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Location : 77 kms from Indore
Most Famous Temple : Omkareshwar Temple
Mostly Famous For : Jyotirilingam in Shri Omkar Mandhata Temple
Other Attractions : Cave of Kajal Rani, Elephant Frescoes
View of the Omkareshwar Hindu Temple
View of the Omkareshwar Hindu Temple

Architectural Influence : Brahminic Culture and Indo Nagra Style.
Famous For : Having a Natural Shape of Om, Sacred Sign of Hindus.
Major Attractions : Jyotirilingam in Shri Omkar Mandhata temple.
Must Enjoy : Picnicking on the Banks of River Narmada, with Beautiful Temples in the Backdrop.
Other Attractions : Kajal Rani Cave, Elephant Fresco at Siddhnath Temple.
Don't Miss : Watching the Frescoes of Elephants Carved Over Stone 1.5 m in Height, in Siddhnath Temple.
Most Famous Temples : Shri Omkar Mandhata Temple, Siddhnath Temple.
Important Distance : Indore (77 kms), Ujjain (133 km), Road : Khandwa (61 km.) and Omkareshwar Road (112 kms).
Must See : The Kajal Rani Caves – 9 kms from Omkareshwar, Appears to be Endless.
Getting There : Air : Nearest Airport is at Indore (77 kms) and Ujjain (133 kms).
Rail : Nearest Railhead is at Omkareshwar Road (12 kms).
Road : It is Connected to Major Towns and Cities. Bus services from Indore, Ujjain (133 km) Khandwa (61 km.) and Omkareshwar Road is Regular.

Omkareshwar - History and Legend

Omkareshwar is the most holiest travel destination to see in Madhya Pradesh. The brilliant architecture of the Omkareshwar temple is surely going to make you awestruck. Even the Siddhnath and Shri Omkar temples are the important pilgrimage places to seek the blessings of God. Along with these spiritual places you can also see the Kajal Rani Cave at Omkareshwar which is the scenic beauty of the town. The elephant frescoes in Siddhanath temple and Jyotiriligram are also the main attraction of this town.

Omkareshwar is the result of the diversion in the river Narmada which caused it to branch its flow into two. The shape of the island is in the form of the sound Om sound of Omkara. According to legends, Lord Vindhayas had prayed to Lord Shiva, and they got the town of Omkareshwar as a present. In another mythological fable, the Shivalingas on request of the Devas, were broken into two parts. One was the Omkareshwar temple and the other being the Amareshwar.
Raja Mandhata of the Ishvaku clan is believed to have been worshipping on the very land. The cave here is supposed to have been the abode of Govinda Bhagavatpaada, the guru of Sankaracharya. These are some of the most popular legends of the town. However, every person will tell about his own set of beliefs and mythology.

Omkareshwar - Crude Form of Spirituality

Omkareshwar in Madhya Pradesh is a small island, is a very sacred pilgrimage destination. The reason being, the natural formation of the religious symbol Om. This island compasses two hills and is divided in such a manner that it appears like an Om. Situated on the confluence of river Narmada and Kaveri, is draws thousands of tourist and millions of devotees from all across the world. Besides being hub for pilgrims there are many tourist attractions as well. This temple town homes one of the 10 Jyotirilingras (Phallic manifestations of Lord Shiva) at the temple of Shi Omkar Mandhata. Important temples in Omkareshwar are Shri Omkar Mandhata and Siddhnath temple. These temples built in the Nagara style. Belonging to the group of temples located 6 kilometers from Omkareshwar is the Satmatrika Temple. Dedicated to Lord Shiva it was built in the 10th century. The 24 Avtaar, due to its architectural pattern is considered to be a very extraordinary destination. Each temple here is distinct from others in design and style. Siddnath Temple which contains the famous frescoes of elephants is also a very famous temple.

Shri Omkar Mandhata Temple - The Most Scared of All

Shri Omkar Mandhata is the sacred temple where resides the one of the 12 Jyotirilingam. Standing on the natural island made by river Narmada, this is the main temple of Omkareshwar. As this temple is built of sandstone, the frenzies figures craved on the walls appear very descriptive and actually seem to be brimming to life. Various shape of carved column border this shrine.Reaching this temple is not difficult as the nearest airport Indore is 77 km and this town is also well connected form various towns and via roads and railways.

Rituals Performed on the Banks of Narmada in Omkareshwar
Rituals Performed on the Banks of Narmada in Omkareshwar

Siddhnath Temple

A classic representation of the Brahmic architecture this temple is also a major tourist attraction. The frescoes of elephants are the most important attraction of the temple. These frescoes of the elephants are carved over stone 1.5 m in height. When you are there make sure to look up to the roof of the caves which showcases artistic magic. This temple too is 77 km from Indore, the major airport and is well connected with well laid roads form all the major towns of Madhya Pradesh.

Go Dense in the Kajal Rani Caves

The Kajal Rani cave is a picturesque spot around 9 kms from Omkareshwar. It is a series of few beautiful caves that gives a spectacular look of the landscape. This sight often gives the impression of perpetual stretch. One can reach by boarding a bus or car from Omkareshwar.

Reaching the Town

The town of Omkareshwar is easily accessible from the main cities and towns of Madhya Pradesh. Indore 77 kms away has the nearest airport. Nearest railway station is Omkareshwar Road (12 km.) on the Ratlam Khandwa section. Bus services from Indore, Ujjain (133 km) Khandwa (61 km.) and Omkareshwar Road are available on regular basis.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Omkareshwar

Close View of the Omkar Mandata Temple

Omkareshwar Godliness
Omakreshwar is one of the major pilgrimage destinations, an island in a shape of holy symbol called Om. Panormic landscape of this island along the temples signifying godliness is a unique combination. Visit the island and feel the divine spirituality.

Home of the Jyotirilingram
The Shri Omkar Mandhata temple at Omkareshwar is the abode of the one out of the only twelve Jyotilingrams in the country. Visit this temple at Omkareshwar and pay homage to the Shivalinga.

On the Banks of Narmada
The banks of river Narmada are a perfect spot for picnicking. Pack all your food and gears and spread the cover on the ground for the ideal picnic experience. The temples and water together within the eyesight is enough to make you a speechless spectator.

The Unending Cave of Kajal Rani
Around 9 kilometers from Omkareshwar is the Kajal Rani cave that comprises of a few magnanimous looking caves. The view of the surrounding from here seems like an endless stretch of land, which finally unifies with the water.

Elephant Frescoes of the Brahmic Culture
The elephant frescoes in the Siddhnath temple in Omkareshwar is the typical example of the Brahminic architecture. Carved over 1.5 metres high stone, these frescoes are worth your visit.

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