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District : Uttarkashi District of Uttaranchal
Location : 293 kms from Dehradun
Altitude : 3584 mtrs Above Sea Level
Sanctity : Holiest Destination in India

kedarnath Temple in Uttaranchal
The Most Important Temple in Kedarnath - Kedarnath Temple

Also Known As : Abode of Shiva.
Best Time to Visit : May to October. The Rest Six Months it is Closed Due to Extreme Weather Conditions.
Major Attractions : Char Dham Yatra, Kedarnath Temple, Shrine of Adi Shankaracharya.
Must Visit : The Samadhi of Adi Shankaracharya Just Behind the Kedarnath Temple. The Great Saint Breathed his Last Here.
Famous Temples : Kedarnath Temple, Bhairav Nath Temple.
Trekking Routes : Gaurikund to Kedarnath – 13 kms.
Kedarnath to Ukhimath – 68 kms.
Vasukital and Kedarnath – 6 kms.
Must Enjoy : Riding on a Pony or Reaching the Top of the Town on a Palanquin.
Getting Around : Vasuki Tal – 6 kms, Devaria Tal – 68 kms, Ukhimath – 62 kms, Chopta – 40 kms.
Important Distances : Dehradun – 293 kms, Rishikesh – 291 kms, Kotadar – 327 kms.
Getting There : Air – The nearest airport to Badrinath is Jolly Grant in Dehradun which is 293 kms from here.
Rail – The nearest railheads from Badrinath are at Rishikesh(221 km) and Kotadar (327 kms).
Road – Regular buses are available for Kedarnath from Rishikesh, Haridwar, Dehradun and Other Important Regions.

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Kedarnath in Uttaranchal

Amidst the camouflaged Himalayas that seem to be holding nothing but snow, lies the pilgrimage town of Kedarnath. In the dramatic landscape lies one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Kedar, also known as Lord Shiva. Sharing its bank with the Mandakini river, and at an altitude of 3584 mtrs, Kedarnath is considered to be one of the holiest Hindu towns in India. The dotted temples in Kedarnath are the outcome of the various legends that engulf the whole town. Take you tours of Uttaranchal and pay homage to the pilgrimage destination of Kedarnath that is also an important junction in the Char Dham yatra. A fusion of holiness as well as adventure, is what makes this destination beyond par.

Attractions That Add to the Piousness

When the term 'pilgrim' is associated with any town, then it become inevitable thet the main attraction in the respective place will be temples. True to the belief, Kedarnath is adorned with some of the most beautiful temple structures in Uttaranchal. The most important monument in Uttaranchal is the Kedarnath temple, consecrated to Lord Shiva. Dating back to the 8th century A.D., this temple is popular for its location among the snowy heights of the Himalayas. The only time to visit this temple is from May to October as for the next six years, the entrance to the temple is restricted due to snowy winters. Pilgrimages taking up Char Dham yatra need to bow their heads in this temple, otherwise their holy journey will be complete. In Kedaranth, there is the Samadhi of Adi Shankaracharya, where this great saint breathed his last. This shrine is located just behind the Kedarnath temple.

Trek to Kedarnath
The Trekking Route to Reach Kedarnath

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Trekking – A Necessary Enchant in Kedarnath

All the adventure freak have a reason to come to Kedarnath with a prayer on their lips. To reach Kedarnath, one needs to trek a 13 km long path. Though there are options of horses and palanquins, but the real fun lies in trekking on foot. Other important trekking routes are the 6 kms long trek to Vasukital and Kedarnath to Gaurikund, that takes about 4 hours.

Other Attractions the Flank this Temple Town

The views of the breath taking mountain peaks, children playing somersault on the paths that turns slippery in the mornings and evenings due to the snow, meeting people covered with heavy woolens, sipping tea to add little warmth to the body and Sadhus trying to perform their holy duties by burning oodles of wood, are some of the most common sight that you will find here. To add to the more commonly known attractions are the various excursions that tourists can take up from Kedarnath. 68 kms from Kedarnath is Ukhimath which is the perfect place for a peaceful sojourn. Devaria Tal, a scenic lake is at a distance of 68 kms from here. Another highlight is the Vasuki Tal, which too is a lake attraction.

the Way to Kedarnath
A Panoramic View of Kedarnath From a Hill

Getting to Kedarnath – Ways to reach the Divine

Kedarnath which is open to all the pilgrims as well as adventures for six months in an year, is well withing reach from any part of the country. The nearest airport to reach Kedarnath will be Jolly Grant in Dehradun, some 293 kms away. There are regular flights for Dehradun from Delhi. Buses are available for further transportation. If you are planning to take up the rail routes then the nearest railhead is at Rishikesh, 221 km away. Well linked rail routes connect Kedarnath to the different part of the state as well as country. To reach Kedarnath by road, one has to indulge in 13 km long trek. However, there are provisions of horses and palanquins. Well metalled roads connect Kedarnath to Rishikesh, Kotdwar, Dehradun, Haridwar and other important hill stations in Uttaranchal.

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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Kedarnath

Kedarnath in Uttaranchal

The Divine Destination – Kedarnath
Kedarnath has the adjectives – divine, spiritual, holy and many other as its sobriquets, that are self explanatory of the divinity bestowed on this town in Uttaranchal. Having one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Kedar, it is an important part of the Char Dham Yatra.

The Signature – Kedarnath Temple
The first thing about Kedarnath that strikes the tourists is the famous Kedarnath temple that was built during the 8th century A.D. The statue of Nandi just outside the temple believes to safeguard the temple, is too a great tourist attraction. This is also an important junction for the pilgrimage taking up the Char Dham yatra.

Adventurous Ride in the Holy Destination
Though one needs to take up trekking to reach the town of Kedarnath, but there are options of pony safari as well as palanquins as well. The experience of swinging on a palanquin or travelling on the slippery snow on a pony are experiences that will make you travel through this journey again and again.

Pay Homage to Adi Shankar in Kedarnath
Adi Shankaracharya, who is believed to have played a vital role in the resurrecting of the popular Kedarnath temple, also breathed his last here. Just behind the temple is the Samadhi of the great saint that too should not be missed.

Trekking Around The Holy Abode
The snowy ambiance of Kedarnath also highlights various excursion that will add to the tourist excitement. Trek to the nearby lakes – Devari and Vasuki to see a rich amalgamation of nature's beauty. Most important trekking route in the area is a 4 hour long trek from Gaurikund to Kedarnath.

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