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Konkan Coastline

Location : Maharashtra State of Western India
Coastline Stretch : 720 kilometers in length and 50 - 60 in width
Popular Beaches : Alibaug, Kashid, Murd Janjira, Ganpatipule
Major Attractions : Sea Forts, Pilgrims, Beach Shopping and Konkan Cuisine

The Charismatic Konkan Region

Konkan Coastline
Konkan Coastline

The Konkan region of Maharashtra is a surfeit with plethora of beaches. Make a visit to the Konkan land and find the coastline dotted with the palm groves that shade the white sand of beaches, mango trees planted in perfect sequence in the agricultural fields, imposing temples and the tiled homes that stand high in naked beauty of lush green pastures, and rustic life of the deep countryside that are populated mostly by the fisher community. The vast virgin sands that stretch as far as to the beach paradise of Goa is showcasing the attractions of forts that backdrop many beaches, temples for pilgrims, exotic delicacies for the food buffs and paradise for history bums alike. This land attracts millions of tourists every year and fulfills the thirst of adventure and excitement of every visitor to Konkan region. A tour during monsoon is the most entertaining when you will find miniature water falls that wash away the elevated grass lands, but to your dismay enjoying a ferry ride at that time is a distant dream as ferry service is suspended during monsoon season. Simultaneously you will be pleased to see Maharashtra wrapped in a canopy of greens.

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A Journey Through Konkan Coastline

Starting from the Gateway of India where you can hire a ferry to visit the coastal edges of Konkan region. Alibag is the most popular getaway beach of the Mumbaites and a little distance away from the beach stands the mighty Kolaba Fort for the history lovers. Kashid is the next stop that marks the beginning of the best coastline with the power to reinvigorate the tired souls. The beach has few resorts as well as guesthouses furnished with hammocks. A kilometer away from this beach resort is the secluded location that provides you complete privacy and makes you feel free from the worldly anxiety. Proceed towards the Murd Janjira beach and you will find fort, beach, market, temples and new resorts that are thronged by many tourists and pilgrims and hence make it the most crowded beach. The invincible Janjira Fort situated 3 kilometers from Murud was built 350 years ago by local fishermen and never been conquered by the Portuguese, British, Marathas and even Peshwas.

From the Murud Fort take a ferry ride to Dighi Jetty and it is the place where formally the unmarked and unexplored beaches of Maharashtra begin, ahead of this place is Shrivardhan the birthplace and hometown of the founder of Peshwas - Balaji Vishwanath. The temple of Somaja Devi is visited by people everyday and is famous for priest who cures even the most poisonous snakebite. A little away from this place lies the blue houses of Peshwas. The other beaches of Shrivardhan are Shekhadi, Kondivili, Bharadkhol and Dighi beaches lies between the rolling hills and the pristine water of Arabian Sea. From the cliffs of these beaches side hills you can have a panoramic view of vast sea and rows of colorful boats lined up and local fishermen bringing in their catch.

Holiday Beaches With The Religious Tint

Fishing Activity on Konkan Coast
Fishing Activity on Konkan Coast

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Divegar is one of the most beautiful beaches in Konkan region and is known for the temple of Ganpati that houses the Idol of Ganpati made of 12 kilogram of pure gold. The other attraction is the coconut and betel - nut orchards that lie on the both sides of the way leading to this beach. Newly opened Maharashtra Tourism property is the best staying option here. Harihareshwar is the place with much religious reverence and temple of Kalibhairav is the epicenter of this village. Visit this land and enjoy seafood at cheap rates and participate in its local festivities that display the traditions and customs of Konkan. Rewas and Mangaon, Khed and twin beach resorts of Harnai that are other beaches viewed as the attractions in the wilderness are only visited by the villagers and fisher community to sell their catch of the day, here watch the day to day life of the people indulging in various activities. The village of Karde in Harnai offers the ample seafood both for Konkani and Malwani Cuisines and you can also go foe Dolphin spotting near its waters. Taste the Alphonso mangoes at the hub of pilgrimage tourists' destination Ganpatipule Beach, also known for the renowned Ganpati Temple on this beach. There are some of the beaches along the Arabian Sea that have put a stiff competition for the rival Goa beaches and have excelled as well.

Useful Tips For Konkan Travelers

The capital city of Mumbai has direct flights from all major cities of India as well as abroad. Take a taxi to Gateway of India and from here you can board ferry to reach to the beach resorts along Arabian Sea or Mandovi Express is other option. You can visit the region during monsoon when the whole lands turns green or during winter when the weather is relatively cool. Book your tickets in the state transport buses to avoid standing the whole way as no private bus operate to these beaches. During monsoon all the ferry services are suspended. The most convenient way to visit the offbeat stretches is to hire a taxi or have a personnel vehicle, shared auto vehicles are also popular. In this part of world you can taste the typical Konkani sea food and shop for the local herbrts like jambhul, amrit kokum and amla and don't forget to carry sunscreen lotions and glares as these wild beaches lack the modern day comforts.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Konkan Region

Konkan Sea

Beaches on Konkan Coastline
On the coastal edges of Maharashtra state, there lies the famous beaches of Konkan region that are facing the Arabian sea and remain unexplored. Plan a tour to this land and enjoy the waves from Arabian Sea playing with the white sand beaches.

Konkan Cuisine - Taste To Cherish
The Konkan Cuisine is mostly made up of the sea food and had earned a name all over the world for its typical flavor. Famous Konkan delicacies include Rawa fried Surmai fish, Prawn fry, crab curry and finally sweet dish taken after meals usually called Shreekhand.

Enjoying Ferry Ride
Even though you can reach all the coastal beaches by road or train but it will be more pleasurable to explore these beaches from the water front by taking the ferry from the Gateway of India in Mumbai.

Beach Resort Cum Pilgrimage Destinations
Many beaches have become synonymous with the pilgrimage destinations located on or near the beach resorts. Ganpatipule, Harihareshwar and many other beaches are example of such destinations where you can pray to leading God as well as enjoy your picnic.

Forts In The Backdrop of Beaches
There are plethora of beaches dotted on the konkan coastline of Maharashtra and many beaches have their names taken from the forts like Kolaba Fort, Janjira Fort. Visit the coastline of Konkan and find it out yourself.

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