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Location : Rajasthan
Famous Fairs : Pushkar Fair, Desert Festival
What To Do : Camel Safari, Camp Staying
When To Go : October-February

Pushkar Camel Fair, Pushkar
Pushkar Camel Fair, Pushkar

Colour Yourself With the Merry

The desolate landscape stretching for miles all around certainly does not inspire. It looks like the divine artist has forget to add colour to the desert canvas. The sands drift a leucous tint, the scrub cover is raunchy and the parched flowers with dull shades of white and yellow, makes it apparent that deserts does not have a colour of its own. Yet, the Thar, and with it, the whole of Rajasthan, is known as the most colourful desert in the world. Famous Fairs and celebrations, music and dance nullify its barrenness and fill colour at every folds, transforming the land into a fertile trough of gaiety and creativity. In Rajasthan, colour is a reality, as is the zest with which people carry their journey through life.

Enjoy a festival holiday trip in Rajasthan, where festivals are a source of unrestrained enjoyment. In fact, in Rajasthan, every season is a reason to celebrate. Flamboyance is a part of daily ritual, quite apparent in the way the men and women dress in gorgeous attires, where the colours never seem to cease. Fairs and festivals of Rajasthan embrace everything; from religious to social, linked with commerce, as with the well-known cattle fair in Pushkar. Recently, the tourism department of Rajasthan too has initiated measures in an attempt to augment the folks arts of its regions. The outcome is simple; more festivities, more frolics.

Fair Through Filigree

Welcome to Rajasthan during fair seasons to see the soil reverberating with the sounds of celebration. The vibrant chords require little sophistry, even the melodies require infrequent beats, because the mesmeric shows often travel in veins and connect two hearts together. The famous Rajasathan fairs have everything to share, from delicately prepared handicrafts to mouthwatering delicacies, from savvy musicians to statusque acrobats. One can enjoy a camp stay, lavish accommodation furnished with a bedroom, a small hallway or leisure area, and an attached bath with hot water facilities. These camp accommodations use hand-block printed fabrics for showcasing the interiors, and create a truly royal ambiance. Take a tour of popular religious fairs of Rajasthan to enjoy the most delightful experience.

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The Fairy Tale

Desert Fair , Rajasthan
Desert Fair , Rajasthan

Perhaps the most popular and easily identifiable of Rajasthan's many fairs, is the one which symbolizes the pyretic heartbeat of the people of Pushkar. A crowd of tourists from all pockets of the world gather at famous Pushkar Fair in almost all forms of transport - laden into tractor trollies, jeeps, buses - at what must be one of the most colourful events on the Rajasthani fairs and festivals calendar. Take a bathe at the ghats like a pilgrim looking for eternal salvation. Wrap the colours of the gaiety, boasting of the world's largest camel fair. As the sun rises in the horizon, scattering its aurora across the skyline, be a part of the crowd, in the terrain to rejoice the camel, horse and donkey races, a salient feature of paramount importance. Dolled up in gorgeous fabrics and festooned with dazzling ornaments, these camels offer a magnificent performance, the whole day.

Make a holiday trip to the sand city, Jaisalmer to be a part of the famous Desert Festival. Essentially, it is a splendid showcase of the performing arts of the region on the pristine sands. It is also a time for friends and families to get together and celebrate the event. Enjoy camping on the barren grounds of this desert citadel, get entertained with folk songs and dances, cook meals over camp fires and wander along the slender pathways amidst handicraft stalls, or simply to stand in a queue for the giant wheel... Be a part of the amusing events that doll the parchments, like the turban tying competition amid Mr. Desert pageant. One can also pick up a wide array of interior decorative items for one's sweet home at an unbelievable price. Famous fairs and festival tours of Rajasthan in India, will give you a chance to enjoy the famous religious festivals as well.

News You Can Use

Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation facilitates luxury bus services during fairs from all the major destinations in the state, and buses plying at every 15 minutes from respective bus heads. It is breeze to buzz around on foot or on a bicycle amongst the colorful roller coasters of the fair. It is advisable to take care of personal belongings. If you want to get the best out of your trip, a camel ride is recommended. Plan a holiday fairs tour in the month of January to Pushkar, and one can really enjoy the vibrancy of the fest. With a little management of time, one can also be a part of the delightful desert festival, held in late January or early February.

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Top 5 Reasons For A Fair Visit in Rajasthan

Rajasthan Fair

The Colorful Festivals of Rajasthan
Plan a holiday trip to the colourful land of Rajasthan, India, where every season is a reason to celebrate. Visit the colourful fairs and festivals and let your hair down with merryment.

The Lavish Stay
Reserve a tent accommodation if you are planning for a festival vacation in Rajasthan. The camps have excellent facilities of staying and dining, superbly decorated interiors together with entertainment and adventure options, making your vacation tour a memorable one.

Fair Extravaganza
Spend your holiday amidst the bustling religious fairs held mostly during December-January, and explore Rajasthan from a completely different dimension.

The Fun and the Frolic
Get a horse, camel or an elephant ride amid the fairs and festivals in Rajasthan, colour your palms with henna and sing and dance with the local folk musicians during your holiday trip to Rajasthan.

Shop Some Memories
The famous fairs and festivals of Rajasthan display some intrinsic works of art. Get bagsfull of memories of your holiday vacations, from anywhere and everywhere.

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