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Location : Gulmarg and Srinagar
World Famous As : The highest golf course in the world
Golfing Destination : Gulmarg and Kashmir Golf Club, Royal Spring Golf course
Major Attractions : Gulmarg Golf Club, the world's highest golf course
Golf Jammu Kashmir
Tourist Enjoying Golf at Royal Springs Golf Club

Golf Highlights : Gulmarg Golf Course - 6,760 yards, par 72, 18 hole. Also has India's Longest hole, a par five, 610 yards.
Kashmir Golf Club - 52 Acres, par 70, 18 hole.
Royal Spring Golf Club - 6,985 yards, par 72, 18 hole.
Golf Training : The golf clubs organize professional training where one can learn the necessary skills for this sport.
Best Time : April to November, is the ideal time to enjoy golf on the land of the paradise.
Other Attractions: The green patched ground of the golf clubs. They offer varied facilities like library, bars for its tourists.
Don't Miss : Visiting the Royal Spring Golf Course, which is believed to be carved out of a forest.
Membership : The Gulmarg Golf club provides temporary membership for the tourists who plan to stay for longer duration of time.
Golfing gears : The equipments viz golf shoes, golf bags, golf balls are available at very reasonable price.
Famous Tournaments : TAG Heuer-Kingfisher Golf Tournamnet in September - Royal Spring Golf Club.
Civil Cup and Nedou’s Cup tournaments (1954) - Gulmarg Golf Course.
Look Out For : Kashmir Golf is rated as the most beautiful golf course in the world. Make sure you pay your homage to this pilgrimage of golf.

Golfing – The Antiquity

In summers, golfing is the main attraction among the tourists. Extended from April to November, is the ideal time to enjoy golf on the land of the paradise. The experience of golfing in Kashmir surpasses any other state because of it refreshing climate and the umbrage of the Chinar and Pine trees. Kashmir provides the apt surroundings as well as the opportunities for the golf dearies. The temperature of Srinagar is perfect for enjoying the sport, without getting depleted of strength. Kashmir is home to some of the greatest and celebrated golf courses in the world. It is the proud owner of one of the oldest golf courses in the world.

Gulmarg Golf Club – World's Highest as well as Oldest Golf Courses

Golfing Jammu Kashmir
Golfing - an Exciting Option in Gulmarg Golf Course

Gulmarg, besides being one of the finest hill stations in Jammu and Kashmir, is also the destination for a golf lovers. Rooted in the early days of British rule, this club was constituted by Sir Neville Chamberlain, this club is encircled by the lush green tress. Resting between the intersperse of Chinar and Pine trees, the Gulmarg Golf Club, is generally open for tourists from April to November. During the winters it is mantled with ice therefore its slopes are converted into mini ski runs for the amateurs.

Gulmarg Golf Club which has 6,760 yards, par 72, 18 hole, was redesigned by Peter Thompson, a famous golf architect. Besides being the highest golf course in the world, it is also has the longest hole, a par five, 610 yards, in India. It has played host to some of the greatest golf tournaments. The Gulmarg Golf Club is capable enough for handling the holiday golfer and also organize training by the professional coaches. One can own a golf set at very reasonable rates.

The club house is an emanation in itself. With facilities like bars, library, lounge, table tennis, lawn tennis, the Gulmarg Golf club is an ideal place to be. The club also provides temporary membership for the tourists who plan to stay for longer duration of time. And moreover, the membership allows you to avail the club house's restaurant facility as well. The experience of playing golf in Gulmarg is incomparable form the rest of the world, because it is indeed, the highest golf course in the world.

Royal Spring Golf Course – Carved Out of A Forest

The Royal Spring Golf course, sprawled over an area of 300 acres, near the Mughal garden, CheshmaShahi, overlooks the mesmerising Dal Lake. The credit of designing this beautiful course goes to Robert Trent Jones Jr. II, who is a famous golf architect, and has designed about 500 golf courses around the world. The entire area of this golf course was carved out of a forest. The 118 holes, 6445 mts. course at a par of 72 makes the job of a golfer, very challenging. The Royal Spring Golf is open to general public. With separate wings of licker rooms and other services, this club is built in the style of the old Kashmiri architecture.

Kashmir Golf Course – The Most Beautiful Golf Course In The World

Situated on Maulana Azad road, between the intersperse of Chinar and Pine tress, is the Kashmir Golf Course, which has played venue for many golf tournaments. It is spread on an area of 52 mt., and is a 18-hole course. The course has common fairways and a par of 70. This course has excellently fitted equipments, which make it the most enriching avenue for playing golf. A recent survey has rated this course to be the most beautiful course in the world. Every golf enthusiast, who has not visited the Golf resplendent golf courses of Jammu and Kashmir, is sure to miss out on the pilgrim of golfing. The golfing courses in the state are no only hypnotic but also are intriguing.

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Highlights of Golfing in J and K

Golf Club

Golfing In the Himalayas
Kashmir is the owner of some of the oldest golf courses in the world. If you are a lover of golf then make sure that you drop in Kashmir this summer to be a part of the extravaganza.

Panache For Golfing – Come to Kashmir
Some of the renowned golf clubs, like the Gulmarg Golf Club, Royal Spring Golf Club and Kashmir Golf Club are the favorites of tourist, who love to indulge in enjoying good golf as well as relish the beautiful genius loci of the place.

Welcome To The Comfort Zone
The golfing clubs like the Gulmarg Golf Club, the world's highest golf course, provides an array of facilities, which includes bars, library, lounge, table tennis, lawn tennis and lots more. Gratify yourself in such aura and esteem, only in Kashmir.

Kashmir Your Sojourn For the Golf Season
Kashmir is an ideal destination if you want to enjoy a long vacation along with your penchant for golfing. The golfing clubs in Kashmir provide ephemeral memberships that can enable one to enjoy golfing, as long as they stay there.

Come Towards Serenity
The bracing surroundings and the temperature of Srinagar allows one to play the game endlessly without tiring. No other place in the world is capable of holding so much grotesque and recreation options, than Jammu and Kashmir.

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