding Jammu Kashmir
Bird's Eye View of Jammu

Para Gliding will take you on a magical whirl around the majestic valleys and the grandiose of the Himalayas. It is one of the safest and easiest way to reach the sky. A para gliding is lighter than a hang glider, takes less time and is much easier to open up. A para glide is a motorless inflatable wing, wherein the pilot supports the vehicle by foot, running on cliff tops. The steering of the wings by shifting the weight and by applying brakes, one can change the direction of the para glide. The average time one can spend in the air is about 3 hours on a height of 4,500 metres. To enjoy this aerosport, you should be above 15 years in age and should weigh between 45 to 85 kgs. Make sure you carry a pair of warm hand gloves.

Para Gliding Destinations

Sansar in Jammu and Kashmir is one of the most interesting spot where you can bag the opportunity of witnessing beauty in its crude form, with the means of para gliding. Proper training camps for para gliding have been set up in Jammu and Sansar. Adventure clubs in Sansar and Batote,which is 125 km away from Jammu, are the main areas which facilitates para gliding. Equipments requisite for para gliding are easily accessible at the tourist office in Jammu, as well at the local agencies in Jammu and Sansar.

Hang Gliding

Hang gliding is a relatively new sport to come to Kashmir, but is gaining immense popularity among the tourists. Hang gliding in performed with the use of air current against the engine power. The technicalities which are complicated than a para glider. Like all other aerosport activities, this too is an outdoor sport and the weather is an important consideration. With monsoon being an exception, this sport is favorable, all through the year.

Opt For Hang Gliding

The immense joy felt in flying in the sky by hang gliding is incomparable. The view of the mountain while hang gliding is spectacular. Though there are some risks involved, but an adventure without the involvement of risks, ceases the essence and the loftiness of ecstasy. If you want to fly, in its true sense, then hang gliding is the answer. A hang glider is more effective than a para glider, as it can stand rough weather and is much faster. It is even capable of taking one to a higher attitude in less time and is also easy to land. Though it is more expensive but the durability is also great.

Must For A Hang Glider

The person aiming to enjoy this sport should be fit, physically as well as mentally. One should not be overweight and should not be suffering from high or low blood pressure. Hang gliding is a very risky aerosport and one needs to be very wary about everything. Parachutes act as a busk up in contingency. One needs to wear a helmet and carry tools like light ropes, radio and hook knives, for cutting their parachutes, and the first aid box.

The Destinations for Hang Gliding

This is a popular sport among the tourists and the Indian gliding sites are highly rated in the world. The ideal tract for hang gliding is the presence of a flat land encircled by high mountains. The meadows at Gulmarg, Yus-Marg and Sonamarg are ideal for this activity.

Hot Air Ballooning – Reflate Into The Sky

Hot Air Ballooning Jammu Kashmir
Hot Air Ballooning among Landscapic Beauty

The topographical conditions of Kashmir approbate the venturers to enjoy activities like hot air ballooning. The term 'hot air balloon' is itself evident of its meaning. To enjoy a rendezvous with the clouds, while sitting in a basket is tantalising. This recreational activity is favored by the tourists. One cannot have a better sight of Jammu and Kashmir, than on visualizing it from a hot air balloon. Winter time is perfect to enjoy this expedition. Hot air ballooning is based on a very rudimentary theory, that, warm air rises upwards. It is the propane gas, that engulfs the open balloon and make it rise above the ground. The vibrant balloon is made basically of nylon and is very tough. When the hot air form the valve on the top of the parachute is opened, it allows the hot air to escape. Thus, the balloon sinks and comes to the ground. It is thoroughly dependent on the flow of the wind, so pilots generally co ordinate with the weather department before conducting this aerosport. Two to ten people can be carried at once, though it also depends upon the size of the balloon. These balloons can travel up to a height of 3,000 feet in the altitude.

Enjoy The Beauty On a Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloon is the oldest successful technology of carrying humans into the sky. It is perhaps the safest mode of traveling between the clouds. Although there are no barriers as far as age in concerned, but one surely needs to be fit, as a flight on the hot air balloon requires standing for countable hours. Expectant mothers and people having high blood pressure are discouraged for taking part in this aerosport. Valleys of Suru and Zanskar in the state of Jammu & Kashmir are the destinations for hot air ballooning. The garb used during trekking is ideal for this as well. So accumulate your shoes, sunglasses, gloves and a cap, and embark upon your excursion, before you are left behind.

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Top 5 Reasons to Try Aerosports

Hang Glider Jammu Kashmir

Wallow in The Halo of the Paradise
Kashmir with its beautiful mountains, endless stretch of lush green meadows along with the supernal tranquility of the Aerosports, is the the perfect destination to plan for, this holiday. Come and share the enigma that this beautiful land of Paradise has to offer.

Feel on Top of The World
To witness the paradise from the bird's eye, is a captivating experience, which is only possible in Kashmir. To have a look at the lush and beautiful meadows and the ice covered peaks, from atop is an alluring sight. Indulge in Aerosports activities to feel on cloud 9.

Relish Your Learning Experience
Enjoy the resplendence of the ambiance while you are learning the knack of Aerosports. There are training camps that will help you master the art of gliding in the sky. Kashmir is an amalgamation of beauty with wild ventures. Don't let this chance go amiss.

The Way To the Clouds
Aerosports activities such as para gliding, para sailing and hang gliding and hot air ballooning, are sure to bewitch you and make you an ardent visitor of the paradise. It is the perfect mode for your unison with the clouds and the sky.

Get Started
So, pack your sunglasses, jackets, helmet and running shoes, this holiday, to be a part of the most heavenly experience of your life. Leave your fear and inhibitions behind and gear up yourself for the experience of your lifetime. Run and glide into the arms of nature.

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