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Location : Rural Hubs of Karnataka
World Famous Craft : Sandalwood Articles
Antique Items : Mysore Paintings
Other Charms : Stone Craving, Rosewood Articles
Ganesha Statue
Ganesha Statue

Famous Handicrafts : Stone Carving, Wood Carving, Ivory Carving, Sandalowwod Crafts.
Exclusive Art : Mysore Painting, Silk Weaving, Bidriware, Silk Sarees.
Items as Mementos : Sandalwood Incensed Sticks, Crafted Hookahs, Goblets, Paan Boxes, Pen Holders, Letter Openers, and Bangles.
Shop For : Bangalore –Wooden Products, Brassware, Gold Jewellery, Bangalore Silk.
Mysore –Mysore Paintings, Sandalwood Artifacts, Silk Sarees.
Shopping in Bangalore : Residency Road for Ethnic Fabrics, Saris and Brassware.
Chickpet for Silk Sarees, Gold Jewellery.
Arcot Srinivaschari Street for Brassware, Silverware, Copperware.

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Incredible Journey to see Various Facets of India

Arts and Crafts of Karnataka – Artwork that Creates Marvels

Karnataka has a host of legacy and royalty chasing it and it is best observed in the various arts and crafts of the state. Cultural tours of Karnataka highlights the most famous traditional handicrafts of Karnataka that are unique in the world. The magnitude of Karnataka's crafts can be seen in the various palace or the royal homes of the kings. The huge ornate interiors showcase some exquisite craftsmen ship.

The art of exclusive crafts making in Karnataka has passed on from one generation to another, thus making it a timeless tradition. Government has also taken many steps to retain the charms of these handicrafts and that has resulted in the upgrading of many craft traditions.

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Wooden Handicarfts
Wooden Handicarfts

Sandalwood – the Unique Possession of Karnataka

Karnataka is also known as the 'Sandalwood state of India', thus making it inevitable that Sandalwood crafts will be the most illustrious art of Karnataka. This fragrant soft wood is incorporated some of the most charming items. Highly skilled workers are employed to make articles like lamp shades, trays, jewel boxes, decorative articles, combs and even walking sticks with rosewood handles. An interesting fact is that only the Gudigar families of Shimoga, Uttara Kannada and Mysore districts specialize in this craft, thus making it a peerless art of India.

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Craving of Karnataka – Embossed Perfection

Karnataka qualifies in not only one but three form of carvings, that is wood, stone and ivory. Having a colossal amount of wood forest reserve, Karnataka has continued to employ age old techniques of crafting on the wood. The best examples of this art can be seen on the ceilings and gateways of royal homes and the temples. The carved religious as well as decorative sculptors form an important buy in Karnataka. The articles made of rosewood is surely not to be missed.
Ivory carving on the other hand comprise of articles that are carved delicately without excessively ornate image adjoining the figures. Karnataka has its own fame in ivory making but today many of the Mysore's masterpieces are preserved in the museums of London and Russia.
Stone carving in Karnataka are the prized skills of the Shilpis carvers. The stone cravings of Karnataka are also famous all over the world.

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Sandalwood Carvings
Sandalwood Carvings

Mysore Paintings – History on Canvas

Mysore, the heritage city of Karnataka is the hub for the paintings that have uncanny resemblance with the paintings on Ajanta caves. The paintings of Mysore are categorized by the soft lines, the smooth and elegant drawing of figures the sagacious use of bright vegetable colors and lustrous gold leaf. There traditional paintings of Mysore are very elegant and attractive. The best place to see these paintings is the Chitrakala Parishat in Bangalore.

Mysore Painting
Mysore Painting

Silk Weaving and Bidriware – The Unique Art of Karnataka

The silk of Karnataka is famous all over the world for its luster and colour. The Mysore silk weaving art is a traditional occupation of the people that has been successful in surviving in the modern times as well. Mysore silk is worth buying once in your lifetime. One of the rare handicrafts of Karnataka is the Bidriware, that is essentially made on metal plates. Intricate carvings is done on these plates and the place where you can enjoy seeing their production is at Bidar in North Karnataka.

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Top 5 Reasons To See Arts and Crafts
Handmade Toys, Mysore

Sandalwood crafting in the most unique charm of Karnataka. Look for the incensed sticks and small articles of sandalwood that forms a perfect memento.

Silk weaving is an old and traditional art of Karnatka that has flourished till today. The sight of a weaver embossing great designs on a saree with his practiced hands is amazing.

The paintings of Mysore are famous all over the world for their extensive use of soft lines, smooth and elegant drawing of figures and use of bright vegetable colors.

Look for some wood carvings in Karnataka that can be best seen doors and ceilings of the palaces. The sculptures on then are the best example of stone carving.

Bidriware is an exclusive Karnataka art. The intense stage of casting, polishing, engraving and blackening before the final product is made, Bidriware is a popular craft of Karnataka.

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