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Shubhyatra >> Uttaranchal Yatra >> Yamunotri & Gangotri


District : Uttarakashi District
Location : Nestled in Himalayas
Major Attractions : Gangotri Glacier, Gangotri Temple, Yamunotri Temple
Best Time to Visit : May to October

Yamunotri in Uttaranchal
The Beginning of the Holy Journey - Yamunotri Temple

Location :

213 kms from Rishikesh.
Altitude : 3165 mts Above Sea Level.
Famous Temple : Yamunotri Temple.
Other Attractions : Surya Kund – Thermal Spring, Sayanachatti – Scenic Beauty.
Trekking Routes : Hanumanchatti to Yamunotri (13 kms).
Janki Chatti to Yamunotri (8 kms).
Getting Around : Janak Chatti – 7 kms, Hanumanchatti – 13 kms.
Getting There : Air – The Nearest Airport is Jolly Grant near Dehradun (196 kms).
Rail – The Nearest Railhead is at Rishikesh (213 kms) and Dehradun (172 kms) Away. Regular Trains Ply Between Rishikesh and Gangotri.
Road – Good Metalled Road Connect Yamunotri to all the Famous as well as Small Towns and Cities of the State as well as Country.
Location :

249 kms from Rishikesh
Altitude : 3042 mts. Above Sea Level.
Famous Temple : Gangotri Temple.
Other Attractions : Submerged Shivling – Unique Attraction, Shrine of Gangotri – Religious Importance.
Trekking Routes : Gangotri- Kedarnath Trek.

Gangotri- Nandavan-Tapovan Trek.
Gangotri – Kedar Tal.
Gangotri – Gaumukh.
Getting Around : Uttarakashi – 97 kms, Gaumukh – 19 kms, Kedar Tal – 18 kms, Nachiketa Tal – 131 kms, Dayara Bugyal – 93 kms.
Getting There : Air – The Nearest Airport is Jolly Grant near Dehradun (226 kms).
Rail – The Nearest Railhead is at Rishikesh (249 kms). Regular Trains Ply Between Rishikesh and Gangotri.
Road – Metalled Road Connect Gangotri to all the Famous as well as Small Towns and Cities of the State as well as Country.

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Yamunotri in Uttaranchal – Holy Magic

Religiosity has drenched Yamunotri in every possible way. The gateway to the Char Dham yatra has plethora of attractions. At an altitude of 3,235 m. above sea level, Yamunotri is a point of paramount religious importance for Hindus and an essential pilgrimage. This pilgrimage town is also the beginning point for river Yamuna. Among the various mythical legends that have made this town an important spiritual centre in India, lies the popular temple attractions, hot water springs and the adventure of trekking that one cannot avoid, as it is the soul way of reaching this holy city in Uttaranchal.
One can reach Yamunotri from Jolly Grant, 196 kms. near Dehradun. To reach is railways, tourists can choose between Rishikesh (213 kms) or Dehradun (172 kms). To reach Yamunotri via roadways can take the road to Yamunotri that diverts from Dharasu bifurcation point. From here Hanuman Chatti to Phool Chatti is 5 km by jeep, 3 km Phool Chatti to Janki Chatti on foot and 5 km from Janki Chatti to Yamunotri by trek. Buses and jeeps are available.

Trek to Yamunotri
The Zig Zag Way to Reach Yamunotri

Attractions that Bring Joys to All Faces

Associating Yamunotri only as a pilgrim destination is not fair as there are plethoras of tourists attractions that will keep the travellers engrossed. The most important is the Yamunotri temple that is dedicated to goddess Yamuna. Near to this temple are water tanks that are filled by hot springs and rituals are performed there. There is the Surya Kund which too is an important thermal spring, where rice and potatoes are cooked, for offerings. You cannot miss seeing the huge rock pillar, Divya Shila that you will come across before entering the Yamunotri temple.

Trek to Reach the Divine – the Best Adventure Option in Yamunotri

Trekking is an inevitable adventure option in Yamunotri as it is the very means of reaching this town. Pilgrims need to indulge in 8 kms long trek from Janki Chatti to Yamunotri. There are many places around Yamunotri that too can be reached by trekking. Take up trekking route from Yamonotri to Sayanachatti along the banks of river Yamuna to enjoy panoramic views. The famous Dodi Tal Lake which is located at the confluence of Ganga and Yamuna rivers, is also just a small trek away.

Gangotri Temple
The Holiest Temple in Uttaranchal - Gangotri Temple

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Sip of Divinity – Gangotri in Uttaranchal

There is no end to holiness in Uttaranchal and adding on more to the list is Gangotri. Be it a man's itch to appease the Gods above or to quench one's desire for adventure, Gangotri is the perfect town. The originator of the sacred Ganges is here at an altitude of 3042 mts. above sea level. The main highlight of this temple town are undoubtedly temples, various trekking trails and many excursion that will reveal unparalleled beauty.
To reach Gangotri, the nearest airport is at Dehradun, Jolly Grant (226 kms). The closest railhead is at Rishikesh (249 kms). From here on one can hire jeeps or buses to reach Gangotri.

Unique Attractions that Win the Hearts of Pilgrims and Adventurers Alike

Be it pilgrim temples, trekking delight or various excursion, Gangotri has created a niche for itself in all. There are some unique attractions that one cannot find anywhere else. The natural rock Shivling, the is submerged in the river is an amazing attractions. Tourists cannot miss visiting the shrine of Gangotri dedicated to the Goddess. Every year between May to October, lakhs of pilgrims travel to pay their reverence in this shrine which is at a height of 3042 mts.
The famous Gangotri temple which is considered to be one of the holiest temples in India. This 20 ft high temple made of white granite was built in the 18th century.

Trekking in Gangotri
Idyllic Trek to Reach Gangotri

Excursion is an Adventure in Gangotri

Take up trekking excursions from Gangotri to see of the most breath taking places in Uttaranchal. An arduous trek to Nandanvan Tapovan will also give the adventurers a chance to enjoy mountain climbing, rock climbing, boulder-hopping and glacier traversing. Trek to lakes like Kedar Tal (18 kms), which will allow you spectacular views. An interesting trek route is to Gamukh, the source of river Ganga and from there to the Gangotri glacier. Other excursion from Gangotri are to the pilgrim destination of Uttarakashi (97 kms), Nachiketa Tal (131 kms) and Tehri (173 kms).

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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Gangotri-Yamunotri

Yamunotri Temple in Uttaranchal

The Twin Sacred Cities of Uttaranchal
The holy cities of Yamunotri and Gangotri in Uttaranchal are the gateways to the most holy journey of Char Dham in India. Located at a very exciting height these towns are open for tourists and pilgrim only from the month of May to October.

Find Out the Holiness in Temples
It is the various temples and its locations that add an edge to Yamunotri and Gangotri. Divinity is unmistakably found in the every part of these temple. Pay homage to the Yamunotri and Gangotri temple and try to feel the ambiance that claims that the gods live here.

Warm Dips in the Thermal Spring
There are many uses of hot water spring in Yamunotri and Gangotri. Besides taking dips in the thermal springs that have healing properties, rice and potatoes are also cooked in the hot water of the springs. These are then served as 'Prasad' or holy offerings among everyone.

Trek to see the Gangotri Glacier
The mouth or origin of the most holy river Ganga is nothing but indispensable in Uttaranchal. A challenging 19 kms trek from Gaumukh to Gangotri Glacier, at the height of 13,662 ft, is nothing but exciting. The ice that camouflages this glacier is sure to give shudders down your spine.

Excursions Beyond Comparisons
There is more than holiness in Yamunotri and Gangotri. Having numerous attractions located in proximity, these holy towns make an excellent base for excursion. There are lakes, small villages and many legends that you cannot afford to miss while on religious tours to Yamunotri and Gangotri.

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