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District : Hoshangabad District of Madhya Pradesh
Location : Located in Valley of Satpura Range
Famous As : Only Hill Station of Madhya Pradesh
Altitude : 1,100 ft above Sea Level
A Spring Bath at Panchamari
A Spring Bath at Panchamari

To See : Temples, Hills, Caves, Rock Paintings, Waterfalls, Pools, Tourist Points.
Also Known As : 'Satpura ki Rani', Walker's Paradise.
Best Time : All Round the Year.
Famous Points : Priyadarshini (Forsyth Point) - Point From Where Pachmarhi was Discovered, Chhota Mahadeo - Scenic Rocks and Streams, Dhoopgarh  Highest - Point, Reechgarh - Sunset View.
Famous Temples : Jata Shankar Temple, Chauragarh Shrine, Mahadeo Temples.
Most Famous Falls : Jamuna Prapat (Bee Fall), Rajat Pratap, Jalawataran (Duchess Falls).
Must Visit : Visiting the Pandava Caves, Known to be the Home of the Pandava Brothers (Hindu Mythological Characters).
Popular Ponds : Sunder Kund (Saunder's Pond), Apsara Vihar (Fairy Pond), Vanshree Vihar (Pansy Pond), Sangam (Fuller's Khud - Waters Meet).
Famous Churches : Catholic Church, Christ Church.
Must See : Famous two naturally formed Shivlingas on which water drips constantly from a pool in Jata Shankar Temple.
Famous Caves : Pandava Caves, Chieftain's Cave and Kites Crag.
Famous Fair : Shivratri Mela in Pachmarhi. The festival takes place at the Mahadeo Temple, 10 Km. south of Pachmarhi in February-March.
Must Enjoy : Swimming and Picnicking Around the Sunder Kund (for Adults) and Apsara Vihar (For Children).
Important Distances : Mumbai  - 864 kms, Bhopal  - 211 kms, Nagpur  - 256 kms, Jabalpur  - 250 kms, Pipariya  - 47 kms.
Adventure Options : Trekking - To Rajat Pratap, Tridhara near Dhupgarh till Sangam.
Short Walks - Khud to Sunder Kund, To Mahadoe via Vanshi Vihar, Jata PuraHill and to Hilltop temple of Chauragarh.
Camping  - In the Woods of Satpura Hills.
Rock Climbling - Around the Ponds.
Inside Tip : Avoid Littering. Carry Your own Garbage Bags and do not Dispose off Plastic Bags Here and There.
Shop For : Bamboo and Canopy Items, Metal Artifacts, Hunting Tools, Paintings From Local Weekly Markets.
Adventurous Delight : Trekking From Tridhara near Dhupgarh till Sangam. Considered to be a Difficult Trek.
Staying Options : Golf View ( Mahadev Road), Hotel Pachmarhi (Patel Marg), Hotel Pandava ( Arvind Marg, Amaltas Bungalow, Glen View Pachmarhi Hotel, Satpura Retreat.
Getting There : Air - The nearest airport is Bhopal (211 km), connected by regular flights with Delhi, Gwalior, Indore and Mumbai.
Rail - Pipariya (47 km), on the Mumbai-Howrah main highway via Allahabad, is the most convenient railhead.
Road - Pachmarhi is connected by regular bus services with Bhopal, Hoshangabad,Nagpur, Pipariya and Chhindwara Taxis are available at Pipariya.

Pachmarhi Fiddler's Green

Looking for some cool retreat from the sun and the sand of Madhya Pradesh, come to Pachmarhi, an evergreen plateau, where nature has found researches locution in incalculable captivating ways. The green mountains, obstreperous and tranquil waters, Bamboo and Sal thickets, the dell of the forests, are a few words that describe the candid panorama of the whole and sole hill station of Madhya Pradesh.
Epitomized as a walker's paradise, it is also known as 'Satpura ki Rani'. Scenic beauty is not all, it is also considered to be an archaeological repository, and an important pilgrim destination. Due to its location on a height of 1,100 ft, it is a visual treat for its tourists. from atop the numerous cascades seem to be in conversation with the halcyon pebbles and stones, and often gasconading of their alacritous yet elegant flux. If you are tired after your expedition of the forest and exposition of the archaeological treasures, then come to Pachmarhi, for some reconnaissance, some divinity and most importantly some relaxation.

Pachmarhi - Nature's Gift or Human Exploration

The discovery of this mystic land, in itself is a great story. It was not before 1857, when this saucer shaped valley was discovered by Captain James Forsyth of the Bengal Lance. The result of a gallop up to the Satpura hills, it has also been a British military sanatorium. The name Pachmarhi has been derived from the Panadava Caves located here. Far and away from the bustling crowd of the cities, this serene landscape is located in the valley of Satpura range, in Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh. This innocent and pristine hill station, call for people who love to indulge in anything and everything. There is option for the adventure enthusiast, sanctum for pilgrims, wildlife and forests for wildlife lovers, history aficionado and even those who love to stand still and enjoy the arena.

Waterfall At Panchmarhi
Beautiful Water Cascades of Panchmarhi

Attractions at the End of the Rainbow

The Ancient Dwellings

The Pandava Caves as the name implies is the five rock cut caves that was home to the five Pandava brothers (characters from Hindu mythology). These thousand of years old caves are also believed to have been the abode of the Buddhist monks in early times. These five deep cut dwellings are of sandstone and is also the reason behind the name Pachmarhi. Another important cave is the Hearer's Cave that derives its name from the painting that showcases a man playing a harp. Chieftain's Cave, is another cave famous for it paintings, while lying to the southeast is the Kites Crag, which is renowned for its red and white outlined cave paintings.

Pilgrims for the Spiritualists

Come to the Hills of Mahadeo, an extremely holy place for numerous generations, is in deep ravines and cliffs. This is an important pilgrim destination that has ancient Lingam. It is also a  destination for Shivratri Mela, held in February and March. The cave shelters here are abundant in rock paintings.
Want to get bedraggles in holiness, come to the most revered holy places of the hill station. The Jata Shankar Temple, that is secured inside a natural cave. It is a treat for ardent spiritual lovers as well as casual tourists. Domesticating two naturally formed sacred Lingams that appears like the hair (Jata) of Lord Shiva, this temple is also the originating point of the Jambu Dwip stream. Legends have it that this was the place where Lord Mahadeo rested to save himself from the fiend king.
The Chauragarh Shrine, is another spiritual place at a distance of 4 kms from Mahadeo. To reach this shrine you will have to take a steep 1300 steps walk to the Mahadeo. A triangular temple housing the image of Lord Shive atop, one can see spirited followers carrying Triscends (Trishuls that were weapons of Lord Shiva) on their shoulders, especially during Shivratri. However, if you get tired you can always enjoy a peaceful rest at the dharamshala.

British Landmarks in Pachmarhi

British colonization in Pachmarhi is very well evident by the presence of two beautiful churches. Catholic Church, is a fusion of French and Irish architecture and was constructed in 1892. The main attraction of the church lies in its Belgium stained-glass windows and also homes a cemetery built for the soldiers who lost their lives during the two world wars. Christ Church, is another church that was built during the year 1875 and the main highlight of this church is its architecture. Considered to be the most beautiful small church in Madhya Pradesh, the hemispherical dome of the sanctum-sanctorum of the church has faces of angels at the end. The most noteworthy aspect is that there are no pillars for support and one must watch the splendid view the sun rays passing from the exclusive glass panes.

The Points and Spots

Priyadarshini (Forsyth Point), is the most revered point as this is the place from where the British officer Captain Forsyth in 1857 had discovered this hill station. Want to see the landscaper's paradise ! Visit the Chhota Mahadeo, 4 kms from Mahadeo, which has overhanging rocks and a stream that flows down. Go high on the Dhoopgarh, which is the highest point in Madhya Pradesh. A popular sunset point, take a look of the magnificent valley from here. Reechgarh, is another spot, where one can enjoy the view of a natural aureole in the rock that can be approached from a cave like entrance.

Bee Falls at Panchmarhi
Bee Falls at Panchmarhi

Falls in the Gem of MP

Pachmarhi is known for its scenic beauties, verdant woods and tranquil waterfalls. So if you go without enjoying these things, then there is not a bigger loser. Anywhere your eyes will go the astringent and adamant stones seem to be forming a stream. One of the most popular waterfalls is the Jamuna Prapat (Bee Fall) is the main source of drinking water for Pachmarhi. The bathing pools here are the most cherished ones. One has to take a walk of ten minutes from Apsara Vihar, making it the most accessible waterfall among all. Notice the shades of the 50 m high cascade that seems to be divulging from the red to the green and then to the brown. Rajat Pratap is another famous fall and is also known as the 'Big Fall'. This 110 mt high waterfall is also a junction for the adventure lovers. Jalawataran (Duchess Falls), is another acclaimed fall located 3 kms from the Belle view. This is the most attractive fall among the waterfalls in Pachmarhi, and the main attraction of this waterfall is the three distinct waterfall, from the point it tumbles down.

Picnicking Around the Pure Pools

Want to enjoy some swimming, so what are you waiting for. Capriole in the Sunder Kund (Saunder's Pool), that lies on the crossing of the Duchess fall. This 2.5 kms long stream brings you to a huge rocky pool perfect for swimmer. However, if you want to play it cool, then try the Apsara Vihar (Fairy Pool), apt for picnicking and here as the pool is very shallow, even the children can enjoy. Looking for some cool resort among the wilds then come to the Vanshree Vihar (Pansy Pool), which lies among the semi tropical vegetation and is a beautiful spot on the Denwa stream. Pave way for the Sangam (Fuller's Khud - Waters Meet), the lowest of all the picnic spots also a great place for swimming. All these pools are very refreshing an provide an excellent opportunity for family picnicking.

Wildlife In Saputara National Park


Once in Pachmarhi, do not miss the Satapura Naional Park that sprawls on an area of 524 kms. With wonderful topographical conditions, this sanctuary is renowned for its wildlife habitat. The fauna includes Tiger, Gaur, Indian Giant Squirrel, Sambar, Leopard, Sloth Bear, Barking Deer, Wild Boar, Chital, Rhesus Monkey, Langur, Nilgai, Wild Dogs, Smooth Otter, Hyena, Pangolin, Porcupine, Mars, Ratel, Four Horned Antelope and many other species of wildlife. While one can also sight the avian population like the Malabar Pied Hornbills, Crested Serpent Eagles, Crested Hawk Eagles, Paradise Flycatchers, Honey Buzzards, Pittas, Thrushes, Peafowl, and Pheasants.This park is Satpur's gift to the photographers. Visit early in the morning to sight the birds, while afternoons are best for hunting the wild and ferocious beings.

Adventure For the Explorer in You

All you adventure enthusiast hail to Pachmarhi. Rajat Pratap, a beautiful waterfall is the perfect destination for trekking, this ten minute walk will reveal to you the panoramic beauty of the hill station. The route to trek is from Apsara Vihar passing through the asperous rocks and boulders to the top of the waterfall. Looking for real adventure wading through streams and swimming in deep gorges, try the trek from Tridhara near Dhupgarh till Sangam. Be careful not to be carried away by the chirping of the birds or the gushing of the streams while trekking near the Dhoopgarh hilltop, as it not an easy task.
This hill station is also perfect for those who love to walk. Take a lover's walk from the Khud to Sunder Kund. To enjoy a lonesome walk take the route to Mahadoe via Vanshi Vihar. You can also indulge in camping in the woods of Satpura hills. Visit the Jata Pura hill for short walks and Hilltop temple of Chauragarh.One can also indulge in rock climbing around the waterfalls and pools, but you need to be careful.

Shopping Expedition at Pachmarhi

Shopping at Pachmarhi is a unique experience in itself. This quaint little town offers an interesting options to the shopping freaks. While shopping around you will come across the beautiful bamboo and canopy work of the tribal. There are agricultural implements, baskets, hunting tools and even fishing rods from the local weekly markets. Another important buy is the metal artifacts in which the Bastar community of tribes have created a niche. Your choices do not end here. Do not forget to buy the world famous paintings where the colours are produced from dyed vegetables and almost anything conceivable. This ancient art is practiced in full fervency here.
The markets in Pachmarhi are like most small town markets in India. There are no glazed shopping malls or multiplexes, but simple looking shops owned by locals that cater to tourists as well as the inhabitants of the area. The shop near the bust stand is famous for jute and marble decorative.The queen of Satpura range of mountains invites all the tourist and provides the opportunity to practice the real work of man, that is to complement the nature. The nature in its crude form, the nature that is full of vitality and bliss. A variety of flexibility will not allow to rest even for a single moment of your sojourn in Pachmarhi. There is Adventure, Heritage, Pilgrimage, Wildlife, Pictorial Beauty, Shopping and something for everyone. So what are you waiting for. Its time you enwrap the invitation that nature holds for you.

Hitting the Hill Station

Pachmarhi, pleasant all the year round hill station is located on an attitude of 3,000 m. the nearest airport is at Bhopal, which is 211 kms away. The easiest way is to hire a bus or taxi from Bhopal. One can also reach Pachmarhi by boarding a train from Piparia, that is 47 kms away. Regular bus services are also available from various towns of Madhya Pradesh.
To visit the various spots, you can hire a jeep or taxi or even a bus for that matter. However, if you want to explore the hill station in full vibrancy, then you should hire a bicycle.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Pachmarhi

Panchmarhi Roadside View

Your Pilgrimage Sojourn
Pachmarhi is an important pilgrim destination that attracts thousands of tourist all the year round. The most revered place is the Mahadeo hill, home to the ancient Lingams. Here one can find the Jata Shankar Temple and the Chauragarh shrine. Besides, being important pilgrim junction they are also favored tourist spots.

Trekking Trails For Adventurers
If interested in trekking or walking or camping, come to Pachmarhi. The rocky Satpura Mountains offer a perfect option for trekking while the ponds and pools are ideal for short walks. Try the trekking near the Dhoopgarh hilltop, as it is not an easy task. Other picks are lover's walk from the Khud to Sunder Kund or lonesome walk to Mahadoe via Vanshi Vihar.

You Will Fall For the Beautiful Falls
The falls in Pachmarhi are a huge hit among the tourist. Come to experience the Bee falls that have the most cherished ponds for swimming. The 110 m long Big fall is also favourite spot for adventure lovers. Must visit the three distinct waterfall of the Duchess fall.

Shop For Bamboo, Shop For Jute
The local shops in Pachmarhi are rich in tribal crafts. You must buy the authentic bamboo and metal work that is exclusive of the Bastar and Gond tribes. The narrow lanes and the adjoining shops are the perfect place for shopping. They not only sell credible stuff but also at a very economical rate. Nonetheless, be prepared with your bargaining skills.

Come For Wildlife Among the Thickets
The Bamboo and the Sal forest are not all that Pachmarhi has to offer. Visit the Satpura National Park to eye some of the wild beasts as well as the queer and quaint birds. There are varieties of animals that will keep you engrossed. Morning time is best for sighting birds, while in the afternoon so you can confront wild animals.

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