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Location : Southern Part of India, on the Western side of Deccan Plateau
Tourist Attractions : Mysore Palace, Hampi and Pattadakal, Badami Caves, Jog Falls
Beaches : Karwar Beach, Malpe Beach
Natural Bliss : Hill Stations and Wildlife National Parks
The stone Chariot, Hampi, Karnataka
The stone Chariot, Hampi, Karnataka

Places to Visit in Karnataka – Land of Colorful Variations

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Explore the magic of famous places to visit in Karnataka with Shubh Yatra. With Karnataka travel guide plan a trip to the popular travel places to visit in Karnataka including all the famous travel attractions in and around the famous cities of Banglore, Mysore, famous wildlife parks of Karnataka, beach destinations in Karnataka, famous waterfalls of Karnataka besides the world heritage sites of Hampi and Pattadakal temple ruins well promoted by the Karnataka tourism.

Karnataka is a famous state in South India that is bedecked with various natural attractions. Located in the southern part of India, it is surrounded by Goa, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. It lies on the western side of Deccan Plateau and has a 320 kms long coastline in Arabian Sea. Karnataka has everything, which is a tourist's delight. It has pure beaches, beautiful green gardens, lavish palaces, huge temples and lush waterfalls. The blend of modern culture with the old traditional charm makes this state an mystical holiday destination.

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Cities of Karnataka – The Components of Karnataka

Colors at Mysore Market
Colors at Mysore Market

A holiday in Karnataka begins with the city tours of Bangalore, the garden city of India. This is one of the most fast developing cities in the country and has beautiful, well laid and manicured gardens. The historical cities of Mysore and Gulbarga are famous tourist places in Karnataka for their monumental and heritage attractions. See the forts and various monuments that were built by Tipu Sulatn. A not at all to be missed attraction in Mysore is the Mysore palace that should be visited specially during Dussehra when the whole palace is illuminated. Visit the port city of Mangalore to enjoy n eccentric menu of cuisine that will make you lick your fingers.

These cities of Karnataka are also famous for their unequivocal shopping experience where travellers should indulge in buying traditional handicrafts and arts of Karnataka.

World Heritage Sites in Karnataka

Amongst the must places to visit in Karnataka are the world heritage sites of Hampi and Pattadakal. These are famous for their temple ruins. Another world famous travel attraction of Karnataka are the rock cut Badami caves that were built in the 6th century. Small excursions from Mysore will take you to yet other tourist places in Karnataka. For example the popular Somnathpur temples that are famous for their splendid and grand temples that are been built in the Hoyasala style.

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Badami Caves
Historical Badami Caves

Nature's Bliss in Karnataka – Hill Stations and Wildlife

Incredible Journey to see Various Facets of India

Karnataka has many humongous jungles that have been the homes of the many wilds since times unknown. Wildlife tours of Karnataka highlights the Nagarhole National Parks to see some Asiatic elephants. Safari in the Bandipur National park should not be missed either. The waterfalls inside the jungles, especially Jog falls, the highest waterfall in Asia, cannot be missed.
The hill stations of Karnataka are equally popular for their natural surroundings and peaceful environment. Among the coffee and tea plantations, enjoy a holiday in Coorg and Chikmagalur, the two most popular hill tourist places in Karnataka. At a short distance from Bangalore and Mysore, these hill destinations also serve as the base for various trekking routes in Karnataka.
The drive up to the Jog Falls in Karnataka offers you a panoramic view of the terrain, its charm emanates in the atmosphere, making you wish to visit it again.

Vijayanagar Vilage(Hampi)
Vijayanagar Vilage near Hampi

Beaches of Karnataka – The Aqua Side of Karnataka

Due to the ownership the 320 kms long coastline of the Arabian Sea, Karnataka tourism promotes beach tours for all those who want a splash of the pristine waters of Karnataka. Enjoy a vacation on the Karwar beach where you can enjoy diving and snorkeling. The Malpe beach is another important beach in Karnataka. Together these beaches make for a wonderful places to visit in Karnataka.

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Top 5 Places To Visit in Karnataka
Lotus Mahal, Hampi

Karnataka tourism highlights the various natural as well as monumental attractions of Karnataka that are gaining popularity everywhere in the world.

The cities of Karnataka like Bangalore are the perfect amalgamation of modern culture and traditional charms. Take up cities tours of Karnataka to enjoy the famous hopping experience along with various monumental attractions like the Mysore palace in Mysore and Gol Gumbaz in Bijapur.

The world heritage site of Hampi (352 kms from Bangalore) and Pattadakal (514 kms from Bangalore) are the most visited tourist places in Karnataka, famous for their temple ruins they are archaeologically renowned. The rock cut Badami caves (500 kms from Bangalore) are must visit sites in Karnataka.

Places to visit in Karnataka include the hill stations of that are famous for their peaceful ambiance. Located at great heights and still camouflaged in the Karnataka jungles, these hill stations also are excellent base for trekking.

The Jog falls (16 kms from Talguppa) of Karnataka are Asia's highest waterfalls. The drive up to the Jog Falls in Karnataka offers you a panoramic view of the terrain, its charm emanates in the atmosphere, making you wish to visit it again. It is amongst the most visited tourist places in Karnataka.

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