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Location : Gulmarg and Sonamarg, Ladakh
Trekking Routes : Pir Panjal Range, Apharwat Peak, Nichinai Pass ,Gangabal Lake
Best Routes : Mountain Lakes and areas of Ladhak and Zanskar
Other Attractions : Monastries that are impossible to reach via road, meeting locals
Trekking  Jammu Kashmir
Mountain Trekking on the Slopes in Pahalgam

Famous Route To Trek : Ladakh : Pahalgam - Sheshnag - Permandal - Humpet - Kantial Valley - Boktol Pass - Donara - Panikhar (8 Days), Darcha-Padum (20 Days), Padum-Lamayuru Trek (11 Days),
Jammu and Kashmir : Srinagar - Pahalgam - Chandanwari - Sheshnag - Panchtarni - Amarnath - Sheshnag - Pahalgam - Srinagar - Jammu (9 Days).
Peak Time : June to Mid October.
Duration : Tekking can be Taken up for Hours and the More Adventurous can Stretch it Into Many Days.
Healthy Trek : It is a very fruitful exercise for the limbs, removes fat and will make you healthier than ever before.
Don't Miss : 12 Days Trek from Markha Valley to Leh.
Camping on the Hills and in the Woods While Trekking.
Must Try : Trekking through the woods and small hills.
Important Gears: Sleeping Bags, Jackets, First Aid Medical Kit, Waterproof Tents, A Sun Hat, Sunglasses and Gloves.
For Help : Many tourist offices have been set up in Sonamarg. It is advisable to company a porter, a native of that area, so that you do not forget the way.
Inside Tip : Carry liquid energizers because climbing mountains during the monsoon can cause dehydration.

A March Through The Himalayas

Trekking is a way of getting to places that are not easily accessible via road. It is a sport that usually goes on for many days. It includes short walks, long walks, normally up and down the hill to reach divine settlements, that are impossible to reach otherwise. Walking and camping through the wild terrains, trans – mountain treks also form part of trekking. It is a very fruitful exercise for the limbs , removes fat and make you healthier than ever before. Unlike any other sport, this is not at all structured, as the plan keeps modifying due to the weather conditions.

Trekking by and large is a cultural rather than a wilderness experience. Trekking is accomplished normally on foot, which provides them with an excellent opportunity to enjoy the virgin beauty of nature. It is a memorable experience that brings you in direct contact with the people of the country and their natural habitat. It is an excellent chance to observe the lifestyles of the people, who have inhibited these areas for centuries. The Indian Himalayas are the most spectacular mountain ranges in the world. The are multitudinous reasons why you should come to enjoy trekking in the Indian Himalayas. Being the 'Home of Snow', The Himalayas, are a world in themselves. Enjoying this sport in the world's longest chain of mountains is adventurous, yet pleasurable. Kashmir valley provides a great opportunity of its tourists to enjoy the thrill of trekking on its mountains. However, this sport is not restricted only to mountain elevations. Interested trekkers can even enjoy the pleasure trekking through the woods and hills. The best time to indulge in this sport is from June to mid October.

The Routes To Trek in Kashmir

Trekking on the Snow in Jammu Kashmir
Trekking on the Snow in Jammu Kashmir

Kashmir has attracted lovers of nature since ages and has proved to be a paradise for the trekkers. Some of the popular trails for trekking includes the trail to the Amarnath Shrine. The long trek from the Ferozepur Nala to Danwas, Tejjan to Samaidan is one of the most enjoyable walks. For all those who are interested in taking up trekking in the Pir Panjal ranges, Gulmarg is an important trekking base. Ladakh and Zanskar are also very popular destinations of trek lovers. Withal, Kashmir valley is repository for trekkers, as there are a vast areas yet to be explored.

Trekking In Gulmarg

ulmarg makes an excellent base for trekking in the northern Pir Panjal Range. Towards the north one can see the Nanga Parbat, while Khilanmarg, lies 1,500 feet above Gulmarg, lies in the west. The Pir Panjal Range, are as steep as the Himalayas. If you are planning to take a walk along the Ferozepur Nala and beyond to the hamlets of Danwas, Tejjan, and to Samaidan, make sure you accompany a porter, because the intesection in the trails, are sure to make baffle you and you might lose your way. The Apharwat Peak, 13,592-feet high, is in the south westerly region of Gulmarg, is very near the line of control, where India borders with Pakistan. One needs to check with the tourist office before commencing on this expedition. The walk from Gulmarg to Tosamaidan is considered to be three stages long, where you take your way back through the Riyar and Khag villages, which leads to the foothills along the Romushi Nala to Yusmarg, which will further lead the trekkers avail the access to roads and buses that will take you to Srinagar.

Sonamarg Trek

Known as the 'Golden Meadow', Sonamarg provides an excellent base for trekking in the regions of Jammu and Kashmir. This is the most popular hillstations which is visited by many tourists, during summers. Sonamarg is a starting point of a trekking trail that passes through several mountain lakes, viz. Vishansar, Kishansar, Gadsar, Satsar and Gangabal. To cross the Nichinai pass to Gangabal Lake, lying west to Sonamarg, are the ideal destination for trekking. The natives of the area are the perfect guides to show you around. The areas to be delved in Sonamarg are Vishan Sar, which is over 12,000 feet and Krishan Sar, standing at 12,500 feet. The ridge northwest to Krishna Sar comes down to Gad Sar, which holds the mesmerizing Satsaran Lake. Gangabal Lake, lying 2,000 feet below is also a beautiful contemplation.
It will take you roughly seven days for the Sonamarg Expedition alone. So plan your journey, accordingly. Many tourist offices have been set up in Sonamarg and the officers will always be ready to assist you in matters regarding anything. They will even provide the equipments that you will need for the trek.

Trekking In Ladakh

River in Ladakh
Tourist Splashing in Zara Chu River

Lying around seven kilometers from the Indus river, Ladakh is a favorite destination for trek lovers. Ranging from an attitude of 9,000 ft. to 25,1750 ft., it offers some of the very challenging treks in India. It has an asset of the Himalayan and well as the Karakorum mountain ranges and the Ladakh and Zanskar ranges that offers humongous opportunities to enjoy the scenic beauty of the mountains as well as the extensive valley. The high mountain passes that one comes across while trekking this area are the most important feature of this expedition. The treks in these regions are categorized to be moderate and strenuous. Some of the popular trek routes in Ladakh are the from Spituk to Markha valley, lamayuru gompa to Chilling, Lamayuru-Padum route and Likir to Tesmisgam. Trekking is a great excursion in these areas and the best way to discover the intricate beauty of India's Tibet.

Things To Be Carried

For a trekking expedition one should always have the following things handy.

1.Sleeping Bags and Jackets.
2.A first aid medical kit, and waterproof tents.
3.Walking boots, Light Footwear, Socks.

Woollen Clothings, a sunhat and sunglasses and do not forget to carry gloves. As far as the equipments are concerned, one should carry a duffel bag, as during trekking, one needs to carry all his goodies along. The bag should be large enough to accommodate all your clothes and toiletries and of course the camera. Walking sticks also prove beneficial while crossing streams. Carry a water bottle and a torch and an umbrella, to shield yourself from the rain and the sun. While you are on your trekking campaign, do carry cooking utensils and cooking stove.

Must Remember Tip

The most important consideration of these treks is acclimatisation. Traveling on high altitude specially during the month of July and August, can cause dehydration. It is important to carry liquid energizers.

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Top 5 Reasons to Indulge in Trekking

Trekking Kashmir Jammu

Kashmir : A Trekker's Delight
Kashmir with the most spectacular mountain range in the world welcomes it trekkers to enjoy themselves, by indulging in this sport and enjoy its true and raw beauty. The routes that paradise offers for trekking is like a dream come for trek lovers.

Get Lost In the Woods
For all those people who are victim to acrophobia, this valley invites you to tread your path along the woods and small hills of the area. There are small woods on the routes that provide interesting camping grounds.

Rediscover Kashmir
There is not a better way to discover the conventional mountainious environment than by ambulating down the path and coming in contact with the wondrous natives. Trekking will lead you to areas which have still not been tread upon.

The Hub of Trekkers
The beautiful hill stations of Sonamarg and Gulmarg and the voracious areas of Ladhak and Zanskar, are sure to entice you to step further towards them and relish this experience. There are different routes that cater to both the amateurs and the professionals.

Get Set With Your Backpack
Compile all your belongings and come to Kashmir, for this is the place which offers serenity with wilderness which is nonpareil in the world. Make sure you carry all the gears that will gear you up for this sport. Be a venturer this holiday!

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