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Location : Foot Hills of Himalayas
Popular Glacier : Dokriani Glacier, Bandarpunch Glacier
Holy Glacier : Gangotri Glacier
Attractions : Trekking, Camping, Temples

Gangotri Glacier in Uttaranchal
The Source of River Ganga - Gangotri Glacier

Dokriani Glacier : Location – 56 km from Uttarkashi.
Altitude – 5,600 m To 6,000 m.
Best Time – Summer (March to May) And Autumn (September to November).
Trekking Routes – Tela to Gujjar hut (12 kms), Bukki to Kheratal (17 kms), Bukki to Bukki village (23 kms), Bukki to Dokriani Glacier (23 kms).
Camping Site – Tela Camp.
Bandarpunch Glacier : Location – 207 kms from Dehradun.
Altitude – 6,316 m To 6,387 m.
Best Time – Summer (March to May) And Autumn (September to November).
Trekking Routes – Seema to Bandarpunch (15 kms), Taluka to Seema / Osla (14 kms), Taluka to Bandarpunch (23 kms).
Camping Site – Just Below Osla Ruinsara Tal.
Khatling Glacier  : Location – 191 kms from Rishikesh.
Altitude – 6,316 m To 6,387 m.
Best Time – Summer (March to May) And Autumn (September to November).
Trekking Routes – Bhelbagi to Khatling (7 kms), Kalyani to Bhelbagi (13 kms), Gangi to Kalyani (5 kms), Reeh to Gangi (10 kms), Ghuttu to Reeh (10 kms).
Camping Site – Entrance of Bhilangna Valley.
Chorbari Bamak Glacier : Location – 238 kms from Rishikesh.
Altitude – 600 m To 3,800 m.
Best Time – Summer (March to May) And Autumn (September to November).
Trekking Routes – Kedarnath to Chorbari Glacier (3 kms), Rambara to Kedarnath (7 kms), Gaurikund to Rambara (7 kms), Gaurikund to Chorbari Glacier (17 kms).
Major Highlight – 'Mandakini', Stream That Merges in Alaknanada.
Doonagiri Glacier : Location – 319 kms from Rishikesh.
Altitude – 5,150 m To 4,240 m.
Best Time – Mid May To Mid October.
Trekking Routes – Doonagiri to Doonagiri Glacier (12 km), Juma to Doonagiri Village (8 km), Juma to Doonagiri Glacier (20 kms).

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Glaciers in Uttaranchal – Sit in the Lap of Himalayan Mountains

Uttaranchal is an incorporation of snow mountains and icy glaciers. Uttaranchal has some of the most famous glaciers in the country that attracts hoards of tourists to enjoy holidays in this state. The popular highlight of these glaciers are the various adventure sports that one can indulge in. Some glaciers are considered to be holy as per the Hindu mythologies, while some are renowned for their sheer beauty and trekking routes.
Uttaranchal tourism promotes these ice glaciers that are an important tourist attraction inviting adventurers and pilgrims alike.

Glacier Trekking in Uttaranchal
Tourists Indulge in Glacier Trekking in Uttaranchal

Famous Uttaranchal Glaciers – The Splendorous Beings of Himalayas

Take up Uttaranchal holidays and enjoy glacier tours to see some of the most stupendous beings of nature. The main attractions of these popular glaciers are adventure. Begin your glacier trail with Dokriani Glacier, that is located at an alpine of 6,000 m. This 12 kms long glaciers give the chance to enjoy trekking as well as camping. Having the best camping site, the trekking route stretches from Uttarakashi to Bukki. Walk up to the glacier and climb the small peaks to enjoy panoramic views of the Himalayas.
An important glacier of the Yamuna basin is Bandarpunch, famous for its trekking routes. The tourists are advice to take up trekking from Dehradun to Sankr-Saur, Taluka and finally to Osla Ruinsaratal. This glacier can be approached from Uttrakashi, which is 56 km away. At an approachable distance from Dehradun, Tehri, Mussorie and Rishikesh, the Khatling Glacier is at an exciting 45 kms long trek through remote villages and grassy meadows. Having excellent camping sites, it has some enticing trekking routes.
During the summer and Autumn season, visit the Chrobari Bamak Glacier which is in the Rudraprayag district of Uttaranchal. With its base camp at Gaurikund, you should see the accumulation zone from where ice melt stream called 'Mandakini', originates. An accumulation of more than 500 glacier is the Doonagiri, which lies in a narrow valley, that can be reached by taking 12 kms trek from Doonagiri stream.

Other important glaciers in close vicinity are Satopanth, Bhagirathi-Khark Glacier at a distance of 17 km From Badrinath, Tiprabamak Glacier in the Garhwal region and Gangotri Glacier, which has holy sanctity. There is a temple here which is connected by a motor able road at a distance of 85 kilometres from Uttarkashi and the glacier is 17 kilometers from there on.

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Top 5 Reasons To See Glaciers

Gangotri-Gomukh Trek Uttaranchal

Ice World of Uttaranchal
Uttaranchal has already attained quite fame for its icy mountains. But among them lies the camouflages glaciers that too are gaining immense importance in the world. The famous glaciers of Uttaranchal have seen immense rise in the amount of tourists visits, that come to enjoy the various attraction of these glaciers every year.

The Attractions of Uttaranchal Glaciers
There are numerous glaciers that adorn the snow capped mountains of Uttaranchal. Take up exclusive glacier tours to enjoy some of the most scenic views of the Uttaranchal valley. There are a few glaciers that have religious sanctity as well.

Trek to Reach the Himalayan Heights
These popular glaciers of Uttaranchal have adventure options of trekking. Due to the heights of these glaciers, it become impossible to reach them via any road or rail track. Almost all the glaciers can be reached only after taking up treks. Glaciers in Uttaranchal have some of the best trekking routes, that adds to the delight of an ambitious trekker.

Camp Your Tire Bones in the Best Sites
It become an inevitable fact, that the remote areas, where these glaciers are located, offer some of the best camping sites in Uttaranchal. While camping here, tourists can enjoy the landscape as well as the various cultural attractions that have remained unlisted in the list of Uttaranchal attractions.

Bow to the High Temple Attractions
You should visit the famous holy glacier, Gangotri that is on the height of 7,100 meters above the sea level. A small temple located at a great high is the main attraction of this glacier. Enjoy trekking here, which will allow you to soak in the beauty of the Himalayas, a treat for your eyes.

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