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Location : Hill Stations of Karnataka
Most Famous Waterfall : Jog Falls (Asia's Highest Waterfall)
Other Falls : Magod Falls, Irupu Falls
Best Time to Visit : After Monsoons (August to March)
Jog Falls
Jog Falls

Jog Falls : Location – 100 kms from Shimoga city.
Height – 253 m.
Best Time to Visits – November to January.
How to Reach – The nearest railway station is at Talguppa (16 kms) away. NH 48 and 4 also connect Jog falls to the rest of the country.
Magod Fall : Location – 20 Km from Yellapur.
Height – 200m (659 feet).
Best Time to Visits – October to January period.
How to Reach – One needs to reach Magod via road by travelling 60 km from Kumta.
Irupu Fall : Location – 48 km from Virajpet on the highway to Nagarhole.
Height – 170 feet.
Best Time to Visits – August to February.
How to Reach – The nearest airport is at Mysore (120 kms). Regular domestic flights connect Mysore to the rest of India.
Don't Miss : Indulging is some steep climb to reach the Shivanasamudra Falls.
Abbey Falls : Location – 10 kms from Madikeri in Western Ghats.
Height – 70 feet.
Best Time to Visits – August to March.
How to Reach – Nearest Airport is at Bangalore (220 kms) away. Regular fights from all over the world are available.
Shivasamundaram Falls : Location – 120 kms from Bangalore.
Height – 75 mts.
Best Time to Visits – Just after August.
How to Reach – The nearest airport is at Bangalore (120 kms). FWaterfalls of Karnataka are one of the most famous tourist attractions that induces the tourists to be a part of the hill stations of Karnataka, where these water bodies are located. lights are available. From here one can hire a private cab or bus.

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Waterfalls in Karnataka – The Beauty of the Cascades

The waterfalls add to the exotica of Karnataka. Thanks to the confluence of the lofty hills and meandering rivers that has given Karnataka such delightful waterfalls. Gushing with enormous power, these waterfalls are a treat to the eyes. Besides, they are also the best way to get close to the natural world. Located primarily in the famous hill stations of Karnataka, these waterfalls are one of the major tourist attractions as promoted by Karnataka tourism.

Waterfalls tours of Karnataka highlights the famous waterfalls that have won the tourist accolades since times unknown.

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Jog Falls
Asia's Largest Waterfall, Jog Fall

Jog Falls – The Mightiest of Them All

Karnataka is in possession of one of the Asia's highest waterfall, Jog falls. Tumbling down from a height of 829ft. (253m), it is located at the distance of 100 Km from the Shimoga city. This giant waterfall divides itself into four distinct flows that are called as Raja, Roarer, Rocket and Rani in the local language. All the tourists visiting to Karnataka are advised to be a part of this magnanimous water being that has been the main attraction of Karnataka.

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Other Waterfalls – Creating a Grand Spectacle

Though Jog falls might steal the show, but there are certainly some other famous waterfalls in Karnataka that you should defenitely explore. Travel 120 kms from Bangalore to see the Shivanasamudra Falls that fall from a height of 70 mts. To reach this waterfall one needs to indulge in a steep climbs but the view of the rising mist against the waterfall is truly worth taking the pain. Though this waterfall is a beautiful one but tourists are advised to maintain a safe distance from this fall.
Another important Karnataka waterfall is the Magod falls, situated around 20 Km from Yellapur. Falling from 200m (659 feet), this waterfall is truly a delightful spectacle. To add to the waterfall attractions of Karnataka there is the Irupu falls, whose sight will be a memorable experience. Located close to the Nagarhole national park and 50 Km from Madikeri, this waterfall plunges from an elevation of 170 feet. The best way to enjoy this waterfall is to stand close and let the tiny droplets of water dabble your face.

Other than these you should also visit Abbey Falls, Achakanya Fa–lls, Balmuri falls, Chunchanakatte Falls as well. Though most of these waterfalls are perennial Waterfalls of Karnataka are one of the most famous tourist attractions that induces the tourists to be a part of the hill stations of Karnataka, where these water bodies are located. but still the best time to visit these waterfalls are just after monsoon when they are flooded with water. Karnataka has been dotted with a plethora of waterfalls that induces the travellers to explore the dense jungles in order to reveal their own discovery.

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Top 5 Reasons To See Waterfalls
Jog Falls

Waterfalls of Karnataka are one of the most famous tourist attractions that induces the tourists to be a part of the hill stations of Karnataka, where these water bodies are located.

The Jog falls, that are the highest waterfall in Asia, are253 mts high and are located at a distance of 100 kms from Shimoga town. This magnanimous waterfall bifurcates itself in four distinct streams making the views extremely panoramic.

Tourists are advised to see the famous Magod falls which can be visited during the months of August to February. At a distance of 80 kms from Mysore, this fall is 170 feet high.

Just 120 kms from Bangalore is the Shivanasamudra Falls that fall from a height of 70 mts. It is the most beautiful waterfall in Karnataka and you should not miss the steep climb that one needs to indulge in order to take a view of this waterfall.

Behold your eyes for the Irupu waterfalls that are truly a delightful watch. 50 kms from the town of Madikeri, step closer to enjoy the sprinkling of water drops on your face here. Other waterfalls in Karnataka that travellers should not miss includes Abbey Falls, Achakanya Falls, Balmuri falls and Chunchanakatte Falls.

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